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Vol 131, No. 5 Sept/Oct 2009


harvest is PLENTIFUL PLENTIFUL, but the laborers are FEW … The

Matthew 9:37

Looking Ahead … Core Value #4

REPRODUCING We think that all of our ministries should be: Relational Missional



Reproducing Global

- the “glue” of our denomination - showing Christ’s love in the community in practical ways - caring for our spiritual, emotional, and financial needs - making new disciples, new churches, and new leaders - transforming our neighborhood and our world as well

A recent article reminded me how the early faith was built upon the life of Christ as a true and complete reflection of the Father and the Father’s plan for all those who would trust in him. From then on the faith was communicated in the lives of his disciples. From there it rested in the life example of those who knew someone who had been with the Savior. And so it went. The scriptures came later. Knowing Christ through the living witness of others was paramount. And so it is with us today. The scriptures being our guide, the world continues in its spiritual quest with a longing to see God being lived out in the life of others. Reproducing the life of Christ by faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit is at the heart of God’s vision for the Brethren Church. We have been identifying Brethren Core Values that would give expression to our vision of a transformed world. We feel that every ministry should reflect attitudes and behaviors that are first of all Relational, and then Missional, Sustainable, Reproducing, and then Global as well. A hard question for the Brethren Church in this season is to ask how well we are succeeding in reproducing our life in Christ


in the lives of others. This question goes beyond the idea of how successful we have been in our evangelistic efforts. Certainly our life’s focus should be adjusted with high clarity on an evangelistic goal of reproducing our faith in the lives of others. This quest begins at home. A glance at our statistics tells us, however, that too many of our congregations see few conversions, even of their own children. The present world system and its resulting cultural influences have eroded even the most basic reproductive level of our faith, let alone the effort to transform the wider social circles of our communities. In addition we know that in the process of making disciples that learners should be like their teacher. In this sense those with specific gifts and callings should be reproducing that aspect of their transformation in others. Leaders should beget still more leaders, churches should beget other communities of faith. Are we continually planting and harvesting, or simply tending the field? Based on our experience at General Conference with Dr. Bob Logan, this pattern “show how” dynamic could look like this:

“I do, you watch, we talk.” “I do, you help, we talk.” “You do, I help, we talk.” “You do, I watch, we talk.” “You do, someone else watches, you talk, etc.” This month’s Evangelist attempts to give expression to this Reproducing core value in the lives and ministries of some of our brothers and sisters. Hopefully they will provide some living examples of how our faith can be more than what we say and truly more about who we are and what we do. For now, a good exercise for us all would be to ask where we could begin as individuals and as churches to work in the power of the Holy Spirit toward the formation of our life in the life of another. May it be so with increasing regularity in the Brethren family! Core Values are the bedrock, and primary descriptions of who we are and what we hope to do. They guide us, describe us, and they help clarify what we will or will not do. Clarity in Core Values helps everyone at every level make unified decisions and therefore encourages action and efficiency.

The Language of Leadership Continuing the discussion begun at General Conference Gary Diehl Anyone attending General Conference this year will tell you it was different. For some, “different” means uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and possibly even unwelcome. (Thank you for not whining as Ken Hunn asked, but know that we are addressing much of what did not work well in 2009.) For may others, “different” means encouraging, empowering, engaging, helpful and maybe even inspirational. These extra snapshots of General Conference 2009 are intended to share just a bit more of what “different” looked like, and perhaps spark good images that fuel greater anticipation for, and participation in, our next General Conference. Engage 2010 promises to be, well, even better yet, still … different! Several huge leadership issues were part of this year’s [RE] BYIC Convention and General Conference. The first was the terrific leadership role our younger leaders played in this initial effort to reconnect BYIC Convention and General Conference. They took the lead by inviting and embracing the adults into their worship experiences. The MC’s were entertaining, the worship times

was expressed. On Tuesday afternoon several denominational leaders gave anyone interested the opportunity to ask question. The majority of the question and comments offered that day were about the place of leadership in our denomination for younger leaders. There was a sincere heart cry for not just an add-on role in the mission of the church, but a call for young leaders to have a voice at the tables where the vision, mission and strategies of we Brethren are birthed, clarified and developed. They rightfully asked for a place at the table. Thank you for doing so! Now it must be the work of our existing leadership to intentionally

Reggie Harvey and Rich Hagopian.

What is the place of younger leaders among the Brethren? create those places and invite those vital hearts and minds into the conversation and debates. They are not the church of tomorrow … they are the church of TODAY!

Ryan Smith, Jason Barnhart and John Howenstine before evening worship. led by Aaron Wardle and the entire team were awesome, and the speakers were Christ-focused and challenging to those with the willingness (think “ears”) to hear. The second leadership issue was not a surprise in itself, but surprised some by the passionate yet humble way it

Brian Moore, Paul Cherry, Ben Pippen, one of Bob Logan’s discussion groups.

A third leadership issue or focus surfaced at the Mobilization and Multiplication Luncheon and the open session that followed. Several of the leaders and ministries featured there were intentionally from some of our smaller, less-noticed ministry points. Pastor Jane Wilcox (Highland Park Community, PA) shared about leading a church re-launch, while Pastor Diana Teusch (Huntington First Brethren, IN) shared honestly about her journey from a “less-than-enthusiastic” attitude about Leah Pippen in denominational


leadership toward leading her congregation in a more transfor-

Diana Teusch mational ministry mindset in their own community. Pastors Dan Acker and Roger Stogsdill (Tucson, AZ) shared their joys and questions surrounding cooperative ministry and shared resources. Pastor Steven Cole (Northgate Community, CA) shared in person, and Pastor Paul Stanley (Carson Oaks, CA) shared in DVD form about the life-changing journey their ministries have been on in preparation for launching the first Cambodian church plant in their district. These and others who share did so as a reminder that leaders we can learn from are found in all kinds of shapes, sizes and ministry situations, and they aren’t always in the places you would expect. Thank you to all our faithful leaders who are both willing to learn and eager to share!

Viseth Hou and Bob Logan


A fourth leadership issue came from our guest speaker, Dr. Bob Logan. Bob Bob Logan’s did a great job of reminding us of our Brethren heritage and connecting that to Pathway Illustration a NEW DAY of transformational ministry. He used part of his presentation to develop the Pathway image — taken from his recent book From Followers to Leaders — which helped us visualize the various points along any significant journey. The guided group discussion times which he facilitated around the strategic questions © Robert Logan were very practical leadership development tools that each of us can use, no matter where our ministry takes place. He modeled for us a dynamic way to engage the leaders of a local ministry on a journey toward a preferred future. Thank you, Bob, for bringing us a tool that helps us understand the Path Jane Wilcox, Gary Diehl, Steve Cole, Dan Acker, Roger Stogsdill and how we can United States Postal Service move on toward Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation 1. Publication Title: The Brethren Evangelist 2. Publication Number: 0747-4288 3. Filing Date: 9-22-2009 the destination of a 4. Issue Frequency: SemiMonthly 5. Number is Issues Published Annually: 6 bright tomorrow! 6. Annual Subscription Price: Free for members of the Brethren Church; $15 for others 7. Complete Mailing Address of known Office of Publication: The Brethren Church, Inc. 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805-3792 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters of General Business Office of Publisher: The Brethren Church, Inc. 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805-3792 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor and Managing Editor Publisher: The Brethren Church, Inc. 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805-3792 Editor: Kenneth D. Hunn, The Brethren Church, Inc. 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805-3792 Managing Editor: same as above 10. Owner Full Name: The Brethren Church, Inc Complete Mailing Address: The Brethren Church, Inc. 524 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805-3792 11. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of Bonds, mortgages, or other securities: None 12. Tax Status (for completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at nonprofit rates) 13. Publication Title 14. Issue date for Circulation Data below The Brethren Evangelist Sept/Oct 2008-July/ August 2009 July/August 2009 15. Extent and Nature of Circulation Average No. copies No. copies of single each issue during Issue published nearest preceding 12 months to filing date a. Total Number of Copies (net press run) 7117 7308 b. Paid and/or requested circulation (1) Paid/requested outside-county mail Subscriptions on Form 3541 7063 7208 (2) Paid/In-County subscriptions stated on Form 3541 0 0 (3) Sales through dealers and carriers, street Vendors, counter sales and other non-USPS Paid distribution 0 0 (4) Other classes mailed through the USPS 15 15 c. Total paid and/or requested circulation 7078 7223 d. Free distribution by mail (samples, complimentary) 0 0 (1) Outside-county as stated on Form 3541 0 0 (2) In-county as stated on Form 3541 0 0 (3) Other classes mailed through the USPS 0 0 e. Free distribution outside the mail 29 50 f. Total free distribution 29 50 g. Total distribution 7107 7273 h. Copies not distributed 10 35 i. Total 7117 7308 j. Percent paid and/or requested 99% 99% 16. Publication of Statement of Ownership: Publication required. Will be printed in the Sept./Oct. issue of this publication. 17. Signature and Title of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner : Date: Signed by Kenneth D. Hunn, editor September 22, 2009

