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Summer 2014

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It seems that whoever I spoke with this winter the same phrase of lament was shared by all, “Old Man Winter is STILL here!” It seemed that this winter, one of the coldest on record for many, never wanted to end. It’s funny how we personify seasons

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STORY OF THE WEEK // Jon Andrews







like winter in our descriptions. It’s no wonder that an oft used description of our prior chilly season is “old man winter.” Just as we reflect on ‘Old Man Winter’ and look ahead to the new, fresh, vibrant days of spring, so we also, in this post-Easter season, reflect on what Paul told the first century churches in Corinth: “But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive”


DEVOTIONAL // Sara Moore


WMS // Corky Fisher







(1 Corinthians 15:20-22, NIV). The old man has passed away in the light, hope, and resurrection of the new man. The first Adam was powerless against sin. The second Adam conquered sin, death, and hell.

Staci Woods & Luke Dowdy

This issue is all about the next generation of the Brethren Church. In a world where denominations are shrinking, the Brethren are seeing growth and are seeing engagement by a younger generation.


Read stories of how our youth are fighting sex trafficking. Hear how youth pastors and leaders are being recharged. See how one youth is raising money to provide clean drinking water. In a world ensnared by ‘Old Man Winter,’ the next generation of youth are springing into action following in the footsteps of the second Adam Jesus Christ! Blessings & Peace, Jason Barnhart

Correction: With the passing of Rev. Swihart, Rev. G. Bright Hanna is now the eldest elder of the Brethren Church.

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The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014


Tiny Hands by Jon Andrews

Director of Midwest Development & Youth Advocacy Tiny Hands International

FIRST OF ALL I want to thank you all for what you have done, and are doing, and will do, to impact the lives of girls half a world away. I am blown away at the generosity and dedication of you and your churches. As a denomination you all have raised over $10,000 since conference last year for Tiny Hands. You are impacting the kingdom for Jesus! There are girls not in brothels because of you (about 100), there are girls that now know Jesus because of you (about 80). Nepal is home to the fastest growing Christian church in the world. I can’t help but believe it is in part due to the divine appointments that are taking place at the border. There are traffickers that are coming to know Christ (about 5). Your students, churches and yourselves played a huge part in all of that. On behalf of those little girls, THANK YOU!

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Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist



STOR IE S OF Staci Woods, Windhaven Church

We had a really great year

last year. Our annual May trip to ATF- Acquire the Fire, touched so many kids. They always come back refreshed and ready to serve the Lord. To see them in worship and just getting what it is that God has for them, is the reason we go on trips and lose sleep as youth leaders. We passed out the Gideon's Life Book in the local public schools in September. We went through 500, mostly, have a few more left. We passed out some at the lock-in a couple weeks ago. A couple of the kids who go to Central High School passed them out as they took over their revamped Bible study group.

You At The Pole in September as well. At a high school very close to the church, we had just a few students show up. A young lady in our group led it and invited friends. She's a shy, quiet one who went out of her comfort zone to do this. I had a parent (not one of our youth kids’ parents) tell me that she believed the obedience of the kids that day protected the kids in that school. About a week later they arrested a student for threatening and planning an attack on the school. He had explosives and weapons hidden. The parent told me that she believed God answered those kids prayers for protection.

fighter who lives near a friend of mine on the east side of the state. He has PTSD and has had an awful time in life. He was overwhelmed with thankfulness by the package from the kids (as well as some friends of mine who sent him gifts) and said he had lost hope in God, but he now has hope because of God's love shown to him, a stranger, by others. In a letter to us he reflected on how God had provided him razors and shaving cream in the package because he had recently shaved his beard!

There is more stuff, but really, God has done so much in the lives of these kids and in me as a leader. I am so We sent a care package grateful for the opportunity around Christmas/early to lead these kids and look We participated in See January to an older fire forward to what he has for us in the future!


