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Managed follow up of incidents

Module IncidentCliq™ IncidentCliq™ enables all your staff to learn immediately from (near) incidents, behavior observations and safety inspections. With IncidentCliq™ people will more easily record (near) incidents. Follow up monitoring will ensure that

“From all the lists I kept, E-mail I received, reporting I did, I never had any real overview whether all the information about (near) misses, inspections and observation led to the right steps and measures actually being taken. Now I can show the status of every safety report I get. This is a great comfort!”

all incidents are analyzed and measures are taken. Incident management will evolve from an HSE department task to daily life for all staff. Currently incident management is a cumbersome task. Employees need to find paper forms to fill them in, HSE department will then track incidents in separate excel sheets and will monitor whether appropriate measures have been taken. The HSE department will spent a lot of time reporting to notifying bodies and management. During this period the original reporter of the incidents has no clue of what is being done with his incident notification. This does not encourage people to report new (near) incidents. IncidentCliq™ is a complete solution for recording and the follow up of (near) incidents, behavior observations and safety inspections. All personnel can easily submit information on (near) incidents and track the status of the analysis and measures to be taken. The integration between (near) misses, observations and safety inspections will result in more and better material to analyze possibilities to improve the safety. Safety evolves from an HSE task to daily routine for all staff.

iBanx HSE combines IncidentCliq™ with best practices, protocols, checklists and procedures to bring the incident management process to a higher level and thus positively effect your HSE KPIs.


Integration with ShiftCliq™ and PermitCliq™

• Record incidents, near-misses, inspections (=safetyrounds/-audits/-exercises) & behavior observations • Manage workflow: record, check, report intern/extern., analyze, follow-up, close incident • Define follow-up: Tasks, Instructions, MaintenanceWorkOrders, MoC-request • Track completion of follow-up: registration of execution • Search through all type of incidents • Reporting o Standard reports o Export to Excel o Different lay-outs, filters, sorting • Other o Show plants, sections/units, tags/equipments, locations of the site o Electronic signatures o Notification to action holders o Attach documents o Full audit-trail • Admin: o User admin: people, roles & rights, departments, discipline o Picklists o Modification of field terminology • Technology o Web-based: can be accessed from everywhere o My-SQL, MS-SQL, Oracle

The integration to ShiftCliq™ enables production personnel to use the logbook as a source for the incident report and to view all production and safety tasks in one integrated action list. Integration to PermitCliq™ enables the use of incident analysis information to better define possible risks and measures of maintenance work in Permits to Work and Task Risk Analysis.

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