After all, one person can only do so much! This issue of the Evangelist is focusing on the core value Reproducing. While all of the core values are important, perhaps the most critical to a sustainable multiplication movement is Reproducing. Most obviously this refers to the reproduction of churches, but even this cannot be accomplished without the reproduction of both disciples and leaders. A great example of what it looks like to reproduce disciples and leaders can be found at Muskoka Community Church in Hunstsville, Ontario. Not long ago, Jeremy McClung and his family were deployed from Grace Community Church in Winchester, Virginia to plant this new Brethren church. Initially, Jeremy began building relationships and connecting people to himself and to each other. Out of these relationships with Jeremy and each other, many began or rejoined their journey towards Jesus. While Jeremy and his family were and still are the primary connectors for this growing group of disciples, he has recognized that the ability of this ministry to transform its community will only increase as it multiplies leaders. After all, one person can only do so much! Last summer he was the solo leader of a wilderness discipleship experience called Church On The Trail. This summer, however, Jeremy trained four new leaders and released them into this unique ministry. Jeremy’s attention to reproducing leaders expanded the capacity of this ministry by 400% in less than a year! As a result of this clear vision, consistently applied over time, around 150 people experienced God along the trail throughout the summer. Muskoka Community Church is part of the reproducing heart of Grace Community Church. Grace turned eleven

years old this year and in that time has planted one church in Canada, one in Kenya, 35 churches in Malawi and ten in Mozambique. Recently, they have created a second venue on their current campus and have begun another campus offsite. It’s amazing to note that one church planted eleven years ago has now reproduced to 49 distinct outposts of the Kingdom around the world. Each of these locations and venues give more gifted disciples a chance to serve in their gifting. These efforts reproduce even more disciples and multiply the numbers of leaders and ministries making an impact in their communities. When asked what drives Grace Community’s passion for reproduction, senior pastor Mike Woods cites the influence of Acts 1:8 and the Great Commission. According to Mike, “Grace Community Church is committed to reproducing leaders and locations in order to reproduce disciples. When we stop reproducing, it becomes all about us. That’s dangerous and disobedient.” All living things reproduce. Assuming that they are healthy enough, the biological drive within them functions as an imperative…

Bill Ludwig

a mandate that shapes their behavior to give them the best opportunity to multiply themselves. Churches, ministries and disciples that are alive with the energy of seeing lives transformed because of the healthy and wise stewarding of the body also feel compelled to reproduce. In fact, their behavior is shaped by this need. When you set your vision to see the world transformed in the power of the Holy Spirit and you begin to see it happening, the drive to reproduce this effect is strong. So … what shapes your kingdom behavior?


One Camper’s Testimony Rachel Williams It’s amazing how often we, as humans, set out on a vital, life-altering journey, without even realizing what we are starting. When my cousins invited me to Camp Peniel, a church camp in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, I decided to go. I saw it as an opportunity to get away from my family, to meet a few new friends, and to have a good time. As my uncle’s Ford bumped up the gravel drive, my cousins buzzed excitedly from the back seat. I just could not see why they were so excited; it seemed like a regular camp to me. But when I got out of the truck at the top of the hill, I felt something in the air. A change was coming, I knew that much. I just did not know what or why. That first day at the beautiful Camp Peniel, I was scared and shy. I did not talk to many people other than my cousins, and the few conversations I managed to hold were short, and I only said what was necessary. People were friendly enough, but I was over a thousand miles from home, and I was left feeling alone and helpless. By the second morning, I had vowed to be myself with these strangers. I walked down to breakfast with my cousins, and as we ate, I talked to several new people. As I opened up, I became more comfortable with my newfound friends. Each day, different counselors taught different classes about Christianity. There were classes about relationships, friendships, Bible memorization and knowledge, and dedication. When I arrived at camp, I was agnostic. My family is very diverse when it comes to religion. My father is Taoist, my sister is Wiccan, and my mother calls herself a non-practicing Christian. When I was younger, I went to church with friends, but I never truly felt the presence of God.


Thursday nights at Peniel are the night of a special ceremony. The Galilean Service is an opportunity to give your life to God for the first time, or to rededicate yourself to Him. The counselors decorate the chapel with beautiful flowers, candles and crosses. One of the counselors, Jerry, delivered to us all the word of God, and invited us to kneel at the altar in the front of the chapel and devote or rededicate our lives to Christ. That night, as I knelt at the altar, looking up at the floweradorned cross, I heard His voice for the first time. He told me that it was time. It was time for my life to mean something. As I sobbed tears of relief and happiness, my inhibitions and fears melted away. God was with me. God loved me. For the first time, I had true peace. As the majority of the campers knelt at the altar alongside me, my friend Quinton helped me give my soul to God. After I had given it all to Him, asked forgiveness for the sin-filled life I had been leading, a big group of friends gathered around me. We were all hugging and crying, when I suddenly felt the desire, the need to sing out in worship. So, very loudly and offkey, I began to sing the song that had been our theme song that week at camp. In a quivering voice, I began, “I’m madly in love with You, oh yes, I’m madly in love with You.” The entire group around joined in, and with all our teary voices

harmonizing and mixing, we had an impromptu worship session. We sang everything from “Amazing Grace” to “Jesus Loves Me.” I left the Galilean Service with tears in my eyes and a new-found fire in my heart. The following night, after a tiring day of activities and classes, the entire camp met on the porch of the dining hall to partake in the three-part communion. In this service, there is the foot-washing, the sharing of the community meal, and the traditional “communion.” I was very unsure about how this ceremony would make me feel, seeing as I have a powerful hatred of feet. As it turns out, however, the foot-washing was a very humbling experience. The community meal was a great time for fellowship, and that was when I first realized that I felt right at home. These people, who I had known all of five days, were my brothers, my sisters, my family. The communion was the first I had ever partaken in, and after watching people in church for years drinking tiny cups of grape juice and eating tiny pieces of thin bread, the communion meant something to me. Joining my body with Christ’s through the bread and the cup was a powerful feeling. At the communion, our head cook, Rick, sang a song called “Watch the Lamb.” When he was finished, there was not a single camper or counselor who wasn’t crying. This powerful song, along with Pastor Tom Sprowls’ message, led me to ask the camp director, Linda Barr, if it would be possible for me to be baptized before we left on Sunday. She cried and said it would be tight, but we would find a way. Seeing as I asked on Friday night, and Pastor Tom Sprowls had to leave the camp at eight o’clock the following morning, it was amazing to