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

OUR YOUTH Luke Dowdy, Berlin Brethren Church Also, the youth matched each strike bowled and donated an additional $10. By the end of the evening, we gave $470 in strikes, and raised a grand total of just over $2800! Most importantly, awareness was raised on the issue of sex trafficking. Our church has also decided to take two missions trips to Maldova to help build and work on a home dedicated to housing girls rescued from We hosted an event called, sex trafficking. "Strike out sex trafficking," a Our youth wanted to bowling fundraiser designed serve our local schools. to collect money for Tiny After all, isn't that a major Hands. The youth were asked mission field? to gather either donations or sponsors per pin from the On two separate evenings, community and church family. we gathered our youth and For example, each pin you created "care packages" knocked down could be worth for our school's teachers, 10 cents. At the end of your faculty, administration and game, you take your total and janitorial staff. The packages go back to your sponsors and included a fresh bag of coffee let them know your score. beans, a homemade coffee

O ur

youth this year took on the challenge of not only raising funds, but raising awareness for Tiny Hands International, an organization that fights sex trafficking. We brought in guest speaker Jon Andrews to share with us and explain a little more about this issue. We come from a community that does not usually hear about problems like this.

bean pouch, an apple, and handwritten note encouraging them, including a short prayer. After putting them together and carefully planning out how to execute with so many school staff, we decided to enter the school during the evening when adults are able to walk the halls and dropped off the packages by each door. Youth were instructed to never tell anyone it was us or why we did it. We just wanted to serve and let teachers know they were loved. It was a great lesson in service and a reminder to love our teachers and staff, even when we don't always want to be in school. The feedback and teachers comments the next day was fantastic! They were curious who would do such a thing and many appreciated the prayers.

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist



TAKE HOLD July 21-25, 2014 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN

Speaker :


SPECIAL WORSHIP CONCERT BY SING & introducing for the first time to the Engage stage

of Radial Church




Emcee : “the Wolf Man”


.org for pricing info., further details, and to register online.

The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

Winter/Fall 2014 The Evangelist




2014 DATES Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist



Camp Bethany (Ohio) BIBLE CAMP Post High Retreat Mini Camp Sr. High Camp Elementary Camp Middler Camp Jr. High Camp

DATES June 6-8 June 13-15 June 15-21 June 22-28 June 29-July 5 July 6-12

AGE 18-35 yrs. 2 Completed grades 112 Completed grades 94 3es Completed grad 6 Completed grades 58 7Completed grades

Camp Peniel (Northeastern) BIBLE CAMP Mini Camp Junior Camp Senior Camp

DATES June 22-25 June 29-July 6 July 6-13


ou Camp Shenandoah Meadows (S BIBLE CAMP Senior Middler Junior


AGE 9th-12 grades 6th-8th grades 3rd-5th grades

The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

DATES June 15-21 June 22-28 July 6-12


Camp Shipshewana (Ind

"R ek in dl e th e Fi re " (1 Th

es s. 5 :1 9)


BIBLE CAMP AGE CIT Camp DATES 14 yrs. by Sept. 1s Parent/Child t Weekly 4-14 yrs. Family Fishing W M ay 30-June 1 eekend 4 yrs. to Adult Grand Camp May 30-June 1 4-12 yrs. Ignite Camp May 30-June 1 11 -14 yrs. Fuel Camp June 15-21 8-11 yrs. Blaze Camp June 22-28 14-18 yrs. Mini Camp June 29-July 3 6-8 yrs. July 27-29 ADVENTURE CA MP AGE Pioneer Camp DATES 10-12 yrs. JH Wilderness July 6-12 IN 13-16 yrs. July 13-19 SPECIALTY CAM P AGE Cooking Camp DATES 916 yrs. Sports Camp June 29-July 3 9-16 yrs. Community Day June 29-July 3 Camp 611 yrs. Nature Discovery July 14-18 8-11 yrs. Music, Arts, Dram July 20-24 a Camp 9-13 yrs. Archery Camp July 20-24 9-16 yrs. MAD Camp July 20-24 9-16 yrs. July 20-24

Arizona Brethren Chur


ch Camp (Arizona)

AGE 7th grade through College Students

DATES June 29 July 5

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist



special group of hard working, dedicated people who give freely of themselves for the benefit of our youth. Nonetheless, this can be (at times) exhausting, lonely work. THE WORLD OF YOUTH MINISTRY, for those outside looking in, can sometimes come across much like the world Alice found herself in the moment she fell into the rabbit hole. It's loud, and strange, and wild, and unpredictable, and it smells... odd! For those called to youth ministry, there is a God-given ability to embrace the chaos and arrange it so that it makes perfect sense. I think we'd all agree that those who work with the youth of our churches are a

