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MOBILE KINGDOM It’s not a technology, it’s a way of life

Mobile App to allow direct communication between Bechtel and Gladstone Auto Parts & 4WD to order products, request quotes, seek advice and follow up on orders.


GAP Bechtel Mobile App

Call Us Click to call Gladstone Auto Parts (GAP). Directions GPS map to GAP shop. Cover design can be customised to incorporate business association.

Mobile Kingdom

Tell Friend  Share the mobile app with colleagues.


Bechtel Order

Order single or multiple items in an easy to follow system quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Kingdom

Drop down boxes allow easy selection  of Vehicle ID and Parts Required.



Audio Order

GAP Quote Allows employees to record their order details in lieu of completing the order form ­ sent by email to GAP. Can also be used to troubleshoot problems by recording their sound and relaying information to GAP. Message can be played back before sending to ensure clear and concise. Messages can be sent to multiple email addresses (Bechtel) as well as GAP.

. Mobile Kingdom


GPS Vehicle

Car Cam

Ask Jim Drivers register and share GPS location of broken down vehicle on site allowing maintenance crew to easily locate. Driver can photograph and share vehicle location for easy reference. Photograph and share vehicle components needing repair or show damage to vehicle. Drivers register and share GPS location of vehicle on site allowing other shifts to find or advise supervisors at end of shift.

Mobile Kingdom


Gladstone Auto Parts & 4WD offer dedicated service for Bechtel with all orders and communications being directed to and personally handled by Jim Steedman. Confidentiality is assured with any compromising of Mobile App security being actioned immediately. Mobile App can be shared among workshop personnel very easily and can extend to employees if deemed appropriate. Mobile Kingdom


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