Mobilizing the Church to BE God’s People Glimpses of God’s fingerprints can be seen among Brethren from sunny Stockton to suburban Philadelphia. In this recent update from Pastor Jayne Wilcox (Highland Park Community, Marianna, PA), we see again how the Lord is at work as they celebrate new life in Christ through the joyous observance of baptism. Read about how one small portion of Jesus’ body is seeking to: Love God More Passionately, Love One Another More Openly, and Love our Neighbors enough to Serve Them More Intentionally! The results of doing these things with all our hearts: more growing and reproducing disciples who join us on our journey with Jesus! Gary Diehl “I thought I would send you a quick note on our baptisms on Sunday. I have also attached a couple of pictures for you to share with others on the Mission Board/District (check out the website for all of them It was a fantastic day on Sunday. After a lively and Spirit-filled Sunday morning worship service, we headed over to a family’s home that hosted our baptisms and picnic. Our church has adopted a theme worship song, called You Never Let Go. With more heart and passion than I have ever witnessed in our worship service, we sang the words of this song as God’s people, as one body: Oh no, You never let go, through the calm and through the storm, Oh no, You never let go, in every high and every low, Oh no, You never let go; Lord, You never let go of me. I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on A glorious light beyond all compare. There will be an end to these troubles but until that day comes we’ll live to know You here on the earth. (Matt Redman) “Many in our Faith Community have found hope in the everlasting Love of God, and though they continue in their struggle to surrender all of their lives (don’t we all at times?), they are learning that the Love of God compells them to come and bring everything to Jesus. He is trustworthy; He is full of compassion and patience for His people. “At the baptism picnic we shared our covered dishes we all brought, as well as some great conversation, and hanging out with each other. Five people were baptized, two adults and three of our youth. One of the memorable moments through the baptisms was that each time we asked for the faith community to commit to loving, caring for, and nuturing this new beliver in Jesus, they would explode in unison with a loud and heartfelt, “YES!”. I am not sure what warmed my heart more, the next step in commitment for these new believers to a life of loving and following Jesus, or the commitment of faith community to “Never Let Go” of these new believers as God has never let go of us. It was a beautiful day.”

It was me that was different, and my family didn’t realize that. me the willpower of the campers and counselors to find a way. On Saturday morning, everyone at the camp woke up at six and went down to the lake. My two friends, Cathy and Kenny Beeman, and I were going to be baptized. So on Saturday, the twelfth of July, at six fifteen in the morning, as the sun rose over the mountains and the steam spiraled off the lake’s frigid surface, I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That moment, as my head was submerged in freezing cold lake water in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, was, and will always be the defining moment of my life. The next day I went back to my uncle’s house in Pennsylvania. When I told my aunt and uncle about

my baptism, we cried and rejoiced together. Sadly, a few days later I boarded a plane in the Pittsburgh Airport and headed home to Atlanta. I was on fire for the Lord, and I could not wait to spread the good news to my family. Let’s just say I did not get the reaction I was expecting. As I told my parents of this miraculous moment, this wonderful feeling in my heart, I knew, somehow, that things were not going to change. Things at home were exactly the same as before I left. It was me that was different, and my family didn’t realize that. After going to several churches in my area, I finally found a church to call home. Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene is a church full of

friendly people, supportive ministries, and powerful worship. I went to Peniel again this summer, and it strengthened my love for Christ even more. Today, over a year after my baptism and dedication to Christ, I am still on fire for God. I am still trying to spread the love of God to my family and community. It has been one tough ride, but now I have something I did not have before I left. I have God. I know He loves me, and He is my rock. He will never let me fall. With that knowledge, I can persevere through anything. Because, after all, “He is good, He is above all things, His love endures forever.” Sing praise.


Bryan Kids Fund Special Dinner for Orphans Kathy Nicholls, Education Ministry chair at Bryan (OH) First Brethren church reports that their children in grades K-6 took on a mission project to raise money for the India orphans. They asked the congregation for donations of baked goods and then sold the goodies back to the congregation. The children raised $400 to be used for a special meal for the orphans at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the India mission, which will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2009. There is a group of 18 from Brethren churches across the United States who will be in India for the celebration. Check the next Evangelist for pictures of the orphans enjoying their special meal!

Above: A customer makes her selection. Below: The children give the proceeds to the Financial Secretary and receive the check for India.


NEW DAY Grant Recipient

“H.U.G.” Harvest Unity Garden Jamei Boyer Nappanee (IN) First Brethren Church HUG was started to provide fresh charge to anyone who wished to learn produce to those in need. Our mission: or needed a refresher course in food to show Christ’s love through caring canning preparation. and giving a helping hand to those in HUG received a NEW DAY Grant need is the basis for outreach within for the community outreach program. the community and surrounding areas. With the funds a Grillo Walk Behind Our HUG gardens are a mix of Tractor was purchased. The commerprivate gardens and a community out- cial grade tiller will provide the ability reach garden. The gardens consisted to work the ground at the end of the of approximately 1½ acres. During the season and at the beginning of each growing season we grew tomatoes, season forthcoming. As a community potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, produce provider, HUG donated fresh various types of squash and melons. produce to local food banks, NapThe green beans and sweet corn were panee Public Library as a distribution planted in succession to expand and center, several community churches lengthen the growing season. There and word of mouth with an estimated were three different plots of green abundance to feed over 2000 people. beans and corn. The goal was to till The volunteers came from a variety under the first planting once it quit of walks of life and denominations to producing, since the growing season donate their time and energy to help fluctuated from cool, to warm, to hot, make HUG a successful community and between dry and rainy. The first outreach. Fellowship among volunteers planting of green beans produced for echoed throughout the garden as the entire growing season from June produce was harvested, shared and 28th to August 14th and it wasn’t long delivered to others. God is good and He blessed the HUG garden with an before the second and third plots abundant harvest and the resources to of beans were ready to harvest. The fund it in 2010. second and third plots of beans had a two-and-a-half to three-week harvesting, but produced a large quantity NEW DAY grants were awarded by The Brethren Church to congregations with a of beans in that period of time. The ministry plan that reflected the NEW DAY sweet corn produced well considervalues: being involved outside the walls of ing the wide variations in weather the church building and in the community in during the growing season. The sweet a way that demonstrated the love of Christ. corn was pestilence free for the entire Watch upcoming Evangelists for more grant season. The potato harvest exceeded projects. our expectations, and in fact some of the potatoes were Jeff Boyer and Jay Huber with the tiller purchased with larger than one of the volunteer’s feet! NEW DAY Grant funds. HUG received a donation to start a canning program. The funds were used to purchase a pressure canner, rings, and lids. Over 40 dozen canning jars were donated to the canning portion of the HUG garden project. The canning jars, produce to can and instructions were available free of

Women’s Outlook Newsletter A P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e Wo m e n’s M i s s i o n a r y S o c i e t y September/October 2009 Vo l u m e 2 3 , N u m b e r 1

The President’s Pen Dear Sisters, These last few weeks in north central Indiana have been lovely with a hint of fall in the air. Already leaves on a few trees are changing colors. Changing seasons are a reminder that life is full of changes, some welcome and some not. Beth, one of my daughters-in-law, has experienced some drastic changes in her life these last three months. On May 31st she gave birth to Claire Marie, our first grandchild; on June 28th Beth’s mother died from cancer at the age of 56; and now on September 8th Beth returned to her teaching position and must leave her three-month old daughter in another’s care each day. On the other end of the spectrum is my ninety-five year old mother-in-law, Dorothy, who has lived with us for 10 years. For as long as I have known her, she has kept her medium-length hair permed and colored, as well as styled every two weeks. Because of changes due to aging (thinning hair, very sensitive skin, lessened mobility, inability to care for her hair), she is no longer able to have permanents and the rest. Her “new look” is an attractive short hair style with her natural color, which is very pretty. Of course, she doesn’t think so! So, for all of us, change is inevitable. In fact, women frequently seek ways to improve and change their lives. As Christians, what kinds of changes should we strive for and what changes does God desire for us? Our focus should be on a change in the heart. Romans 8:2829 reads, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the