Understanding the world that youth leaders live in, Simply Youth Ministry Conference exists to pour back into youth leaders both professionally and personally. Sara Moore of St. James Brethren Church said it best, "It's a place where youth leaders go to refuel, refresh, renew and rediscover." For this reason it's been a priority to gather together as many youth leaders from within the Brethren tribe as possible to attend this event. First time attendee, to SYMC, Brian Baker had this to say regarding his experience. "SYMC was a wonderful, refreshing experience for both my wife and I as we seek to serve together in youth ministry. The time was designed to allow us to focus on our own spiritual growth apart from our youth." Meeting in downtown Columbus for four days,


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

SYMC pulled in over 2500 youth leaders from across the country, of which 22 were from our tribe. Personally, I appreciated the diversity of our group. Some were full-time youth leaders, while others were part-time. Some who attended the conference played a support role as a spouse or a volunteer. Some were veterans in youth ministry, while others were just starting out. It was a diverse group, but as we shared meals together, worshiped alongside one another, and spent time together we realized that we had much in common. We love youth, we love their parents, we love our church and we love Jesus. We want to see his Kingdom come in the lives of our youth, our church and our communities. We desire to be better as youth leaders. We desire to make all the hours we spend with and for teenagers matter. We want to not feel alone but rather to feel empowered. We want to worship with no strings attached. We want to grow and be refreshed. We came looking for new ideas. We came to get away and be with each other. Speaking about the opportunities to be together with other Brethren youth leaders, Sara


Moore stated, "I found this to be one of the most rewarding parts of the conference." As is the case with most conferences, the worship was great, the speakers were good, the comedians were funny and the workshops were hit and miss. Yet, it's safe to say the time (and money) was very well spent and for me personally the aha moment came when, on the first night, Jo Saxton, our speaker, made this powerful statement. She said, "Let the ceiling of your life be the floor others stand on." I don't know of a better way to summarize what those in Brethren youth ministry strive to do each and every day. by Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

New Paris Brethren Church (IN) Ryan serves as the Leadership Development Coordinator for the Brethren Church; having previously served as a Pastor of Student Ministries for the last thirteen years. Ryan and his wife, Lindsay (Brandon) have been married fourteen years and have a six-year-old daughter, Lily. They live in Nappanee, Indiana. Ryan is an avid Chicago Bears fan, enjoys grilling (both the cooking and the eating!), geocaching, drinking coffee, and skipping stones across placid waters. Ryan has a passion to help people partner with the redemptive mission of God for the world, as he strives to do the same.

Tim Bordeaux North Manchester First Brethren Church (IN)

Sara Moore St. James Brethren Church (MD)

John Howenstine Nappanee First Brethren Church (IN)

Tim has been the Pastor of Youth at North Manchester First Brethren Church (Indiana) since mid-2006 and involved in Youth Ministry since graduating from Huntington University in 2000. Eleven years ago, he married up. He and his wife, Kelly, have been blessed with three children: daughter, Addi, who is now a third-grader, and twin boys, Levi and Micah, who are now first-graders.

Sara has been the Director of Christian Education at St. James Brethren Church since August 2010. She is part of the Youth Ministry team at SJBC and is currently attending Ashland Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Diploma in Christian Studies. She is married to Brad Moore (son of Pastor Brian Moore) and they have a two-year-old son, Eli.

John Howenstine has been involved in Youth Ministry for more than 20 years, either as a volunteer or paid staff. He and his wife, Kim, have been married since 1991 where they met during the Summer Crusading program through the Brethren Church National Office. They have two teenagers (Kaity and Caleb) who like to keep busy with band, show choir, lacrosse, and church camp.

Born in Miami, Florida and being a lifelong Dolphins fan, Tim can empathize with Cubs’ and Bears’ fans. Aside from his commitment to Miami teams, he loves his family, spending time with people doing just about anything, going for a run, and the eternal pursuit of bacon. In recent years, he has become obsessed with wrapping his mind around the great Story of God, and its implications on our identity and calling in Christ as the People of God.

