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Anti-­‐Cuts  Campaign   What  is  it?   The  anti-­‐cuts  campaign,  also  known  as  the  ‘March  for  the  Alternative’  was  a  demonstration   held  in  London  in  early  2011.  The  movement  addressed  the  current  controversial  situation   regarding  tuition  fees:  over  the  years,  the  cost  for  universities  has  risen.  The  campaign  was   created  to  attempt  to  either  cut  the  prices  down  to  the  £3,000  they  once  were  or   completely  get  rid  of  them.   Not  only  students,  but  parents  will  also  benefit  from  the  possible  results  as  it  will  decrease   the  debt  in  which  they  have  been  placed  as  well  as  make  higher  education  more  affordable   to  those  outside  the  working  class.     My  Campaign  (Pre-­‐production)     I  am  not  trying  to  raise  any  money  but  I  am  trying  to  raise  awareness  for  this  dispute.    I  feel   that  the  campaign  needs  a  lot  more  people  to  get  involved  for  the  government  to  listen  to   their  ideas.  At  the  moment,  the  committee  only  consists  of  14  permanent  members  with  1   permanent  delegate  from  each  Region  and  each  Liberation  Campaign.  There  are  no  major   sponsors  for  the  movement  and  the  donations  are  given  by  the  participants,  which  is  why  I   am  hoping  to  get  more  people  to  join  as  it  will  help  with  the  campaign  as  a  whole.   The  government  claims  that  going  to  University  in  Scotland  will  be  a  lot  cheaper  for  students   but  what  about  students  that  need  to  stay  at  home  to  look  after  family?  What  if  they  aren’t   able  to  live  too  far  out  as  they  will  not  be  able  to  make  it  home  often?  This  is  something  I   thought  about  when  making  my  campaign.  The  loans  that  are  taken  out  in  order  to  pay  for   tuition  are  to  be  paid  back.  But  what  if  the  student  does  not  land  a  stable  enough  job?  What   if  the  student  can’t  afford  to  pay  the  loan  back?  I  understand  that  the  loan  is  cut  off  after  30   years  but  who  wants  to  live  with  the  constant  stress  of  paying  back  money  they  took  out  to   gain  an  education  required  to  get  the  job  they  need  to  pay  it  back  with.   Research   I  have  researched  into  the  financial  status  of  my  partner,  myself,  friends  and  family.   Financial  stability  has  proven  to  be  a  struggle  to  students  and  their  families  and  because  of   the  rise  of  tuition  fees,  stability  slowly  becomes  instability.   I  have  spoke  to  a  cousin  who  is  currently  a  student  at  university  and  their  insight  regarding   the  fees  is  that  it  is  far  too  expensive  than  it  once  was  –  I  compared  this  to  the  views  of  past   students,  specifically  teachers  of  mine,  who  didn’t  have  to  pay  for  university.  This  contrast  is   important  as  it  shows  how  much  more  unnecessary  competition  has  been  added  onto  the   education  and  potential  job  of  the  youths  of  today.      

Interview  with  protester  of  National  Campaign  against  Fees  and  Cuts  (NCAFC):   So,  what  was  your  reason  for  attending  the  protest?   As  a  sixteen  year  old  transitioning  into  college,  I  would  be  the  first  in  my  entire  family  to  do   so  –  extended  family  included.  After  college,  I  had  set  stepping  stones  for  myself  towards   university.  On  hearing  about  the  tuition  fees  rising,  it  sort  of  threw  that  goal  out  of  the   window  and  I  suppose  I  just  wanted  to  be  part  of  the  voices  that  wanted  to  be  heard.   Did  you  find  that  the  protest  was  successful  in  getting  the  message  across?   I  guess  it  was  a  way  of  bringing  it  to  light  considering  people  were  flooding  the  entire  West   End  with  placards  and  pleads  to  stop  the  fees  from  rising.  But  it  wasn’t  just  the  fees  that   were  rising,  jobs  were  being  cut  and  people  would  be  jobless  just  because  the  government   had  said  so.  It  has  been  speculated  within  the  political  parties  but  in  a  sense,  it  wasn’t  that   successful  since  the  tuition  fees  rose  anyway.  There  will  be  more  protests  to  change  this,   though.   Would  you  attend  another  protest?   Yeah,  I  don’t  see  why  not.  It  is  something  that  will  be  affecting  me  in  the  next  few  months   and  also  my  sisters,  should  they  decide  to  go  to  university.  Friends  I  have  spoken  to  are  also   worried  about  surviving  financially  at  university  so  it  has  been  proven  to  be  a  concern   amongst  our  generation.   Pitch   After  the  above  interview,  I  realised  that  the  campaign  wasn’t  only  causing  a  stir  amongst   students  but  the  dreams  of  a  lot  of  the  public.  This  caused  me  to  change  the  video  to  the   ‘killing  of  dreams’  instead  of  just  a  rise  in  tuition  fees.  To  show  this,  I  re-­‐recorded  the  video   and  I  spoke  about  the  dreams  of  people  being  ruined  due  to  the  government’s  decisions.   Post-­‐Production:     I  decided  to  take  it  upon  myself  to  create  a  video.  Using  the  technique  of  direct  address   (looking  straight  at  the  camera)  allowed  the  dialogue  and  video  to  be  felt  on  a  more   personal  level  by  the  audience.  This  way,  the  audience  was  able  to  empathise  as  they  were   given  a  focal  point  to  narrow  their  attention  down  to.   Alongside  the  video  for  the  campaign,  I  have  got  a  transcript  of  the  interview  with  the   protester.  This  will  give  other  students  an  insight  on  the  situation  from  the  perspective  of   another  student  in  the  same  position  as  them.  

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