(Continued on page 12)

Missionary Miscellany The SEPTEMBER missionary-of-themonth is Carlos Quiroga and his family in Puente Alto, Chile. The national missionaries are Viseth and Socheate Hou and the new Cambodian church plant in Stockton, CA. The OCTOBER international missionaries are Todd and Tracy Ruggles in Mexico City and Moises and Paty Calderon. Moises is the director of the Brethren Church in Mexico. Tom and Lindsey Asbury from The Center in Stow, OH, are the national missionaries. Tracy wrote: Hello, Ladies, I greet you in God’s wonderful love that binds our hearts together in Him. Thank you for your prayers and support of what God is doing here in Mexico. Mexico has been on the verge of a nation-wide revival.We have seen it growing over the past three years. The week of September 8-10 Todd and I and several thousand pastors attended a key conference that brought us another step closer to God’s plan in the revival. In the local church, Celebrate Jesus Lives, we see good things. The men studied the Love Date book that follows the Fireproof movie. They prepared a special candlelight meal with all the trimmings for their wives. We watched the Fireproof movie together. Now we are looking at follow-up for couples to strengthen marriages. The men are initiating this, and God is working in their lives. The ladies now want to have their time, too. Since our cell groups have gone to churchwide studies, we have lost a dynamic for women to do things together. People want that recaptured. Our cell groups are studying a book by Charles Finney on Revival. The concepts and truths presented are a challenge for anyone. Through this we hope to continue to ignite a passion for Christ and God’s word and a heart for lost

souls. We are already working on the next study, which will actually be theological education by extension material to train more leaders, so each member can disciple others as they share the Gospel with them. It is a challenge, but the cell group leaders are growing and maturing. They help to better the materials, design their own reflection questions, and enrich the classes even more, making them personal and applicable to one’s life. The boys are back in school. Johnathan is in 4th grade; Benjamin is in kindergarten. They attend the same school with the same schedule. Both of them absolutely love their school, their teachers, and classmates. It has been a blessing for them, and we thank God they are learning so much. Johnathan’s school day is taught half in English and half in Spanish. Benjamin has all English, except for one hour of Spanish daily. On a personal note for me, there have been some things that are always hard. Several families in the church have moved out of our area, and saying goodbye is always hard. I am thankful that God used me to touch their lives in various Bible studies and just being there in their lives. Prayer requests, please. Pray (1) for Todd and me as we plan the events and plans for the next year in church. (2) that God would give us the needed wisdom and discernment to know where God is taking us and that we can effectively impart that vision. (3) that the church will capture the vision of where God wants to take them and that people will continue to be excited in serving God and following His leading. (4) With the departure of some of the families and with the church’s growth, pray that God will raise up more committed and faithful leaders.

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Northeast President - Mrs. Grace Grumbling, 114 Cambridge Rd., Johnstown, PA 15590. Phone: 814-255-3254 Vice President - Bonita Chamberlain, 166 Lime Kiln Rd., Saxton, PA 16678. Phone: 814-928-5149. E-mail: boncham@ Secretary - Barbara Hagerich, 121 Teal St., Mineral Point, PA 15942. Phone: 814-322-1638 Treasurer - Marsha Nulph, 361 Stoney Hollow Rd., Cabot, PA 16023. Phone: 724-352-3528


President - Mrs. Norma Waters, P. O. Box 101, North Georgetown, OH 44665. Phone: 330-525-0595. E-mail: ATTN. Vice President - Wanda Powell, Beloit Country Gardens, 18391 5th St., Apt. 204 E, Beloit, OH 44609. Phone: 330-938-3291 Secretary-Treasurer - Janet Rufener, 128 Lilac Lane, Ashland, OH 44805. Phone: 419-289-0465. E-mail:


President - Cindy Hanson, 131 S. Holiday Dr., South Bend, IN 46615. Phone: 574-204-2379. E-mail: camperkiwi57@ Vice President - Sandy Sharp, 6881 E. May Lane, Leesburg, IN 46538. Phone: 574834-4601. E-mail: sssharpie@kconline. com Secretary-Treasurer - Bev Baker, 1719 Brookmede Dr., South Bend, IN 46614. Phone: 574-291-1212. E-mail: Assistant Secretary-Treasurer - Jan Kary, 17633 Cobblestone Ct., South Bend, IN 46635. Phone: 574-272-8528 Financial Secretary - Bev Leiter, 613 W. Syracuse St., Milford, IN 46542. Phone: 574-658-9558. E-mail: Assistant Financial Secretary - Judy RoseWalley, 837 S. 36th St., South Bend, IN 46615. Phone: 574-289-8459


Representative - Gini Peterson, 5085 Otter Creek Dr., Milledgeville, IL 61051. Phone: 815-225-7956


Representative - Helen Arnold, P. O. Box 396, Falls City, NE 68355. Phone: 402245-2056


Representative - Iris McKinney, 6717 Calle Mercurio, Tucson, AZ 85710. Phone: 520-747-2253. E-mail: ggrannyiris@

Northern California

Representative - Carolyn Bennett, 2023 Edgewater Ct., Stockton, CA 95204. Phone: 209-948-6566

LOCAL SOCIETIES Names and Addresses of W. M. S. Presidents Southeastern District

Bethlehem Mary & Martha - Mildred Gochenour, 2537 Layman Trestle Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22802. Phone: 540-433-2549. E-mail: nannygoc@ Linwood - Virginia Hook, 3046 Old Washington Rd., Westminster, MD 21157. Phone: 410-484-5587 Oak Hill - Jean Burton, 113 Miller Ave., Oak Hill, WV 25901. Phone: 304-4658751 St. James Ruth & Naomi - Myra Poffenberger, 17815 Garden View Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21740. Phone: 301739-1969

Northeast District

Berlin - Eloise Long, 826 Maple St., Berlin, PA 15530. Phone: 814-267-6841. E-mail: Brush Valley - Irene Tarr, RD 1, Box 210, Adrian, PA 16210. Phone: 724-5481955 Cameron - Elaine Sampson, RD 3, Box 41, Cameron, WV 26033. Phone: 304686-2262 Highland - Marilyn Reynard, 583 Highland Ridge Rd., Marianna, PA 15345. Phone: 724-267-3445 Johnstown III - Dolores Golby, 402 Norwood Gardens, Johnstown, PA 15905. Phone: 814-255-5477 Masontown - Peggy Cole, 110 West Church Ave., Masontown, PA 15461. Phone: 724-583-0279. E-mail: Meyersdale - Lee Ann Yoder, 1362 Mountain Rd., Meyersdale, PA 15552. Phone: 814-634-5107. E-mail: Pleasant View - Nancy McGraw, 1497 Hancock Ave., Apollo, PA 15613. Phone: 724-567-7235. E-mail:

Women’s Outlook Newsletter

ORY — 2009-2010 Raystown - Nancy Weimert, 10056 Raystown Rd., Saxton, PA 16678. Phone: 814-635-2602. E-mail: nweimert@ Sarver - Marsha Nulph, 361 Stoney Hollow Rd., Cabot, PA 16023. Phone: 724-352-3528 Valley - Vera Schroyer, 134 Mt. View Rd., Acme, PA 15610. Phone: 724593-2364 Vinco - Debbie Walk, 325 Chapel Lane, Johnstown, PA 15909. Phone: 814322-1980