Sara enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching her favorite soccer team (Liverpool),new sock day, singing in the praise team and working alongside Eli in their vegetable garden. Growing up in the Brethren Church, Sara has experienced the lifelong impact BYIC has on its youth. She is passionate about helping others pursue an authentic relationship with our Savior and demonstrate his love to this broken world.

John’s favorite T.V. shows are Master Chef, The Mentalist, and Scandal. He never gets tired of listening to Phil Collins. Since January, 2014, John serves as the Pastor of Student Ministries at the Nappanee First Brethren Church in Nappanee, Indiana. His true love is making a difference in teenager’s life and tries to find new and creative ways to communicate the life altering message of Jesus Christ to this generation and beyond.

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist


I AGREE THAT THE AFRICAN PROVERB “It takes a village to raise a child” is true. I had a wonderful upbringing in a Christian home where Christ was central. My parents shared their faith with me and modeled what it means to live and love as by Sara Moore, Jesus did. Their faith profoundly St.James, MD impacted my own faith journey. They were the number one influence in my life. They were not my only influencers, however. Teachers, coaches, my pastor, friends and my youth leaders all poured into my life and assisted in my character development. Outside of my parents, my youth leaders were some of the most instrumental people who helped to shape and mold my spiritual life. Kristy, Peg and Cheryl walked with me over 10 years and saw many seasons of my life. Many years later, they are still people I look to for advice and hold in high esteem. What made these three ladies so important in my life? They were present. These ladies didn’t just show up during youth group but in other areas of my life. They made an effort to attend my show choir concerts, musicals, sporting events and encouraged me through written notes and phone calls. They


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

showed me that I was important and worthy of their time. Not only did they invest in my life but also shared their own lives with me. They invited our youth group over for cookouts, swimming and nights around the fire pit. We got to be part of their world and their family. They opened their families and their homes to us with no agenda other than to be present with us. These moments were special because life happened here. In those moments I witnessed authentic faith lived out humbly and with integrity. And in those messy moments I also got to experience what humility looks like. I will never forget the simple words Peg shared with me around a campfire one night. She said, “Sara, you were made to do great things.” I believed her that night and I still believe those words today. By pacing with me in life, Peg earned the right to speak into my life and share those encouraging words when I needed them. Friends, you can be the Peg, Kristy or Cheryl in the life of the younger generation. Nothing means more to a child than when someone invests in them. Be present and be authentic. Listen to them and love them. Live out your faith with them – more is caught by them then taught to them. For you, too, were made to do great things for God’s kingdom!

Women Meant To Serve


Reach Out in Their Communities by Corky Fisher

WMS LADIES ARE CALLED to serve others in their local mission field as well as those across the world. Vinco, Wayne Heights, and Brush Valley WMS groups were also winners of grant money awarded at last year’s General Conference, money given specifically for the purpose of reaching out to others. (You may recall that North Georgetown WMS, the fourth winner, was featured in the previous issue of The Evangelist.) Julie Lewis (Vinco), Lee Yockey (Brush Valley), and Mary Margaret Biddle (Wayne Heights) share the stories of how these ladies became the hands and feet of Jesus in their local communities. VINCO WMS: “Our grant money ($1000) was used to buy new backpacks and school supplies to hand out to needy children in our area. Instead of handing these out to the children ourselves, we decided to pack the bags and deliver them to the three elementary schools and to let them distribute them however they saw fit. We were able to pack 50 backpacks. We delivered 20 to Central Cambria Elementary, 15 to Jackson Elementary, and 15 to Conemaugh Valley Elementary. The schools were thrilled to receive the backpacks and the supplies included with them. Along with folders, pencils, crayons, erasers, and notebooks, all the normal school supplies, we also included snacks and a little letter just letting them know the bag was packed with love for them. We included information about our church’s Coat Closet Ministry and Food Pantry ministry as well,

