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Story by Stu Jones Photos by Jerry Wyszatycki


Tampa T

Stu Jones of the Florida Powerboat Club gives us a first-hand account of his latest poker run.

his year marked the waterfront—an amazingly vibrant part icon—it’s basically the key visual referFlorida Powerboat Club’s of town that’s absolutely teeming with ence point of the entire waterfront. That sixth consecutive year tourists. Parks are everywhere; there are had been completely obliterated; I pre-

doing the Tampa Bay Poker Run. We used to do events there in the 1990s, but we took a hiatus from Tampa about a decade ago, after Hurricane Dennis mangled the docks at the Rennaissance Viony Resort. After the docks were all rebuilt, we decided to go resume our events there. All of the action takes place in downtown St. Petersburg


S P E E D B O A T | June 2016

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about 20 city parks in just over a two-mile stretch. You can find all kinds of upscale shops, boutiques and nightclubs. This 12-15 block area is so energized with activity that having a poker run there makes perfect sense. The only thing missing from the landscape was the entire landmark St. Petersburg pier, which has been a local

sume that the people of St. Petersburg decided that they didn’t like it anymore and that it was time for something new. They have a massive project planned, so the entire pier was completely missing. It was kind of strange, because we didn’t have that reference point when we were out in the water. It always helped us to make visual contact with that pier—it

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Speedboat June 2016  
Speedboat June 2016