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There are many people who believe that life should be a bed of roses. Breaking news…. “IT IS NOT!!” Ill-equipped to counter the pressures of whatever does not go according to one’s desire they seek refuge in the quick release that drugs offer. And before one knows it, what was once a casual short-term antidote becomes a life-damaging addiction. But help comes in the form of support groups and medical treatment. This is where the best drug rehab programs come in aid. Addiction is a very common phenomenon and is now accepted as a ‘treatable mental disorder’. A variety of genetic and environmental factors cause this condition in countless people and to bring about a cure the best rehab programs pitch in with sophisticated and effective addiction and trauma treatment. Every person suffering from substance abuse is unique in terms of the treatment process he/she requires. The best rehab program cannot be a standardized one-shoe-fits-all procedure. It has to be a treatment plan that is customized to the specific needs of the patient. This is one of the fundamentals that goes towards bringing long-term cure. The best drug rehab programs have several steps to be followed. The treatment usually commences with an intensive interaction with a clinician who can gauge the individual’s therapy needs. This is followed by a phase during which the client can independently attend sessions and interact with family members. The final phase is very important in that it is a post-cure reinstatement of the client into a ‘normal’ social environment. Post this stage a regular dialogue needs to be maintained with the clinician to prevent a

relapse and to stay consistently motivated to lead a regular life with the new-found sobriety. The family and work environment both contribute immensely towards maintaining balance on the steady path to permanent recovery. Maintenance of privacy is an important aspect when signing in for a treatment plan. The best drug rehab programs will ensure that the privacy of a patient is never compromised as any such breach would defeat its purpose. An environment that offers relaxation and comfort to ease in a person who is already disturbed is mandatory for the best drug programs so that renewal is guaranteed. Multiple sessions employing a wide range of therapeutic techniques characterize the best rehab programs . Apart from advanced psychological analyses, methods of trauma resolution, hypnotherapy, massage and yoga are used as aids too.

Everyone is entitled to a happy, addiction-free life and good rehab plans ensure not only improved health but instill the discipline and confidence in the patient to sustain the recovery.


Let’s face it…food is great but they do not provide escape from the rigours of daily stress, strain and turns of fortune ! These are never going to go away as they are facts of life. But to take recourse to overindulgence in food, an indulgence that transmutes into addiction….now that’s foolish as well as majorly damaging. Binging or compulsive eating refers to the uncontrollable urge to gorge on excess quantities of food and as a result gaining weight that takes one into the realms of obesity. What is alarming about this tendency is that the underlying motivation is a release from mental stress. An overeating disorder can start very early on in life when food is used as a palliative frequently, as a salve for tension and stress. If not taken care of immediately, it develops into an eating pattern that becomes a habit and food becomes a way of coping because they never learnt to deal with emotional problems . This phenomenon is not to be confused with bulimia or anorexia, two other eating disorders. People suffering from an overeating disorder are aware that they are taking recourse to food as escape but are unable to exercise control. With increasing weight, dieting for compensation becomes more and more difficult. Thus victims of compulsive eating become trapped in a vicious cycle of binge, diet, more binge. Accompanying this cycle are feelings of powerlessness, guilt, shame and failure that can go on forever.

There are identifying characteristics of people who are prone to compulsive eating. An overeating disorder makes one eat uncontrollably even when not physically hungry. The eating is rapid and very often indulged in away from public view due to feelings of guilt, depression, social withdrawal and an awareness that all’s not well and definitely not normal. The onset of obesity triggers the yo-yo fluctuations of weight due to temporary measures but usually, the victim is unable to gain control. If left untreated, it can lead to serious medical conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac problems, hypertension, bone deterioration and psychological breakdown.

This malfunctioning is almost epidemic in proportion in the developed world, with the developing nations are fast catching up. But society has woken up to the seriousness of this malaise that can actually culminate in death. Centers that offer treatment that includes talk therapy, medical and nutritional counseling have come up across the globe. Specially designed programmers aid the treatment of this disease. Members of Overeater Anonymous have a popular saying ‌."when you are addicted to drugs you put the tiger in the cage to recover; when you are addicted to food you put the tiger in the cage, but take it out three times a day for a walk." The solution finally lies in the power of our minds to ensure discipline and self-control.

Best addiction treatment center in california

The latest in celebrity gossip is sometimes old news in new packaging—yet another celebrity is found to have entered rehab and come out just to be arrested again, and sent back to rehab again. Lohan, Olsen twins, Winehouse, Spears the list goes on. It seems that not a day goes by in the calendar when some famous guy/girl is not arrested for drug or alcohol abuse. Not a day goes by without news of someone famous going into rehab. Seems like entertainment and addiction have intermingled, like a snake constricting its prey. But this goes for famous folks with money. What about us normal beings with limited resources?

A serious addiction to anything might spell disastrous consequences. What are headlines to people may be nightmarish if it happens to us. When drug and alcohol addiction starts to choke your life and takes away the sunshine from your heart and soul it is time to get up and demand some real treatment to get back to your life. It is time for the best addiction treatment not empty promises.

The most widely used method in drug and alcohol rehab is to use drugs to beat drugs, like using poison to combat poison. The usage of these drugs is highly regulated and administered under clinically regulated circumstances. The drugs are administered to help meet with effects of drug withdrawal. There is another natural and effective way that cleans the bodily systems off of drug and alcohol. The method also combats behavioral and psychological changes—rendering positive behavior and helping the addicted person to lead a free and happy life.

This method is a holistic drug addiction treatment program that treats the person as a whole—including the reasons for addiction, process of thinking, ways of addiction, and chemical changes in the body. The program aims at a step by step detoxification of the body and thus enables the abuser to get over his/her addictions and communicate with others. The person on completion of the therapy can then return to the society as a contributing and responsible citizen. Sounds too good to be true? But if you have slipped into the bottomless abyss of addiction, and drugs and alcohol are throttling your neck making it hard to breathe and affecting your personal and social life, then why not give this a try? They are not promising empty words but they are promising rehabilitation.

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Best addiction treatment center in california  

This method is a holistic drug addiction treatment program that treats the person as a whole—including the reasons for addiction, process of...

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