which gave us an opportunity to get the word out to some families who might need help in these areas as well. In setting up the delivery of the backpacks, we were able to give our information to the principals and the guidance counselors at each of the three schools. We explained our hope was to work together to help any kids they saw with a need. I was able to touch base and check in with the schools when contacting them for this update. All of the responses were very positive and all three schools thanked us for helping so many kids and families with the generous gift of the backpacks. Thank you to the WMS for making it possible for us to do this project and to help these kids get a little glimpse of the love of Jesus through something as simple as a backpack!!” BRUSH VALLEY WMS: “We used our grant money to begin a Caring Cupboard to help with needs within the community. We have seen two major businesses close, and the local food bank closed and moved to a location outside the community. Lee Yockey, Brush Valley WMS president, said, ‘We thought of this need. When this grant was offered, we applied and prayed. We were so blessed when we were chosen.’ Since we have had our Caring Cupboard in service, we have helped 35 families, including a family who lost everything in a fire. We have our Cupboard open at all times so people can get what they need. We don’t just give food; we also have baby items, personal items for men and women, paper products and cleaning products.

We thank the Lord for giving us this ministry. Many thanks to the National WMS for choosing us in 2013!” WAYNE HEIGHTS FAITHBUILDERS WMS: “Our grant money was used for an outreach project called ‘Widows Assistance.’ The purpose of this outreach was to share the love of Christ to widows by helping them with physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Last fall we worked doing yard work, repairing buildings, and preparing for winter. This project also inspired some other funds to be donated to the effort. Praise the Lord! In February we planned a Valentine Luncheon for the widows to share God’s love and encourage them. This was held at the church with the ladies preparing the food for their special guests. Two of them were busy making special favors for the widows as a gift of remembrance for that special occasion. In spite of the cold snowy weather, and having to postpone the luncheon a week, all the ladies, both widows and WMS members, had a very warm, friendly time of fellowship. With some funds still available, Faithbuilders has visited other widows and a widower to offer help this spring. There are plans to do some spring cleaning and yard work. This will be a double blessing for the community as they plan to pay two unemployed people to do the work. Members of Faithbuilders are very grateful for God’s provision to enable them to be an instrument of God’s love to people in their community. To God be the glory!”

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist




A GROUP OF CLIMBERS climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania, to pray for peace. They planned to accomplish two things when they reached the summit: (1) Celebrate holy communion at midnight before beginning the final climb and (2) pray specifically for peace in the world from the highest point in Africa (19,000 feet). The group consisted of: Mark Logan, retired Brethren Missionary and peace activist, his daughter, Rebecca (an Argentine), and her husband, Juan Camilo (a Colombian), both living in the States, three relatives from France (a total of 6 in their party), 5 others hiking with them, plus their Tanzanian Guides = a group of about 13. The following are select reports by Rebecca:

Monday, March 3 “We left our staging area at

the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

Tuesday evening, March 4 “Today there was dancing on the mountain, especially by a French couple. The Guides think we are a happy group, because apparently a lot of people complain but we respect the Tanzanian Guides. One of the Guide’s name is ‘God Listens’ (yes, that is his name). Dad is doing fine thanks to the prayers and is getting all kinds of extra attention from the Guides because he is older (age 70). The food is awesome. The rest of the team is from Kentucky, Florida, Uganda, and Maryland. Dad is drinking lots of liquids; the Guides sing a ‘church song’ every


night with us. My leg stopped is laughing and storytelling. hurting when we started climbing! Looks like the days Apparently the weather has been unusually spectacular with to come will be harder.” no rain. The guides say it is because we come in peace. Of Thursday, March 6 course, as soon as I wrote this it rained hard. But then we saw “We have breakfast at 7:30; a beautiful rainbow. then pack for the day and start off. We walked until about We are camping at 4,330 meters. 1:00 and then we reached a Today we got up before dawn camp. We have several stops to try to do a time lapse of the along the way. Dad’s knee is sunrise. A couple of our hikers starting to bother him. The took a bath in the river. The Guides are always watching and water was freezing, but it felt helping along the way. good. The water is nice because every last thing is covered in It is really a blessing to be with dust. After breakfast we walked wonderful people. It is the six and had some rain and even hail, of us, plus four guys from the which the tents survived.” U.S., and one from Uganda. The ages range from 24 to 70. There

The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

Friday, March 7 (noon- Midnight) “We took communion and began our final six hour climb to the summit.”

Saturday, March 8 (7/8 a.m. Sunrise) “We reached the summit. We are praying for peace.”

Saturday Morning News, March 8

F in a l N o t e :

“It was long, but everybody made it to the summit.”

