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GOOGLE MAPS LOCAL DIRECTORY I would like to take this opportunity of introducing you to Mobile Kingdom, your gateway into the future of mobile phone navigation and promotion that will launch your business into the technology age of advertising that will have you way ahead of your competition. My name is Brett Gillis and I am your Mobile Kingdom Client Manager, here to service your business requirements that will ensure that you remain competitive and advancing in sales and service.

Mobile Phones The Future of Local Business Success •

Mobile Phone technology allows users to search for local business using Google Maps.

Google sends data relative to the current location of the mobile phone user.

Did you know that 80% of local business comes from people who live or work 8 km from your location.

As an advertising medium 95% of text messages sent to mobile phone users are opened and viewed. There  are over 22 million cell phone users in Australia.

The cost of mobile advertising is dramatically less than traditional methods.

Google Maps has listed your business without your knowledge and it is therefore sitting in limbo without  the relevant information that would bring you  customers. I can help you bring Google directory up to date and also allow you to appear in Google maps in position A  at the top of the list. We can also create an advertising campaign that draws new customers with promotions that transform  your slowest days to your best days of the month. We have the means to  ➢

transform your business into a  powerhouse that outperforms  your competitors

gives you the ability to introduce  mobile phone marketing that is  affordable, effective and  increasingly popular 

pioneer advertising campaigns  that allow interaction with  customers

initiate text messaging of special  offers and contests that will  attract increased sales

build a lasting relationship with  customers that brings them back  again and again

encourage customer feedback  and reviews that improves your  credibility and goodwill

Reinforce and own  your online identity.

Potential customers would  Google search 'hairdressers  hervey bay' using their  mobile phones with these  • results:

Great news is that  Just Hair & Beauty  appears in position 6 with your  google maps listing.

Unfortunately your Google  Maps listing is  not yet  claimed and   fully  functioning.

Good news is that we can help update your Google Maps directory to include business hours, Stylist profiles, photos, reviews from satisfied customers and marketing promotions.

Continuing with their search potential customers would activate the Google Maps function that would provide the results below:

As you can see your business appears in position F of 'hairdressers near hervey bay' with reference to your salon address and phone number. We want to help make you position A in the search engine to enhance your opportunity to attract new customers whether they are locals or visitors alike. If you are interested in learning more or wish to immediately take advantage of our services and begin to take advantage of the new technology used by future potential customers please contact Brett on 0467552338 or email with details of your desired level of participation. Our levels of our services begins with our Business Registration Package for $150 that includes business registration on Google Maps as well as Startlocal, Yellow Pages and Truelocal complete with business operation details, citations and reviews that will ensure high ratings results on search engines. The potential for growth in market share in your industry will improve dramatically with our affordable, professional and highly effective support. Brett Gillis

Client Manager

A similar Google Search on 'just hair and beauty hervey bay' the following results appear:

Your listing on various local business listing/guides appears on the results as well as several internet directories including Google Maps, Truelocal and Yellow Pages. Below I have printed all of the relevant results for this search that would be provided for your potential customers. In each instance your business is listed probably without your knowledge and unfortunately without

relevant business details that would satisfy the searching customers needs. We can help you reinforce your online identity and take ownership of search engine directories that ensure fabulous exposure and presence in the market place.

WHAT'S A QR CODE? A QR Code (it stands for "Quick Response") is a cell phone readable bar code that can store  website URL's, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and pretty much any other  alphanumeric data. Storing up to 4296 characters they are internationally standardised under ISO 18004, so a QR  code is a QR code all over the world ­ they've been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe and  the UK a few years back, and are now getting real traction in USA and Australia. Think "print­based hypertext links" and you'll get the idea.  Data you can include in your QR Code include: ➢


Website URL

Telephone Number

SMS Message

Email Address

Email Message

Contact Details (VCARD)


Google Maps Location

Wifi Login (Android Only)

