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The Record mherst Steele High School VOL. XCIV No. 15 Thurs., April 4, 2013

Fund Schools with No New Taxes Maddie Syrowski, Staff Writer Amherst voters will make their way to the ballots again in May to decide the fate of the Amherst Exempted Village Schools.    Two current levies expire in December of 2013, and the Amherst School District hopes to pass them once more to keep the school system’s standards at the same level.     “One is a permanent improvement levy, and that can only be used for things that have a life of longer than five years, such as roofs, parking

lots and school repairs,” said Board of Education President Valerie Niedert. Because the need for money to maintain the school buildings will never decrease, the board has chosen to make this a continuing levy.    “The continuing levy would allow us to develop a long term maintenance plan, and a continuing levy saves the taxpayers money because it eliminates the cost of placing the levy on the ballot every five years,” said Sayers.

“The other is for general operation of the school district, such as lights, heat and salaries.”    The permanent improvement levy has been used within the system for over 20 years, and the operating levy has been in place for five years.     These two May levies do not come at an increase to Amherst taxpayers. They are simply a renewal and will keep all taxes where they currently stand. However, if the levies do not pass the

Amherst School District will lose over 4 million dollars needed to maintain a quality educational system. “Specific cuts have not yet been identified,” said Superintendent Steve Sayers.     “These two levies will provide revenue that allows us to maintain our current level of programs and services. They are already in place, and we are seeking their renewal,” said Sayers. “We are asking our community to continue giving us what

they have been giving us.”    “Revenue from these levies allows us to operate and maintain our buildings with utilities, technology, textbooks, classroom materials, staff salaries and repair of school facilities,” said Sayers. It allows the schools everything they need to function at their current level.     Amherst prides itself on 11 consecutive Excellent ratings by the state of Ohio, and this title will be in definite jeopardy with-

out the passage of these levies. The renewals are essential to the development of Amherst’s young minds.   The Amherst School District faced a tremendous scare of 1.5 million dollars in budget cuts, dependent on the passage of a new levy to uphold the current Amherst school standards in November of 2012. The renewal levies on the ballot this May will leave an even more detrimental effect if they are not passed.

Why Must the Renewal Levies Pass? Abbeigh Zellers and Caitlin Fessler, Copy Editors

Todd Strebel, Math Teacher

“It needs to be passed to maintain the great things going on now. If it doesn’t pass we will lose nearly five million dollars.”

Bill Naso, Custodian

Tracy Delmonico, English Teacher

“We have to have it for permanent improvement to keep up our school and all the schools in the District.”

“Just to keep our school in working order and functioning. All other costs of living have gone up and the school will follow to maintain it.”

Mary Stimpert, Personal Finance Teacher

Nick Malakar, Science Teacher

Chad DiFranco, Art Teacher

“I think its extremely important for the Amherst community to understand the wonderful school and community we have and I hope we can continue to support Amherst and our students in growth. Thank you Amherst for the continuous support of our schools.”

“I think the levy should be passed because it is just a renewal so taxes won’t go up and it will help maintain what we have in the school. So if you are of voting age get out there and vote yes.”

“The renewal levy is critical because if we don’t pass the renewal we lose the money that has been coming into our schools for the past several years. We passed the levies in the fall which was a critical step in providing financial stability in the schools. The renewals are the piece of the puzzle and if they don’t pass its like not passing the levy in the fall.”

Computer Techs Compete at State Lyndsie Kallas, Staff Writer

The Network Communications Technology class took their computing skills to new heights at the state competition. Recently, students from the Amherst NCT class competed in the Business Professionals of America state competition. These students participated in a wide variety of events. “It really surprised me how many different types of competitions were available. I thought they would all be related to computing, but there were many alternatives such as finance, speech, and business management,”

said junior NCT student Dalton Sweet. Sweet and many other students went to the state competition in Columbus, Ohio. The students that qualified for state previously placed high in the regional competition. For some, success did not stop there. Liam Rigsby, Nicholas Buck, Bryan Genualdi, David Sprenger, Robert Patton, Ryan Gonzalez, Tyler Rakar, and Logan Miller all placed in the top ten of their events. “I was very pleased with our result,” said Rakar who competed in

the Global Marketing event. “Most students presented projects that they tweaked between the regional competition and state. The students chose what event they wanted to compete in and worked to perfect the projects for the state competition,” said NCT teacher Joseph Todd. “This was a contest for Business Professionals of America, which is a co-curricular program. The students prepare for the contest along with regular class work,” said Todd.

Bryan Genualdi, David Sprenger, Robert Patton, and Ryan Gonzalez recieved medals for their event. {Photo Submitted}

The Record Staff

Editor in Chief: Bryce Williams Design Editors: Ellen Coghlan and Alexa Vinh Copy Editors: Caitlin Fessler and Abbeigh Zellers Sports Editor: Austin Williams Staff Writers: Sophia Dettorre, Alivia Elliot, Morgan Fessler, Darragh Geraghty Liaskos, Brad Hagerich, Taylor Hilenski, Lyndsie Kallas, Emma Kramer, Brett McCloskey, Dominique Vinh, Brooklynn Gonzalez, Jared Sciarrotta, Maddie Syrowski, Tyler Standen and Halie Vilagi Publisher: Mrs. Renee Opel

The opinions expressed in this paper do not reflect the views of the publisher, administration, or Board of Education of the Amherst Schools. The purpose of this newspaper is to allow students the opportunity to develop stories of their choice while learning the journalism process. Students are given journalistic freedom in both story creation and development.

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