“The Night Before . . . The Victory” (Written by Rebecca)

(Note: “Babu Simba” is the way the Tanzanian guide named Mark. “Babu,” in Swahili, means a combination of ‘grandfather, old man,’ and is a title of respect for an older person who can be the chief of a tribe. “Simba” means ‘lion’ because they found Mark to be unusually strong.) “IT WAS COLD AND GETTING DARK as we gathered inside our meal tent at Kibo Camp a few hours before attempting to summit the highest peak in Africa. We needed to go to bed so that we could rise at 10:30 p.m. to climb all night to (hopefully) reach Uhuru Peak at dawn.

Then he brought out the Communion bread (one of the many things he carried in his heavy backpack) and we broke it together and passed it around. Then the Cup, a real silver cup he also carried all the way up. We all passed it around and drank from it. It was probably the only time we all shared the same cup – guides, porters, climbers as one. We kind of sat there in a cozy silence, not knowing what to do next. Lise suggested we pray the Lord’s Prayer, each in their language. So we did that (the Swahili version was the longest).

It was time for Holy Communion. The family was there. Our Guides and other believers crowded in the tent around the makeshift table which never had enough room for all the pots, plates, thermos, and silverware we used for every meal.

We had no idea what that night would entail. The cold, the exhaustion, the grueling climb, the endless steps, the trudging through the snow, the strain to breathe, freezing hands, the bitter wind. The hope of dawn.

Babu Simba said a few words about Jesus, about coming together in peace, and told a random story about Muslims and forgiveness. The conclusion was that Christians are commanded to forgive our enemies.

We ended with music (and by ‘we,’ I mean those who spoke Swahili). On the first day we met, I asked our main guide, ‘God Listens,’ for music for our journey. He promised he would sing a ‘church song’ every night. This night was no different. We ended with a song.

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist


What does it mean to follow Jesus? We’ve said it so many times that we assume we know the answers. Upon deeper reflection, if we’re honest, we readily admit that maybe we’ve missed something...maybe it’s more than just knowing the right stuff. This year’s General Conference is a time to return to “the basics,” to get refreshed and challenged, and to rediscover the thrill of following Jesus and inviting others to follow him as well.


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

2014 GENERAL CONFERENCE INFO 2014 GENERAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION Wednesday, July 16 - Saturday, July 19 in Ashland, Ohio

What to expect: General Conference is an opportunity for Brethren Church leaders around the country to gather together to make strategic decisions, celebrate what God has done, be refreshed with old and new friendships and take part in leadership development training that will guide us for the next chapter of our story. 2013 General Conference main sessions will feature Mike Perkinson and Executive Director, Ken Hunn. Beyond Main Sessions, General Conference features various workshops, a ticketed dinners, a chance to deepen friendships, leadership training opportunities, business sessions and plenty of opportunities to be encouraged and challenged by one another. General Conference also provides an ideal way for your church leadership to be exposed to all the ways the Brethren Church’s Mobilize & MissioChurch teams can come alongside your unique ministry. Whether you are currently stuck in ministry, ready for something different, or excited to plant a new daughter church — wherever you fall on the spectrum we want to walk with you. We look forward to hosting you and assisting in reconnecting you with the vision and mission God has for us. Just a quick reminder, General Conference will be held at Park Street Brethren Church (619 Park Street, Ashland) this year. We hope you and your team will join us!

Conferences Cost & Delegate Credentials Register Online and save $5! Early Registrations submitted before June 18, $60.00 per person. Regular Registrations submitted after June 18, $75.00 per person. OPTIONAL: Delegate credentials are obtained from your pastor and have been billed to your church. A limited number of district and cooperative credentials may be available through your district organizations. Credentials do not need to accompany your registration but need to be submitted by June 18.


Housing is available at several area hotels and bed & breakfasts.We recommend that you make arrangements for housing as soon as possible! Some area hotels offer a discounted rate if you mention “Brethren Conference” while booking your reservation. Be sure to book before July 1. Recommended hotel: Holiday Inn.

Registration fee does not need to be paid if you are only attending a Ticketed Event.