Paypal Buy Now Link

Social Media 

iTunes Link ➢

YouTube Video

Where Are You Right Now? Whether your business is large or small, marketing is all the touch­points that connect you to  your customers. Having a written marketing plan helps you focus on the important things you  can do with the time and budget you have right now, and creates a sequence of improvements  as your business grows.  Knowing what is working and what’s not and how to get the best return on your marketing  investments is just good business. With modern technology, it is possible to measure results  and know which marketing investments are creating profitable returns.  At the end of the check­list, please describe where you are having the most difficulties with your  marketing. We trust that even going through this check­list will give you new ideas and maybe  help you remember some marketing tasks you forgot about or have questions about.  General  1. I have an existing marketing plan in place for my business. Yes No 2. I have at least one person responsible for managing marketing.  Yes  No 3. Our staff is familiar with how we market our company’s products and services. Yes No Market Research 4. I know who my target market is and I have a full written description of this market.      Yes  No 5. I’ve narrowed down who in my target market is my most likely customer (age, sex,  income level, location) 6. I’ve estimated the number of customers in my target market who could potentially buy  from me. Yes No 7. I know who my closest 3 competitors are, what services they offer and what their prices  are. Yes No 8. I’ve done a price comparison between my business and my closest competitors and have  made notes on why someone would choose us over them and why someone might  choose them over us. Yes No 9. I am aware of what income my business is capable of producing at the level it is currently  at right now.  Yes No 10. I subscribe to a newsletter or trade journal for my industry so that I stay current on what is  happening within the industry. Yes No  Marketing Methods  Website –  11.  We have one and the address is:  12.  We have more than one website and the other addresses are:  13. I have a keyword list for my business and check it regularly to keep it updated. Yes No 14.  The information on our site is current and updated regularly. Yes No 15.  Our website is easy to navigate and visitors can find the most important information from  the home page. Yes No 16.  Our website collects visitor information through a newsletter or special sign up offer. 

Yes No 17.  We have an automatic email message (auto responder) that is sent out when someone  subscribes.   Yes No 18.  Our phone number and address is listed on the home page and is easy to find. Yes No 19. We have a contact page on our site with a map or written directions (if appropriate)     Yes  No 20.  We use a tracking number on our website to determine what calls are coming from it.  Yes No The website answers the following questions:  21.  An “About Us” page or something that tells the company’s history. Yes No 22.  Services and Products we offer are easy to see on the home page. Yes No 23.  Different pages on the site give more information about the products and services we  offer. Yes No 24.  Enough information to answer a customer’s questions, perhaps a frequently asked  questions section. Yes No 25.  The site has several informational articles on our area of expertise. Yes No 26.  Client testimonials are posted that include a picture and name. Yes No 27.  The site has clear, attractive photos of our products. Yes No 28.  The site has a price list, prices with the products or menu *restaurant. Yes No 29.  Photos of our personnel. Yes No Email –  30. We have a system in place to collect email addresses for clients and potential clients.  Yes No 31.  We use a “spam protection” email marketing service like Constant Contact or iContact.  Yes No 32.  We produce regular email newsletters for our customers and clients. Yes No 33.  We keep track of the responses to our email mailings to our email list (opens, clicking on  links, unsubscribe rates) Yes No 34.  We occasionally send out special mailings such as one­time offers or alerts. Yes No 35.  We have email sequences that we use for events such as welcoming a new customer, a  list of tips and hints, etc. Yes No Online Advertising Methods –  What online advertising methods does your business currently employ?  36.  Pay Per Click such as Google Adwords. Yes No 37.  Search Engine Optimisation – a variety of links, keywords and tags that are optimised to  help customers find us using our most important offerings. Yes No Blogs –  38.  We have a blog on our website or our website is a blog. Yes No 39.  We have a separate blog such as Blogger or WordPress. Yes No

