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I was so far from my country, I was with Carla, my wife . Two hours ago, we had a car accident , and as it was already eight o'clock pm, we wanted to find refuge for the night, until tomorrow , before taking the plane for Hawai, with a taxi. After ten miles in the cold night, we finally found a remote place with a gorgeous and colossal gate. It wasn't very romantic for my first day as a husband, and so Carla was mad at me, I don't understand why : it was not my fault if she takes three hours for dress up ! We rung at the big door of the hotel, and a little man, ugly and cute, he was bald with a long beard as a little leprechaun. He had a nice smile on his big face. He received us very well, and proposed us a diner when he saw us, a freezing lost couple. We arrived at the restaurant of the hotel, The dinner room was a big and large place, with ceiling lights, and everything in this place was victorian style (windows, chair, tables, pictures, decoration ). 3 words : Telephone-bedroom-cat We had a fantastic dinner, there was a great buffet and a lot of people -I would have never expected the hotel to be so crowded- then we went to our bedroom. It was at the second floor, and at the end of a long and dark corridor. It wasn’t so bad: a quite large room with one double bed, on the left there was a wardrobe and a mirror and on the right the bathroom. From the window, that was in front of the bed, I could see a gloomy forest. While we were opening our luggage to take out our pajamas, Carla’s telephone rang… she was quite surprised because of the hour of the call, but she answered: “Hello?” Nobody answered… “Hello? What the hell…” she hung up the call and switched off the phone. After two minutes her telephone rang again, even though it was off. “How is it possible? -Carla said to me- I won’t answer”. “I’ll do it…Hello?” nobody answered. I hung up the call again. After a while, we heard a strange noise coming from the door. “It is almost as if someone is knocking on the door” Carla said. “It’s not the sound of a knock… I’ll go and see what is it.” I was quite nervous from the strange phone call and this sound didn’t make me feel better. “Who’s there?” and I opened the door… In front of me only a black cat. 3 words: Deutsch man-Moon-Cigarettes I was suddenly frozen when I saw this dark creature with the eyes like flames of the hell. I closed my eyes ,I had a Flash back and images of terrible events came over and over in my mind. It was in the same period,in autumn, fifteen years ago I lived with my uncle and my aunt . One day I had an argument with my uncle , I was young and stupid, because I smoked in the living room a cigarettes while it was forbidden. So , I left my cigarettes near the curtains on the table and I went out with friends in the moonlight. A few hours later when I came back I saw the house burning. My aunt was crying and my uncle looked at me with bad eyes. He hit me and after he slapped me , I wished with all my heart his death. I saw my uncle leave this place, with my aunt, and me, in the calm, I saw a black cat following them. A few hours later, I learnt that my uncle was dead by an accident. Coincidence ? I opened my eyes because Carla said to me "can we keep the cat, darling?", I said no, and we went to sleep. The morning, the deutsch man was there with the taxi to go to our honeymoon in Deutschland. When the man put our luggage in the car, I saw Carla with the cat in her arms. "we take the cat with

us!", I said ok. I didn't have the choice. We arrived in Berlin, a beautiful place, but It was night and the moon was full. 3 words : pyramid-blood-dreams catcher

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story group 6  

3 words: Deutsch man-Moon-Cigarettes 3 words : Telephone-bedroom-cat us!", I said ok. I didn't have the choice. We arrived in Berlin, a beau...