Ohio District

Beacon of Hope - Patti Hudson, 3414 Rodeo Cr., Louisville, OH 44641. Phone: 330-875-3183 Garber - Mary Jo Horn, 27 Harclay Ct., Hayesville, OH 44838. Phone: 419368-8172 Gratis - Ruth Focht, 8947 Preble Cy. Line Rd., Germantown, OH 45327. Phone: 937-787-3860 Gretna - Nettie Hudson, 4653 CR 11, Bellefontaine, OH 43311. Phone: 937592-9163 New Lebanon Afternoon - Betty Glanton, 13343 Dechant Rd., Farmersville, OH 45325. Phone: 937-687-2708 New Lebanon Evening - Lindy Fulton, 808 S. Clayton Rd., Lot 2, New Lebanon, OH 45345. Phone: 937-687-3466 North Georgetown Evelyn Mercer - Wanda Powell, Beloit Country Gardens, 18391 5th St., Apt. 204 E, Beloit, OH 44609. Phone: 330-938-3291 Park St. Joy - Karen Weidenhamer, 631 Buena Vista Ave., Ashland, OH 44805. Phone: 419-289-0096. E-mail: Trinity Jr. - Sharon Dixon, 633 Buckwalter Dr., SW, Massillon, OH 44646. Phone: 330-832-2074 Trinity Sr. - Donna Barnes, 9767 La Font Sg. H.E., Boliva, OH 44612. Phone: 330-874-4081 Williamstown - Sarah Stump, 23203 U.S. 68, Williamstown, OH 45897. Phone: 419-365-5937

Indiana District

Bryan - Joan Bechtol, 07578 SR 576, Montpelier, OH 43543-9714. Phone: 419-636-4887. E-mail: Burlington - Susan Gregory, P. O. Box 448, Burlington, IN 46915. Phone: 765-5662501. E-mail:

September/October 2009

College Corner - Tami White, 8833 S 300 W, Wabash, IN 46992. Phone: 765981-4557 Corinth - Lois Thomson, 5751 N CR 800 E, Logansport, IN 46947-7647. Phone: 574-664-2729 Cornerstone - Joan Merrill, 9300 S SR 3, Muncie, IN 47302. Phone: 765-2892384. E-mail: County Line - Jean Anderson, P. O. Box 261, Lakeville, IN 46536. Phone: 574784-2355. E-mail: meanjeanmer@ Dutchtown - Waunita Tusing, 4538 N 375 E, Warsaw, IN 46582. Phone: 574-4534798. E-mail: ttusing@embarqmail. com Flora - June Clem, 126 W. Walnut St., Flora, IN 46929. Phone: 574-967-3973 Goshen - Drema Arnold, 684 Hawthorne St., Bristol, IN 46507 Loree Charity - Marlene Dunn, 4651 S 250 E, Peru, IN 46970. Phone: 765-4737980 Loree I - Jane Stogsdill, 12 Donat Dr., Peru, IN 46970-1054. Phone: 765-473-7204. E-mail: Mexico - Sue Brooks, P. O. Box 411, Mexico, IN 46958. Phone: 765-985-2205 Milford - Debbie Beer, 10122 N 300 E, Syracuse, IN 46567. E-mail: Dbeer@ North Manchester - Linda Immel, 2001 East St., North Manchester, IN 46962. Phone: 260-982-8238. E-mail: Nappanee - JoAnn Bowers, 405 Hickory Lane, Nappanee, IN 46650. Phone: 574-773-3349 New Paris Helping Hands - Esther Mishler, 407 Park West, Goshen, IN 465261466. Phone: 574-533-4995. E-mail: Oakville - Debbie Blair, 3710 W CR 700 S, Muncie, IN 47367. Phone: 765-2821427. E-mail: debsfarangels@aol. com Roanoke - Sharon Williams, P. O. Box 33, Roanoke, IN 46783. Phone: 260-6723252. E-mail: sroanokerube@gmail. com South Bend - Bev Baker, 1719 Brookmede Dr., South Bend, IN 46614 Phone: 574291-1212. E-mail: bev_baker@hotmail. com South Bend Women Meant to Serve Judy Rose-Walley, 837 S 36th St., South Bend, IN 46615. Phone: 574-289-8459 Tiosa - Dorcas VanDuyne, 2766 E 200 N, Rochester, IN 46975. Phone: 574-2237473. E-mail:

Wabash - Phyllis Meyer, 5866 W 200 S, Lot 30, Wabash, IN 46992. Phone: 260-563-1238 Warsaw - Cheryl Schmiedt, 2415 W Nina Lane, Warsaw, IN 46580. Phone: 574238-1097. E-mail: cschmied@bnin. net

Central District

Cerro Gordo - Elaine Dresback, 107 Meadow Lane, Cerro Gordo, IL 61818. Phone: 217-763-0223 Lanark Neoma - Pauline Erbsen, 26589 Georgetown Rd., Lanark, IL 61046. Phone: 815-473-2159

Midwest District

Falls City - Helen Arnold, P. O. Box 396, Falls City, NE 68355. Phone: 402-2452056. Mulvane - Lillian Gardner, 1137 Dry Creek, Derby, KS 67037

Southwest District

Tucson - Iris McKinney, 6717 Calle Mercurio, Tucson, AZ 85710. Phone: 520-7472253. E-mail:

Northern California District

Carson Oaks - Carolyn Bennett, 2023 Edgewater Ct., Stockton, CA 95204. Phone: 209-948-6566 Northgate - Ilda Blair, 20482 Tinnin Rd., Manteca, CA 95337-8524

NOW SEE THIS: Two e-mail addresses include an underline: linda_immel (president of North Manchester) and bev_baker (president of South Bend). Please mark your directory. The WMS Executive board will meet in January. If you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please contact your district president/representative or a national officer. They would like to hear from you.


NOTES IN MY MAILBOX From the Literature Secretary: As many of you have discovered Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh, the suggested missions book, is no longer in print. If you wish, you may obtain a used copy from It could also be available on eBay. Another option is to substitute another book with a mission emphasis. Some possibilities are: Through Gates of Splendor, Shadow of the Almighty, or A Chance to Die, all by Elisabeth Elliot; At the End of the Spear by Steve Saint; Peace Child by Don Richardson; or Ships of Mercy by Don Stephens. These should all be readily available. Corky Fisher Literature Secretary About the 2-year project: The 2-year project which concluded in July 2009 was designated for the soccer and youth program in Bradenton, FL, where Miguel and Sonia Antunez minister. Miguel reported: The past year of ministry was a blessed year. Seeing Sonia healthy after battling with leukemia was a great thing! However, with every little thing she felt, our fear it was coming back was with us. God’s grace was abundant in such moments of pain and we felt your prayers and your support at all times. Thanks a lot! Pastoring the Anglo congregation added a lot of work. But now we are working with the Hispanic congregation in order to merge both into one. On Sunday we have a traditional service and Thursday night we have a contemporary worship service. Here we started with six ladies who came to Sonia’s ladies’ meeting. Now we average 12-14. On Sunday at 11 a.m. we have a tremendous opportunity to share the gospel with their parents. We will have a parental seminar called “Parenting the Early Years” by Les and Leslie Parrot. Miguel concludes: “We are trying to be good stewards of the money you provided for us. I have to make decisions in order to know what is the best way to spend the money and benefit the ministry, so I beg you to understand that things are going slow but sure. I pray that God will give us health and energy


Missionary Miscellany (continued)

President’s Pen (continued)

