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Have a baby on the way? Good News! Unfortunately the hormonal changes that you go through in pregnancy also make you a prime candidate for a Candida attack, so lets talk for a bit about yeast infection and pregnancy and how these complications can affect you. The first question that is always asked is "how will having Candida during my pregnancy affect my baby?" Baby is fully protected while they are in your womb so you do not need to worry about them for now. So long as any infection that you may have in your urinary tract is cleared up before delivery things will be fine so relax. So back to why pregnancy makes you more susceptible to Candida; Yeast Infection and Pregnancy Catch 1: Changes in Your Hormone Levels In your normal state, all the bacteria - good and bad - work together as a vital part of your defense force. During pregnancy there is a huge amount of hormonal activity which directly impacts on your defense force. An imbalance is created, the Candida are allowed to overgrow and the rest is history! Yeast Infection and Pregnancy Catch 2 - Lowered immunity Your body instinctively programs the immune system to give your growing bub first priority Which is perfectly fine and normal. It is only when the Candida decides to stage its coup that your immune system begins to struggle to protect you and baby. Yeast Infection and Pregnancy Catch 3 - Food cravings Let me guess, you want refined carbos, sugar and maybe even a piece of moldy cheese? Careful, these are foods that Candida love too, so maybe you could think twice before indulging! Yeast infection and Pregnancy Catch 4 - Stress Stress is a completely normal part of pregnancy. After all, you will have a new baby to look after with all its needs and wants, you will also probably have financial worries, it is normal to have emotional concerns as well and lets not get started on how the physical stuff is shaping up! Yeast Infection and Pregnancy Catch 5 - The Birth

Whether you have a completely uncomplicated delivery or need a c-section chances this is also a prime time for Candida to strike, so be prepared to take precautions and stamp out any sign of a yeast infection immediately. Yeast Infection and Pregnancy - Treatment Options If you think that you may have a Candida infection there are a couple of things that you should do; 1) Tell your midwife or the medical professional in charge of your pregnancy. They will do tests to confirm whether your symptoms are caused by a Candida infection or whether the cause is bacterial. 2) If it is a Candida infection then treat it with natural remedies. 3) Ensure that you do treat it because having a yeast infection and pregnancy means that you run the risk of passing it onto your baby either during the birthing process or when breast feeding or handling baby.

Many pharmaceuticals are not recommended during pregnancy, making your yeast infection and pregnancy treatment options very limited, so now is a great time to look at some natural remedies. How would you like a permanent cure? Head on over to for some great treatment options. (Psst - Some have even been known to start working in just 12 hours!)

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==== ==== This should be of great interest to you ==== ====

Yeast Infection and Pregnancy - 5 Ways You Are at Risk  

This should be of great interest to you Let me guess, you want refined carbos, sugar and maybe even a piece of...

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