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John likes to sport his Ninja Turtle costume under his work apparel. He has saved up a large collection of superhero outfits over the years. The muscular lines and overall tightness featured in the Ninja Turtle costume make John feel powerful. Although he does not wear the matching mask to work, he likes to wear it in the company of his parents and Scooter, his dog. Underneath the costume, John flaunts Superman boxers and matching socks. The bright colors signify his true character and obvious immaturity.

In the office, Pete portrays a modern professional persona. He wears a button up shirt and a suit jacket accompanied by a pair of classy dress pants. A tasteful burgundy tie adds a little spice to the bland ensemble. Stylish dress shoes with a matching briefcase are a must in a professional office environment. His watch is chic and displays the fact that he does well for himself.

Costume Design  

T206 Final

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