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An Aussie Mum Sold 40 eBooks by Using Brett Mcfall’s Strategies

Brett McFall is an adept advertising copywriter and author with expertise in running auto-pilot online businesses. Till date, he has written over 10,000 adverts, sales letters and websites for 153 different industries. The most exciting thing about his expertise is that people from all over the world are trying to learn his skills and strategies of ‘how to run an online business successfully?�

Recently, Brett McFall revealed that one of his followers who is an Aussie mum is selling up to 40 eBooks in a month on auto-pilot. It’s because she has been following his strategies for years – learning, gathering, getting ready to launch etc. then once she decided to take the action, created 3 books within one month. She built an email list of 600 in her niche and sold 40 books last month alone.

Sounds exciting! Right? How is she doing it? What can you learn? You can visit to and watch the LIVE footage taken from Brett McFall’s recent WarpSpeed Weekend.

While watching this video, you’ll come to know:  What this mum does to advertise herself for free  How she has sold over 5,000 copies of one of her books  Her marketing mistake of “being too generous” and how she fixed it to make even more sales

If you couldn’t make it to WarpSpeed Weekend, don’t worry! You can get the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend by visiting /audios

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An Aussie Mum Sold 40 eBooks by Using Brett Mcfall’s Strategies