Total for Registration: $__________

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Ticketed Events Mobilize Welcome Dinner Wednesday, 4:30 - 6:00 - Location: Park Street FLC

$10.00 x No. of tickets _____ = $_________

Ladies Luncheon $12.00 x No. of tickets _____ = $_________ Thursday, 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Park Street Family Life Center (FLC) Global Dinner Thursday, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Park Street FLC

$15.00 x No. of tickets _____ = $_________

Pastor’s Wives Gathering Thursday, 8:45 p.m. (following worship) - Park Street

FREE x No. of tickets ______ = $ 0.00

ATS Luncheon Friday, 12:00 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. - Seminary Campus

$12.00 x No. of tickets _____ = $_________

Celebration and Sending - Lunch Saturday, 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Park Street FLC

$5.00 x No. of tickets _____ = $_________

Ticket sales will end on June 30. Ticket sales will not be available during the week of General Conference.

Important Information • Registration rates change on June 18. Be sure to register early. • Delegate credentials can be obtained from your pastor, district or organization. Please submit your credential before June 18. • Updated information regarding 2014 General Conference can be obtained by visiting our website:

Total for Events $__________

TOTAL COST Registration Fee :


Ticketed Events:


Total Registration:


• Ticketed Event sales will end on June 30th. • If you are bringing a group or leadership team to the conference for the week or even a session, contact brethren to find group rates before June 18.

Payment Options: I am paying by check which is enclosed. (Please make checks

PLEASE MAIL REGISTRATIONS AND FEES TO: Brethren Church General Conference 524 College Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805

payable to The Brethren Church.)

I am going to pay by credit card. (Please send a bill to my email address.) I will be paying the full amount before July 1. (Please send a bill to my registration address.)

THIS YEAR’S SPEAKER is Mike Chong Perkinson. Mike is the Senior Developer of Praxis, and the President and Dean of the School of Church Ministry Leadership (for The Trivium Institute). He has planted four churches and created extensive church networks in

2014 GENERAL CONFERENCE INFO Northern California, Arizona and the Philippines. Currently Mike is the Lead Pastor of Estrella Mountain Church in Goodyear, AZ, a rapidly growing church outside of Phoenix.

WE ARE BLESSED to have the Radial Band return to lead us in worship this year. Radial Church is a young adult church plant in Canton, Ohio. Preview and purchase their newest album “We Are Alive” on iTunes.

AS WE EXPLORE what it looks like to be a disciple and make other disciples, a core behavior of a Christ follower, we realize that discipling is a multi-faceted behavior. Some are wrestling with who they are as a disciple. Some are pondering how to disciple a local church. Still others are desiring greater discipling in their communities.

Here are brief descriptions of the different tracks:

This year’s workshops will be a little a good way. Our speaker, Mike Perkinson, will be leading us through the journey of discipleship as an ‘I-WE-THEY’ journey. You will then have the opportunity to choose a workshop that drills down in whichever parts of this journey speaks most to you. The purpose of these workshops is to have a brief time of presentation followed by a substantive time of coaching towards development of an action plan. This action plan will go home with you so you can implement and experiment with the plan you feel God has laid on your (or your team’s) heart(s).

Summer 2014 The Brethren Evangelist


Sometimes, we need to reflect on our story to figure out where we need to go. From our humble beginnings, the Brethren have always stressed the importance of each generation adapting the historic ideals of the movement in fresh ways for their world. Brethren have always been a people who encourage each generation to reflect on their story to discern how to move forward. The past embraces the future in present reflection. One Brethren scholar calls this tension a “tethered freedom.” Just as a young boy lives out the family name in unique ways, he does so all while keeping the family name. In the ancient world a name told others where you were from. A last name tells others out of which people you come. The name Brethren, then, is not merely a denomination or church qualifier. Brethren are a people who are still finding fresh ways to tell their story. We are a people who are still telling our story. Just a few weeks ago a new book came into print. A Brethren Witness for the 21st Century is a fresh retelling of the Brethren story - tethered to our rich heritage yet freely expressed in a fresh way for this time. This story is your story. This is our family. Come explore that family history with us!

HOW TO ORDER: Please send a check for $10 with “Brethren Witness book” in the memo line to The Brethren Church National Office, 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

To order online, please visit: For bulk orders we offer the following discounts: $8 each [50 -199 copies], $6 each [200 or more copies].



