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Our introduction to Neways It was during a search on the internet seeking information on products that were safer than the supermarket and pharmacy items that we were currently using in our household that I first discovered Neways. While exploring the Neways site I was horrified at the toxic chemicals that are contained in everyday household items. From toothepaste, bubble bath, lotions and ointments, hair care products to cleaning supplies all contained a mix of

cancer causing chemicals. It was inconceivable to me that manufacturers could continue to produce items that had such a damaging effect on the human body. Neways safety conscious alternatives immediately attracted my attention. I was also pleasantly surprised when I learnt of Neways business opportunity by simply using and promoting their products. It was a win win situation.

“Neways safety conscious alternatives immediately attracted my attention.”

How to get started It’s as easy as viewing the products available and placing an order online with delivery right to your front door. By replacing what you are currently using you choose the safety conscious alternatives from Neways. You will experience immediate improvement in your health and wellbeing. As well as being safer Neways products are also concentrated with multipurpose and incredible value for money. Healthy Homes Eco Pack

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Becoming a member The extensive range of non-toxic products for the household, personal care, health and well-being are so attractive as an alternative to normal everyday items that appeal to safety conscious and environmentally minded people alike. Once you have tried the products and are convinced of their quality and effectiveness you will want to keep using them and replace other items in your household. This is when you have the opportunity to become a Neways member and enjoy the benefits of purchasing products at Distributor Cost, a saving of at least 30%.

$39.95 joining fee Annual Renewal $35.00 Minimum 30% saving on costs

Why Neways as a business? Low Entry Cost - $39.95 is extremely affordable and can start people off with product use that can develop into a fantastic business. Simple System – qualify as member of GHS team with proven and successful business system with training and support including an amazing Resource Centre. Training & Support – is immediate and as much as you need, whether you start slow and steady or fast and furious. Power of Part Time – you can start the business part time working around your current commitments whether they be working a job or caring for young children. Effective Compensation Plan – Hybrid Marketing Plan returning more than 52cents in the wholesale dollar back to the distributor. Car Program – accessible to every distributor we train you to achieve this level of reward. No Staff ; No Inventory ; No Deliveries – you work the hours you choose with the people you choose and do not have to deal with suppliers, staff, rosters etc. Active Worldwide Presence – this is a global business with a seamless sponsoring program that makes it easy to build an international team. Power of Leverage – build a successful business and then enjoy the fruits the original effort long into the future, creating time, money and freedom. Page 2

Healthy Homes Bathroom Pack

Neways Always Invitation Newsletter ● Brett & Analy Gillis ● (07)4183 0172

Brett & Analy Gillis Unit 2 175 Torquay Road Scarness, Qld 4655 Phone: (07)4183 0172 Mobile: 04 5127 0855

Neways Distributor: 337018565

Why we have invited you to join our Neways family You are a very special friend to us and our family which is why we are so keen to share with you the wonders of Neways. Not only do they offer health and wellness alternatives to everyday products you use, but there is the opportunity to become a distributor and receive fabulous discounts on what you use yourself. Neways also offers for those more serious who are seeking alternative incomes to the normal 9 to 5 job a company that includes incredible leverage, allowing you more time, money and freedom to do as you please.

The greatest good you can do for another is not just

to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. Benjamin Disraeli

5 Years from NOW! E-Mail: Web Site:

We have the means to transform our lives

and influence the lives of others for the better.

Goal setting is an incredibly effective way of looking forward to the future and identifying what it is you want to achieve and the effects this will have on you and your life. Our Neways 5 year Goals include: Living in our dream home and driving our dream car. Education for our children including college funds. Stability and freedom for our family to travel extensively. Providing assistance and financial support for family members in the Philippines. Establish means of self-sufficiency for poor families in the Philippines.

Brett & Analy Gillis Unit 2 175 Torquay Road Scarness,QLD 4655

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Every time you speak to people, give them something to feel, something to remember and something to do. If you’re successful in doing that, your ability to lead others will go to a new level.

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