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Hustler Company President Joe LoGiudice showed us something we haven’t seen before: His triple 400R-powered 39 Shotgun featured a rear bench with reclining lounge seats (top right), a very cool feature. The boat also has a built-in generator installed underneath the back seats and numerous other bells and whistles. Hustler also displayed its very popular 29' Rockit with a Mercury Racing 540 engine and Bravo ITS XR drive; this boat had a special boat-show price of $212,536. Finally, LoGiudice displayed a Checkmate (a line he now owns) powered by twin 300 outboards.

Bob Teague and Brittany Dunn interview Nor-Tech President Trond Schou aboard his stunning 56'.

Nor-Tech In addition to displaying its outboard-powered 390 Sport (right) and 450 Sport (above) center console models, Nor-Tech grabbed the spotlight with a colossal 56-footer (right) powered by triple 550 Cummins diesels coupled to Arneson drives that gets 1.3 miles to the gallon. It’s got huge sundeck and bowrider areas, as well as a fully furnished cabin area. Nor-Tech has also rigged a couple of the 56' models with four 550 inboards, and another with quad outboards from Seven Marine, both of which ran in the 80s.


S P E E D B O A T | April 2019

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3/16/19 11:16 PM

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Speedboat April 2019  

Speedboat April 2019