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Folkes tested the geometry and built pillow blocks and cavitation hardware for the jet setup.

Above: Original 455 Olds. Right: Getting the hook out and fabricating and installing the wash plate.


rank Folkes was 16 years old when he started working for Hardin Marine, and a year older when he first met Rayson craft founder Rudy Ramos. He’d been boat-

The transom was strengthened to accommodate cavitation hardware.

ing on local lakes and rivers in California since he was a kid, and he knew he was destined to own Rayson one day. Through the years, Folkes has met numerous go-fast gurus in the industry, both at Hardin and at Clay Smith Cams, where he also worked as a youth. “Some of them I still have contact with,” he declares. Now 49 and still living in Orange County, Folkes has been an iron worker for nearly 30 years. He’s owned three boats in his life: a 1977 Challenger, a 1990 Advantage and, inevitably, a 1974 20GN Rayson Craft. “I used to talk with Rudy occasionally,” Folkes says. “Then, in 2003, I was at his shop and he told me about this one for sale.”

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