This is for ___Moderator _____Executive Board Member (please check one) Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________City/State/Zip:___________________________ Home Phone:____________________Business: ______________________ Cell:______________________ Email Address:______________________________________________________________ Brethren Church where membership is held: ______________________________________ Please include current or recent (10 years) community involvements that you believe have helped prepare you for this office: Please include current or recent district or denominational involvements/offices held that you believe have helped prepare you for this office: Please include any Educational or Professional training or experience that you believe has helped prepare you for this office: CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE and CALL 1. How long have you been a Christian? _______ years 2. How long have you been a member of The Brethren Church? __________ years 3. Why do you desire to serve the Lord and the Brethren Church in this office? 4. Have you read the Manual of Procedure and understand the responsibilities of the office you are seeking? (please circle) Yes or No THE VISION OF THE BRETHREN CHURCH …is a guiding statement of our denomination. As a Moderator or Executive Board member, how do you understand this statement, and what are your responsibilities as a denominational officer to fulfill this vision? “The vision of the Brethren Church is to embrace a new day of transformed leadership, resulting in transformed congregations, whose mission is the transformation of their communities in the power of the Holy Spirit”

THE CORE VALUES OF THE BRETHREN CHURCH …express the foundational expressions of our identity. Please express briefly what each value means to you: RELATIONAL MISSIONAL SUSTAINABLE REPRODUCING GLOBAL PASTORAL RECOMMENDATION FOR LAYPERSON (Ministers are certified “in good standing” by their local churches each year. Said certifications are on record with The Brethren Church) As a pastor of the ____________________________________ church, I certify that this nominee is a member in good standing, and eligible for this office. X _______________________________________


_______________________________________ Date: ___________ (print name)


in MEMORY 1952- 2014

MICHAEL L. RADCLIFF, 62, Burlington, passed away at his home Thursday, May 1, 2014. He was born Jan. 30, 1952, in Ashland, Ohio, to Jerald and Grace (Helser) Radcliff. On Jan. 5, 1974, Michael married Gloria J. Stout who survives. Gloria serves as president of the National WMS of the Brethren Church. Michael was a Johnstown High School graduate, received his bachelor’s degree in nursing at Ashland University and his master’s degree in Christian Ministries from Huntington University. He was a registered nurse for 15 years for Liberty Dialysis and St. Joseph Hospital. Michael was a youth pastor at Morning Star Church (Kokomo, IN), pastor at Third Street United Brethren Church (Ft. Wayne, IN), and had been the senior pastor at Burlington Brethren Church (Burlington, IN). Funeral services were held at Tuesday, May 6 in Kokomo, IN. Burial was at Maple Lawn Cemetery in Flora, IN.


The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

YOU HAVE SHOWN OVER AND OVER AGAIN that you care about the next generation. These are your children and grandchildren. You want to impart to them what you value. Meet Naomi Strickland. Naomi is an active high school student. She’s an avid reader, an excellent student, cross-country runner,

She gathered friends to have a car wash and then a run-a-thon, since running is a huge passion in her life. All proceeds went towards the work that Bruce Wilkinson and Pump House Ministries are doing in Kenya to purchase water filters to provide clean drinking water. When asked how this has changed her, Naomi responded, “It has made me aware of the problems. And has made me want to help more and more with every new problem I hear about.”

“Find something you have a passion for.” - Naomi Strickland

active in her local church (Park Street Brethren Church), and sought after babysitter. Needless to say, Naomi is a busy lady! During last year’s camp season at Camp Bethany Naomi was struck by the reality that many people around the world do not have access to something as simple as clean drinking water. Every drink from the camp water fountain was a reminder of another child’s lack. Naomi knew that Jesus wanted her to help make a difference.

When asked how she would encourage others to respond to Jesus in their lives, Naomi quickly responded, “Find something you have a passion for.” Find Jesus in your passion. More than likely, the passion was placed there by him.

You have the opportunity to invest in your passion area the next generation of Brethren leaders, like Naomi! When you give to the Brethren Church you are supporting the leadership development of leaders like Naomi to better hear and respond to Jesus’ calling on their lives.

How can you afford not to make this investment?

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Please let us know when you are moving. This will save us much-needed funds for ministry.

The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014  

The Brethren Evangelist Summer 2014

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