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Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Information Technology at the University of Newcastle. This Faculty is committed to providing a range of degree programs that will produce creative, adaptable, well-trained graduates who are fully equipped to participate in the key role science and information technology play in our changing environment. For those commencing a degree for the first time, congratulations on selecting a degree in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology. For those returning, welcome back! The Faculty is diverse in terms of its discipline areas, including: •

Aviation Management;

Information Technology;

Biological Sciences;





Natural History Illustration;


Natural Resource Management;

Earth Sciences;

Sports Science & Physical Activity;

Environmental Studies;


Food Technology;




Herbal Therapies;


Human Nutrition;

Visual and Graphical Design.

There are extremely exciting things happening in all areas of science and information technology. Change is continuing and even accelerating as a result of ongoing scientific discovery. The program that you are enrolled in will provide you with the key to understanding, evaluating and participating in a variety of areas. It is a fascinating time to be studying in the Faculty. Advances in science and information technology are seen as the key to economic development and there are enormous expectations placed on these areas to provide the basis for an ever-increasing standard of living. The knowledge and skills you will acquire in your degree program will enable you to obtain an exciting career in a continually changing international environment. During your studies you will experience a high level of contact with staff who are acknowledged for their strong research performance and productive research partnerships with industry and the community. I welcome you on behalf of all members of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, and we look forward to working with you towards the successful completion of your degree.

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InDesign assignment