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Eliminator to reconfigure the canopy, de-rigging, prepping for new gelcoat, removing interior, taping and wrapping. “The gelcoat process was remarkable,” Juliano says. “It required two guys working full time for a lengthy period of time.” Although the boat did not get finished in time for Desert Storm (it was completed in May), the extra build time paid off in the long run. “It looks like it just came out of the mold, but it didn’t,” says Juliano. “Basically, it took three cycles of prepping, taping and painting—and a lot of sanding work. It took longer than I would have liked, but it was worth the wait.” The Speedster’s powerplant features a pair of Mercury 700 SCis coupled to NXT drives. The motor has been upgraded with Whipple Industries’ Stage 3 kits, which provides more boost and raises the rev limiter from the factory 5,350


S P E E D B O A T | September 2015

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up to 6,000 rpm. “We changed the pulley on the supercharger and traded the air filter for a billet spark arrestor, so it flows more air to the supercharger. It also involved re-plumbing the intercooler—we grab higher volume, cooler water from the inlet to run through the intercooler,” he explains. Meanwhile, the NXT drives were massaged by Brad Stewart of E-Ticket Performance Boats (Lake Havasu, AZ). “He’s a genius at that kind of stuff,” Juliano says. “The skegs were made longer and deeper, and Brad blueprinted the lower units on the drives. It made a huge difference!” With the kits installed, Juliano estimates that total horsepower should be somewhere between 825 to 850 on each side. He reports a top speed around 150 mph using 36"-pitch five-blade Hering cleavers. When the weather cools down,

he swaps those out for a 37" or 38". “The boat’s really light, so the powerto-weight ratio helps explain why 700s are pushing the boat to those kinds of speeds,” he says. “The boat weighs about 9,300 pounds. By contrast, some of Eliminator’s 36' race boats weighed more than 11,000 pounds.” Juliano says he does not typically run the boat at WOT, as his children (Jared, 7, and Ally, 6) are often in the Speedster. “We just like to cruise,” he says. “I don’t run much over 100 when I have other people in the boat. If I want to go and make a pass, I’ll kick everybody out of the boat, grab the safety gear and run it by myself.”

The interior was completely redone at Eliminator Boats. The results are beyond remarkable.

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Speedboat Online October 2015  
Speedboat Online October 2015