(5) for the new Christian bookstore in our area. A couple from the church had to close it about 1½ years ago. Two weeks ago the husband talked to Todd and commented that they were beginning to think that God wanted them to reopen. We all prayed about it and God began to drop things into place very quickly. Now they are preparing to re-open in a very strategic place in our neighborhood, in a storefront that God provided at less than 1/3 the normal rent! Pray that it will be a powerful tool, to reach people for Christ, to give a place for counseling and healing, and to assist people in getting the tools needed for ministry. Thank you, ladies. God works through the prayers of His saints. May He bless you as you serve us (and Him) in this beautiful way. To God be all glory and honor. A big hug to all, Tracy Ruggles

likeness of His Son, that He might be the first-born among many brothers. How fantastic it is that God the Father wants us to be like His Son, Jesus! We may look at our lives and the way we struggle with sin, and wonder how or if we will ever really change or be changed into His image. Well, if it were only dependent on our weak attempts, we would be justified to doubt; however, we have something more than our own lives to look at. We have God! We have His Word! 2 Peter 1:3-4 says, His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. As we change, so that we more consistently reflect Christ’s character to the world, I’m sure we will experience some outward changes as well. One benefit of our inward change is the joy that comes from communing regularly with God. Our response to our Lord may be that of Psalm 16:11, You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Joyfully,

Changing news from Tom and Lindsey: The Center is moving along at a rapid pace and continues to reach a lot of new people with the Gospel. Over the summer we took another look at who we are and what we do. We also looked at how we “do” church. This exciting new development has opened new opportunities. The Center will still continue to offer our small group ministry, which is what we are built from. Now we offer three house churches located in Bolivar, Cuyahoga Falls, and Ashland. We also

decided to offer a traditional Sunday service at one of our partner churches in Kent. This partnership was born out of a mutual respect for one another as well as a passion to bring people to the kingdom of God. This service has tripled in size since we joined. We are very excited to see Kent State University students attend. Needless to say, we are busy, but we are always very active and passionate about Jesus Christ. We thank you for your prayers, gifts, and financial support throughout the years. Tom and Lindsey Asbury

to keep working for Him, you over there and us here. Bless you in Jesus, Miguel and Sonia Antunez


The Editor’s Ending

Dear Friend, Throughout the Newsletter are changes — beginning with Phyllis’s Pen, describing changes that occur in life, continuing to the suggested literature book, the directory with a few different officers and addresses, and missionary changes from the Antunez, Asbury, and Ruggles families. Today my optometrist said “Three things we can count on: death, taxes, and change.” Even my eyes! However, we really can count on our Lord. “O Thou, Who changest not, abide with me.” He is all we need. Your friend,


Stirrup Hope Ann Flora The Center

Three Brethren churches recently came together for a mission project in Lancaster, Ohio to help Stirrup Hope, a little horse-farm-turned-counseling-center. Stirrup Hope is the dream of Ashland Seminary graduate Gretchen Crites. Her long-time goal is to be a positive influence in the lives of at-risk youth and their families. Earlier she began to meet that need when she started a non-profit therapeutic riding center

called Helping Hooves. While working with the children and the horses, Gretchen saw that kids could discuss traumatic experiences with the horses more easily than with humans. That was when she felt called to seminary to get her counseling degree and better meet the needs of children in the Lancaster area. I met Gretchen when I was in seminary and was pleased to have the opportunity to join her as she begins this incredible ministry. This counseling center has a unique ability to utilize horses

in the counseling process along with other counseling techniques. Gretchen and I found that we shared the same goal of reaching at-risk youth and their families, and my draw toward play therapy seemed to fit in with the dynamics of Stirrup Hope. At the beginning of June, The Center, Smithville Brethren Church youth and Smoky Row Brethren Church headed to Lancaster and aided Stirrup Hope in its spring cleaning efforts. We are very grateful for the work done and the gifts provided by these churches. These groups did painting, scouring water troughs, and cleaning the barn’s feed area from bat droppings. They also cleaned a winter’s worth of straw from the stalls and rebedded all the stalls in the barn. Paint was bought as well as other items that were sorely needed, such as new gates to keep the horses in the pastures. Additional money was provided to aid in advertising the ministry. Thank you to all who worked so hard and did so much for us! Your generous time and finances were sorely needed and are greatly

appreciated. I would like to ask the members of the great Brethren family around the world to keep our ministry in prayer. We

need prayer warriors who are willing to intercede with God on our behalf. Right now we could use prayer in these areas: Clients: Pray that people who are in need hear about and come to Stirrup Hope. Unity: Pray that those of us working at Stirrup Hope seek God’s direction for the ministry and stay united with each other in that vision. Finances: The lack of start-up income has been a strain on both the farm (needed repairs) and those of us who are making it our ministry. Please pray for steady income and funds for health insurance. Once again, thank you to all who have helped and all who pray for us. I am always so proud to be a member of this Brethren family that continues to prove the statement, “With God on our side all things are possible!”


For a Time of Great Need… Need

the Brethren Relief and October 5, 2009

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, our compassionate Lord. Two earthquakes rock Indonesia . . . four tsunamis sweep across the Samoan Islands . . . a typhoon strikes the Philippines, extensively damaging homes of half of our Brethren there, and another giant storm is bearing down on the island nation … and that’s just this past week! Brethren have always been a compassionate people, and we want to be as strategic with our disaster response as possible. To allow more flexibility to address such needs, the Executive Board has created a new Brethren Church Relief and Development Fund (Brethren Relief, for short). The proposal was nearly a year in development by the International Ministries Council before final adoption by the Executive Board in August. More detailed information about the creation of Brethren Relief by your elected leaders is available upon request. Before this change we forwarded all relief money contributed by Brethren churches to World Relief Corporation of the National Association of Evangelicals. In addition, we made special appeals when disasters struck in areas where our own Brethren missionaries were serving. From now on, one-fourth of all undesignated relief funds received will be forwarded directly to World Relief Corporation. Another fourth will be used for disaster relief and ongoing development work through our Brethren missions. The remaining funds will be directed where most needed—World Relief Corporation, our own Brethren Relief efforts, or through agencies where neither The Brethren Church nor World Relief is working. All Brethren Relief funds will be offered as a cup of cold water in the Name of Jesus (Matthew 10:42). Our churches use a variety of different tools to raise support for disasters and other relief work. Some churches ask for special offerings and others raise money using a variety of coin bank collection ideas. We ask all congregations as a part of our denominational support system to set a goal of $5 per average worship attendee based on the most current reporting year. Regardless of how you raise the money, please know that your gift makes a difference. You will be making a difference in areas of the world that the Brethren Church has not yet gone, areas that we are directly related to, and possibly areas in our own country and cities in times of disaster. Brethren Relief funds are currently being released for our Philippine Brethren under the leadership of Pastor Gary Castro, who have been devastated by the recent typhoon. And so your response is especially needed at this time. Please consider a special offering soon, or sending whatever funds you may have on hand for this purpose. Simply mark your donation “Brethren Relief,” and all funds received will be used in this manner. Thank you in advance for your generous and compassionate assistance in these difficult times. Sincerely,

Ronald W. Waters General Conference Moderator


The condition of the state due to the recent floods is very pathetic. Many of our village churches have been marooned. The floods this time have been described as “deluge” because of the devastation it has caused. -India

It’s heart-rending to see children, women and poor people crying with outstretched hands for food and water. Those who survived the fury of the flood water are weeping for their loved ones whose whereabouts they don’t know. -India

This morning we received some information from the neighbouring pastors that some of our Brethren churches are under water. I’m deeply disturbed because I had visited these same villages for fasting prayer meetings just last week, and now it’s in ruins. -India

d Development Fund

News from the Hou’s continued from page 19

The work has just begun! You CAN help! Absolutely pray for these people. And please consider donating. Be creative! Come up with some fundraisers. Take up special offerings. Get your youth groups involved.

Through your prayers, support and financial donations, Senior Pastor Gary Castro and the congregation of Jesus Our Firm Foundation have begun to reach out with tangible help to their neighbors and community. Gary sends these photos to show how YOU have helped and how much more they still need your donations.

