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Tickfaw 200

At this Southern Louisiana bash, the watchwords are hospitality, food and nonstop fun.

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eld at the Blood River Marina in poker run hand for $100 versus paying $250.) This motivates Springfield, LA, the Tickfaw 200 boaters to visit every venue during the event. The Tickfaw run is held on two lakes: Lake Maurepas poker run was launched by the legendary

“Crazy Charlie” Albert, and is currently organized by marina owner Joey Fontenot and VP Casey Harrison. Thanks to their efforts—as well as invaluable assistance of their friends, families, volunteers, employees and local agencies—this sleepy marina transforms into one of the most exciting poker runs in the country. The event is spread out over two days, and all stops are open throughout the event. There are no group starts or de facto races to the first card stop: Everyone can complete the event at their leisure. The more stops you visit, the more cards you were dealt at the end of the day. (This year, if you went to at least seven card stops, you could buy another

and Lake Ponchartrain, with poker run stops on both lakes. An enormous area of water is covered, providing attendees with both river and lake boating fun. These areas include the two lakes, fed by fresh water rivers that include the Tickfaw, Tangipahoa, Amite, Tchefuncte, and Bogue Falaya. The event provides miles of boating with a variety of boating conditions, from wide calm lake water to a rough wind whipped Ponchartrain chaos. The river boating is also amazing, as you have twisty winding river tributaries including a man-made diversion canal. The atmosphere on the poker run is relaxed and laid back, and the organizers work overtime to make sure participants [Story continues on page 82]


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