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Maybe you know exactly what you're looking for. Or maybe you're looking for NEW IDEAS. Either way, you'll find it right here. With useful and on-trend products, you can make every day a little easier, a little more fun and a little more fashionable for everyone connected to your brand...there's no shortage of ideas.Â


Products for the Planet Sustainable  Recycled   Recyclable   Energy Savings   Reusable

ustainable bottles, cotton canvas, bamboo or corn

products made from organic cotton, water

ecycled plastic or paper

products made from recycled

recyclable products that are recyclable

energy saving resources such as solar

battery use with alternative

products that reduce

eusable products that replace throw-away items, reducing waste through reuse

WHAT YOUR BRAND COLOR SAY ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS A color can have very different meanings - it's not the colors themselves that have a meaning, but we have culturally assigned meaning to them. Color choices are critically important for the success of a brand or product.

trendwatch BACKPACKS

There's a serious style shift happening in the corporate world. Execs at every level of the ladder are adopting backpacks as their daily go-to bag. While briefcases and messenger bags haven't been abandoned, the backpacks are gaining ground fast. Sales of adult men's backpacks have grown steadily in the past two years. Between August 2016 and August 2017, sales of that segment increased 5% to $864 million. Adult men's backpacks now represent 48% of the entire U.S. backpack market. So why the changing tastes? The answer is twofold:

Deluxe Computer Backpack

1. More refined and sophisticated options. Men's backpacks have gotten more executive. Across the board, brands and designers are creating fashionable backpacks in upscale materials like leather, or a mix of fabrication. 2. Backpacks are built for real life. Whether you're an executive or an intern, a backpack has the storage capacity for an entire day - no matter how packed your schedule is. It will hold your laptop, workout clothes and a water bottle as you go from office to the gym.

Field & Co. Classic Fieldpack


Field & Co. Campster Backpack

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Oakley Kittchen Sink Backpack

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Heritage Supply Sling Bag

BRAND SPOTLIGHT Mixing extreme functionality with a shot of attitude, OGIO is designed for the rigors of real life. Built from advanced materials and packed with ingenious features, these innovative styles ensure you own the moment...whether at work, in the gym, on the course or on the street.

TELL YOUR STORY! A GREAT BRAND IS A GREAT STORY. Create a lasting brand experience with a single custom item or an entire collection. Promotional products generate more impressions than other forms of advertising because they work harder. They provide multi-sensory experience that connects your brand to everyday life. Promotional products have the power to create memorable and lasting connections between people and your brand. Because promotional products can take just about any form, they fit into all marketing strategies while driving exposure, engagement, trust and your overall business.

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Promotional Insights 2018 Vol 3  
Promotional Insights 2018 Vol 3