We plan to start a Bible study group in Oak Park (the largest Cambodian community) by October 1st. We hope to build a spiritual movement to reach out more to Cambodians in this community. There are many Cambodian gangsters who live in this community and we believe through God’s love and the power of His Word lives in this community will be transformed. We also plan to organize an outreach event for children in Oak Park on October 28th. We plan to have games, gifts, Bible teaching, and food. Please pray for God’s provision for the program. These children are poor children, the children of gangsters and the lowest income families. Please join with us to touch these children’s lives with the love of Christ. We truly appreciate your continuous prayer and financial support to make the Cambodian ministry exist. May God prosper you and your family in every single part of your lfe. Yours in His faithfulness,

Viseth and Socheata Staff members from the BCNO and others will be traveling to India in early November. They would love to take the Kumars your much-needed offerings and donations. Please help your Brethren leaders in India as they struggle through tragedy to reach, love, and assist their neighbors and communities in this time of desperation. Please see the back cover of this magazine to help.

Khmer Language Class

The focus now is to help people who were badly affected by the flood. …I visited the two public elementary schools. I asked the principals how our congregation may help in their situation. Our goal is to do servant evangelism. Both principals told me that they need school supplies for their students. One school has 800 students and the other has 1,200 students. Many students… in public schools are poor. They are having a hard time buying school supplies. -Philippines


Transformation in Mexico Hola! It is a privilege to tell you a little bit about how our trip to Mexico City went. Our flight left Columbus on August 1st and upon arriving in Mexico our missionary from the Brethren Church, Pastor Todd Ruggles met us to begin our weeklong adventure that included staying and working on the campus of a seminary, daily devotionals, great food, and a lot of Spanish! Sunday morning we were able to attend the service at Todd and Tracy’s church, and experience a whole different style of worship; the people in Mexico truly have a passion for our Lord. Their church services are infinitely more energetic and enthusiastic than anything I have ever experienced. There is a fire burning for a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord within the Evangelical churches in Mexico. It was phenomenal to be able to have the opportunity to witness this passion firsthand. After leaving Todd’s service that morning, we then ventured on to another church in the area to attend an entire night of praise, worship, and more food. Each of us stepped slightly out of our comfort zones and into the crowds of dancing folk, to end the evening having a GREAT time! From that point on, Monday to Friday evening was spent working at the seminary. Our mornings always

began with time in prayer and thanking the Lord, which helped tremendously with starting the day off right. Todd, Pastor Josh Coffee and I spent most of our time dealing with and repairing some of the most difficult wiring and lighting situations we had ever seen. Others focused on painting, sanding, and cleaning. At the end of the week, we had either rewired each room, or simply installed new light fixtures, painted several rooms, sanded and refinished many doors and windows, and cleaned up many of the rooms on the seminary grounds. The director of the seminary and the board of directors were truly touched by all that we had accomplished in the little time that we were there. It was a wonderful feeling to walk around and see all of the changes that had taken place. Friday evening was for me, and I believe the others as well, probably my favorite portion of the trip. We ventured over to the church of Pastor Moises Calderon for a prayer meeting. Pastor Moi is the president of the Brethren Church in Mexico. The entire church prayed for each of the missionaries. This was a moving experience, as the words that were spoken that evening

Sam Ryan, Gretna (OH)

brought each of us to tears. Moises has a gift that allowed him to speak to and about each of us so deeply that it was truly an answer to prayer. It was an experience that not one of us will soon forget. Saturday, and Sunday were then spent relaxing. From the canal boat rides in Xochimilco, to the awesome food at Italliani’s, Saturday was a blast. Our last Sunday was spent with Todd’s church, and my first communion service as a member of the Brethren church. As you can tell, this was truly a lifechanging experience that I would highly recommend to other Brethren and anyone interested in growing deeper in the Lord!

Emery Hurd Celebrates 25 Years at Cheyenne

Tracy Ruggles and Paul Deardurff work on repairs at the seminary.


On Sunday, August 23, Rev. Dr. G. Emery Hurd celebrated his 25th year serving the Cheyenne Brethren Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The day’s events started off at 4:00 a.m. with a member firing up his smoker to smoke and roast brisket for the celebration picnic. Our Sunday morning service was dedicated to Pastor Emery and his family for their faithful service and continued dedication. Letters from the National Office were presented to Emery and a letter from nationally-known Pastor Rick Warren was read aloud and presented to the Hurds. A financial gift was presented to Pastor Hurd from the church to assist in purchasing plane tickets for the Hurd’s

30th wedding anniversary in 2010. They plan on taking a cruise to Alaska in 2010 celebrating their union. The day ended with a picnic, photos, games and cake. The Cheyenne Brethren Church is privileged and honored to have such a talented, educated, and dedicated pastor. Pastor Emery has brought healing and success to the Cheyenne Brethren Church over the past 25 years. ~ Tracy Navarro, Moderator Cheyenne Brethren Church

In Memory Kay Winfield Kay Carol (Kitty) Winfield of Ashland, OH passed away Sunday, September 20, 2009. Kitty was born August 31, 1941 in Berlin, PA. She began attending the Berlin Brethren Church in first grade and later became a member, active in Sisterhood, youth activities and church camp. She was a 1959 graduate of Berlin Brothersvalley High School. She graduated from Ashland College in 1963 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She taught junior high school from 1963 to 1966, then from 1967 to 1976 she and her husband, Richard, served as missionaries for the Brethren Church in Nigeria, West Africa. Kitty taught at the Kulp Bible School, where married students trained to become pastors and church leaders. teaching English to the men and literacy classes in the Hausa language to the women. The Winfields returned to Ashland in 1976, and in 1977 Kitty became an English instructor to international students at Ashland University. She enjoyed teaching and loved the international students, and was loved by them. Many of them attended Park Street Brethren Church because of her influence. Followng her retirement in 2004 she tutored students at Taft Elementary School. On June 23, 1962 she married Richard C. Winfield, who survives. The Winfields have one daughter, Melissa, and two grandchildren, Caleb and Abigail. Kitty was a member of Park Street Brethren Church, where she participated in Christian Heirs Adult Bible Fellowship and Joy Women’s Missionary Society, which she served as secretary. She served for several years on the Missionary Board of the Brethren Church.

Funeral services were held at Park Street Brethren Church on September 23 with Dr. Arden Gilmer officiating.

Joanne Cole Joanne V. Cole died on August 9, 2009 in her room (her “home”) at the Country Meadows assisted living facility in Bethlehem, PA. Born in Harrisburg, SD on May 8, 1917, she was raised in neighboring Minnesota with her fraternal twin sister, Jeannie, who survives, living in Red Wing. Minnesota. Both had no middle name but used their maiden name of Van Dorp. She was raised in the Dutch Reformed Church but ended up graduating from St. Paul Bible Institute (MN), now Crown College. After that she went to Booth Memorial Hospital (New York City) graduating as an LPN. Her adventures continued by working as a released time teacher in public schools with the New England Fellowship in New Hampshire and Vermont. While on a trip to Boston she met a bus driver, Charles William “Bill” Cole who was Methodist but was attending Eastern Nazarene College. They married in 1946 and moved to Sebago, ME to pastor the Nazarene Church. Two children were born, Stephen (now pastor at Masontown, PA) and Joyce (an RN living in Hopatcong, NJ who is active in a Baptist church). In 1958, after having served six years in Maine and four years in a Nazarene church in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada they made a denominational change to The Brethren Church, serving twelve years at Ardmore (IN). (Brethren Church Executive Director Ken Hunn was a preschooler attending Ardmore when the Coles arrived, until the Mishawaka Brethren Church was formed). For Joanne those twelve years in Ardmore were the glory years. She taught Sunday School, led the music at worship, was choir director, worship band leader, youth leader and led the music for the Sunday evening service after working all night as a private duty nurse and grabbing an hour’s sleep. She was an active recruiter for ministry

in the church. The words “Look out, Ma Cole wants you” were passed to an intended victim! She continued her work on the night shift at several nursing homes in the Vinco, PA area and Wabash, IN while Bill served the churches. It was when they moved to Levittown, PA that Joanne became notorious at Camp Peniel as Inspector 12. She served as camp

