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Greg Duff did a full restoration on his Daytona Sprint. Look for it in an upcoming issue.


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e’re not going to mince words. This was the windiest shoot we’ve ever done.

Olivia poses on White Trash, David Giacomino’s Magnum.

The weather in Southern California is usually picture perfect, and although the sun never stopped shining down on our venue—Lake Elsinore’s Weekend Paradise RV park—it turned out to be one of the most blustery of days of recent memory. For this year’s swimsuit extravaganza, we rounded up seven of the sexiest gals we could find and deposited them in some of the bitchenest rides in the SoCal area. You’ll notice that most of the boats never even touched the water—that’s because the water was too rough, so we just shot the girls on the trailer, where none of them could lose her balance and break a nail. Special thanks to Wade Addington of Weekend Paradise for hosting our shoot. Let’s do it again sometime! S P E E D B O A T | June 2016


4/29/16 8:35 PM

Speedboat June 2016  
Speedboat June 2016