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Topic: Data Analysis Date: December 1st 2011 Intentions/Objectives/Outcomes: Specific Outcome 1. Create, label and interpret line graphs to draw conclusions.

Specific Outcome 2. Select, justify and use appropriate

Subject: Grade 6 Math Assessment: Have the students email their graphs to you at the end of class. This way you will be able to look through them and determine if everyone was getting it or if you will have to go back and go over a few more things with them.

methods of collecting data. Specific Outcome 3. Graph collected data, and analyze the graph to solve problems. ICT Outcome P.2 – 2.1 - Enter and manipulate data by using

such tools as spreadsheets or databases for a specific purpose Time 5 min

Teaching Points Anticipatory Set: Start the day off by asking the students a few questions that have around 3 or 4 choices for answers. Tell them they can only vote once for their favorite. The right the corresponding numbers on the board. When finished tell them that we will now do this the ``easy`` way with a computer and a spreadsheet.

5 min

Purpose: Students will be able to create and input data into a spreadsheet on a computer and be able to see the results right in front of them. They will learn to become comfortable using such programs in the future.

15 min

Input: During this lesson the students will learn the parts of a spreadsheet as well. Things such as cells, active cells, formulas, how to fill down and across, and the difference between labels and values. They will also learn how to use clip art and different kinds of graphs such as line, bar, and pie graphs.

5 min

Modelling: Demonstrate the skills to be used. Take the students through the steps one at a time. Show them exactly what you want them to do and what the finished product should look like.

15 min

Guided Practice: Again go through the steps but this time have the students follow you so they are building their spreadsheet as well as watching what you are doing this time.

5 min

Checking For Understanding: Stop frequently to ask the students if they are getting it and if anyone needs help or for the teacher to back up a step or two. If majority of the students are getting it then you can move on. However, if some are stuck then help them before moving to the next step.

10 min

Independent Practice: Once you have given the students sufficient amount of help, let them go on their own to do things to their graphs and possibly add some extra things. Let them play around on their own reminding them to save frequently along the way.

5 min

Closure: Take a quick walk around to make sure everyone is on the same page and getting it. Tell them to save as a file of your particular choice and possibly send them to you. Tell them to have a great day! References: Materials/Displays: Smartboard Computer lab

Notes **Don’t forget to greet students in a positive manner**


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