Joanne Cole (left) and twin sister Jeannie at their 90th birthday party in 2007. nurse and would arrive at camp after loading her car with kids including her two of her grandchildren, Christopher and Kim. In 1997 Joanne and Bill retired to an apartment in Bethlehem, PA. When Joanne was asked why they moved there her reply was that they would be close to Joyce’s children (50 miles) but not too close to interfere! After searching for a time they were all ready to attend a Baptist church when they attended a Sunday evening service at the Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church in Bethlehem and knew immediately that is where God wanted them. They jointly volunteered to establish a senior citizens group, a ministry Pastor Larry Humberd was praying for. After Bill’s death in 2002 she carried on this ministry until she could no longer do it. Three weeks before her death she joined this church which helped her so much.


Barnetts to Retire Nancy Hostetler Celebrates 50 Years at Riverside A reception was held for Harold and Doris Barnett as they finalize their plans to retire and leave Kentucky. The reception, held in the Riverside Christian School gymnasium, gave church members, Riverside staff and alumni, family and friends one last opportunity to reminisce and say farewell. The Barnetts were presented with a lap robe featuring pictures of them, a money tree and several other gifts in honor of their many years of service to the Drushal Memorial Brethren Church and Riverside Christian School. Dr. Barnett, a graduate of Riverside, after serving several Brethren pastorates returned to serve as administrator of Riverside Christian School for sixteen years. During that same time he pastored the Drushal Memorial Brethren Church and ministered at several outposts in the area. Doris also served the school in several different capacities, including teaching and business manager, while mothering their seven children. They have been in ministry a total of 56 years. The Barnetts will be moving to the Hagerstown, Maryland area to be near their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Over 150 family members and friends waited in anticipation in Riverside Christian School’s gym on Saturday, August 8, as Nancy Hostetler was escorted to a front row seat for a surprise party in her honor. Brother Tom served as master of ceremonies as he led attendees in a celebration of Nancy and Doran Hostetler’s many years of teaching and service to the Lost Creek community and Riverside Christian School. On August 9, 1959, Doran Hostetler and Nancy Dorrington were married in Ohio and immediately traveled to Riverside in their little Volkswagon for their honeymoon. They raised their family of three children and served side by side for 40 years until Doran passed away in 2000. Doran was an energetic fun-loving teacher, coach, principal, and administrator and a well-respected leader in the community. He started the Three Rivers Conference for smaller schools in the area, added a softball tournament to Riverside’s annual Fourth of July Celebration, and initiated a pre-season elementary basketball tournament at Riverside. He opened up Riverside’s gym and pavilion for groups wanting recreational basketball, family celebrations, or spiritual gatherings. Nancy has taught physical education, English, speech, drama, and journalism, publishing the monthly Beacon newsletter. She has also served as librarian, directed the numerous PTF melodramas, and is presently yearbook, student council and class advisor. Together Doran and Nancy were dorm parents during the years when Riverside had boarding students. Mrs. Hostetler has continued Doran’s legacy in many ways through the softball tournaments at the Fourth of July Celebration and greeting and hosting visitors. Nancy continues as a beloved teacher and truly represents the heart of Riverside. In the months preceding the Celebration, over 100 family members and friends from many past years created scrapbook pages of photos and words of greeting and appreciation to Nancy. These were collected in special memory albums and presented to Nancy by her sister Carol. At the end of the program in heartfelt impromptu words, Nancy thanked all the attendees for being such a special part of her life, and upon recognizing former students in the audience, remarked that to see them all loving the Lord made it all worthwhile. A time of reception with cookies and punch followed.

Young at Heart Retreat Raises Money for Missions The annual Young at Heart Retreat was held September 14-17 at Camp Shipshewana in Indiana with almost 40 people in attendance. Some of the activities of the week included a trip to Cook’s Bison Ranch, touring the St. James Chapel and John Badlam Howe mansion in Howe, watching the assembly of custom truck sleeper cabs, and a tour of an Amish woodworking shop. Tuesday evening was the annual auction for missions which raised $1,436.00. A highlight was the purchase of a wooden picture of Jesus made by Bill Clingenpeel of the Burlington, IN Brethren Church. Although it looks as though it was made using a laser, he hand-cut the wood 1200 times with a sabre saw to form the figure. Executive Director Ken purchased the picture on behalf of the national office to take to India in November as a presentation to the India church on their fortieth anniversary. (Picture at left.) Next year’s retreat will be held September 13-16, 2010, with everyone 50 years and over invited to join us for fellowship, relaxation, and inspiration.


News from Viseth & Socheata Hou Dear Partners in the Lord’s Harvest,

through basic steps of follow-up, Alex is excited to join us with outSince we arrived in Stockton, we reach activities and other events haven’t had time for a break, a break in the church. Alex brought one of from spiritual warfare and persecution his friends, Ratha, to the “Khmer from the Buddhists that we live with. Life” program and he also prayed They not only worship idols, but they to receive Christ. Both Alex and his also practice voodoo to friend Ratha are distract us from focusunder follow-up ing on the work of the by Viseth. Lord. However, we still On the 22nd love them and continue of September to pray for them for their Socheata led salvation. We understand Poa to pray and the whole purpose about receive Christ. why the Lord has led us Poa is having a to this home. We rememmental problem. ber the Scripture that He Poa is touched spoke to us when He sent by Socheata’s us: love and friendship. She told … I am sending you to Socheata, Socheata, Victoria, Viseth them to open their eyes “Socheata, I and Victor and turn them from darkam so thankful ness to light, and from the for your kindness and friendship. power of Satan to God, so that they Since my sickness occurred, no may receive forgiveness of sins.… one would talk to me and want to Acts 26:17-18 make friends with me. You are the In the Cambodian communities we first person who is not my family have been encountering thousands member, but you have showed me of young Cambodian Americans who much love.” Now Poa is under folhave been taught by their parents to low-up by Socheata. hate churches and Christians. The parThe Khmer language class is ents make them to believe that if they progressing well. We have thirty go to church, church will stop them people coming to our class. The from practicing their tradition and cullanguage class helps bridge the ture, and especially, church will teach gap with Cambodian parents them to not respect their parents. We and children. Very often “love” is work hard to explain and teach one expressed through conversations. person at a time about the truth of The Khmer Class is held every SatGod’s word, His love, and His salvation urday to help Cambodian people plan for their life. learn the Cambodian language, In the midst of trial and persecution, get to know their country [CamboGod has blessed our ministry to Camdia] and their people better, and bodians dramatically. In a six-week especially to teach them how to period of time we have shared Christ show respect to older people, that with at least sixty Cambodians and includes their parents. Through the have led eight of them to Christ. Praise Khmer language class, some Camthe Lord! bodians began to understand that On Saturday the 26th of September church has played a very imporwe organized an outreach called tant role in helping Khmer commu“Khmer Life.” There were forty people nities, not just teaching about God, who showed up and six people made but also teaching them to love commitments to receive Christ as Savtheir country, culture, and to show ior and Lord. Praise the Lord! respect to older people. This helps Alex was a Cambodian business them to realize that what they manager who came to know Jeheard negatively about church sus through our ministry. After going before was completely wrong.

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Viseth & Alex

Ratha, Alex, Viseth, Socheata

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