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Above: Cole Billings’ 1986 Cole, named Brewski. Right: Skagen Boats founders Jerry and Tony Skagen. Opposite: Will and Robin Carsons pop a wheelie in their 1978 Sleekcraft SST while Mike Muffet pilots his Ultralight aircraft above. would be nonexistent up here. “When jets got real popular, that’s the direction we went in,” Tony says. “We do more jets than anything else now. Very few V-drives, but we do still get a few.” Every year, Skagen’s team rounds up his customers for a big blowout at the MarDon Resort, an RV and recreation area on Potholes Reservoir in Othello, WA. It’s a popular destination in central Washington that offers a marina, restaurants, lodging and awesome lake views.

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“We have often taken over the entire resort,” Tony says. “We used to scare everyone away, so by 2007, it was arranged that we would have our own weekend just for our people, because we bring such a big crowd with us.” During such events, Skagen will bring in as many as 200 boats for some “grudge drags,” barbecues and live bands. Tony himself races a 21-foot Phantom by Tom Papp Racing. “It’s been one of the fastest 21s that I know of,” he says. “It ran 134 mph at 860 E.T. on pump gas using

through-the-transom exhaust. We’ve gotten quite a lot of publicity with that.” Tony reckons that about 75 percent of the event’s participants are his own customers, although “there are still a few of my dad’s V-drives that show up,” Tony says. “Those boats are still around.” Folks come to party from as far away as Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Canada. “Every year, the event gets bigger and bigger,” he adds. You can see Tony himself at the MarDon in his own 21 TPR or his I/O-powered 26' DCB. S P E E D B O A T | JJune une 2016 20 016 6


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Speedboat June 2016  
Speedboat June 2016