Social Media Marketing –  40.  Facebook Like Page (Fan Page) Yes No 41.  Twitter account Yes No 42.  LinkedIn account Yes No 43.  GoogleBuzz account Yes No 44. MySpace Yes No 45.  YouTube Channel Yes No 46.  Flickr account Yes No 47.  Our business is using these social marketing tools competently. Yes No 48.  Our business needs help learning how to use these social marketing tools. Yes No Local Search –  Check off which Search Engines you’ve set up and claimed your local search listings on.  49.  Google Yes No 50.  Yahoo Yes No 51.  Bing Yes No Mobile Search –  Check off what you have set up. 52. Site optimised for mobile users. Yes No 53.  Mobile landing page Yes No 54.  Mobile Ads Yes No 55.  QR Codes Yes No 56.  SMS Yes No Directories –  Are you using online directories to market your business?  57. Online Yellow Pages Yes No 58.  Yelp Yes No 59.  Other     Facebook Ads –  60. Are you using Facebook ads? Yes No Banner Advertising on other sites? 61. Banner Network or Direct Cross Promotion Banners? Yes No Other Promotions –  What other advertising methods do you use?  62. Referral program for existing customers. Yes No 63.  Affiliate program for related business referrals. Yes No

64. Direct mail. Yes No 65.  Radio ads. Yes No 66.  TV ads. Yes No 67.  Val Pak (or coupon deck) Yes No 68.  Newspapers Yes No 69.  Craig’s List Yes No 70.  Angie’s List Yes No Street Visibility and Signage ­  71.  (If physical location is important) Our business has a sign that is easily visible from the  street. Yes No Press Releases –  72. Our business uses press releases to make announcements. Yes No Media Kits –  73. Our business has an online, email ready and printed media kit for media inquiries we  might receive. Yes No Budget  74.  I have an annual marketing budget. Yes No 75.  Our marketing budget is based on a percentage of our gross revenue. Yes No 76.  Average monthly spending for current marketing and advertising.  Tracking  How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing methods?  77.  I keep track of how a caller or new customer heard about us by asking them and writing  it down. Yes No 78.  I keep a spreadsheet tally of where calls and customers come from. Yes No 79.  Our staff is trained to ask where a customer found out about us, including how they got  to our website. Yes No 80.  We have a system to separately track how our different marketing methods are working  for getting new customers. Yes No What are your biggest marketing challenges and concerns?

Local/Mobile Search Questionnaire Please fill out information below the best you can, and E-mail back with any pictures or video’s you have for your business. We can then go over any questions you may have about the data. Name: Company: Position title: Phone:


Address: City:



Email address: Present Website URL (if any): Hours of operation: Types of payments accepted: ___Cash ___personal check ___Visa ___Mastercard ___AMEX ___Diners Club ___Discover ___PayPal ___Google Checkout ___Financing Brief description of what your company does/sells: If you were searching for your company, what key words would you use? – please try and use at least 5. What categories would your company fit under? i.e. grocery store, fresh food, auto supply, etc. What are your goals for this marketing search marketing campaign? What problems would you like this campaign to handle?

Do you want to offer a coupon to people who find your search listing? If so, what do you want that coupon to be for? Please be specific. (i.e. % off what service? Cash value coupon for new clients, etc.)

Industry (manufacturing, technology, health care, retail, etc): Market (who do you sell to? Public? Business? Schools?): Demographics of your market (describe your average customer and who your ideal customer is as far as gender, age, job title, financial bracket- or where they live):

Why do your current customers buy from you? Do you ask for customer referrals/testimonials? If so, how is this done? Main Competition: (list the top two or three) Competition websites: What do they do better than you? Do you have established accounts with: Google Bing Yahoo If yes, what type of accounts/advertising are you currently doing? In order to properly manage your local search marketing program, we will need to set up a special email address that copies both you and us for statistics and set up for these search engines. WE will set this up and send you logins for this. If you have an e-mail address we can forward this to, please e-mail us at with that information. If you don’t have a web person, we will be happy to set this up for you, and will need you to provide us with your domain login. PHOTOS: You can add up to 5 images with your local listing. Please email photos to : . VIDEOS: You can add a video to your local listing. Please upload the video to YouTube and send us the link. When you have completed this form, please email it to . Thank you!

Brett Gillis Client Manager Mobile Kingdom

Mobile Kingdom  

Google Maps Business Listings