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Through all of his work he had ?1,093 U.S. patents?

Thomas Edison was a very gritty person to come up with the filament for the light bulb and electricity.

Thomas Edison, even though he did not really invent the light bulb, because there were other inventors before him that had already been tinkering with the idea of the light bulb. However through his interest and perseverance, Thomas Edison came up with a better filament to put into the light bulb. By Thomas Edison discovering the light bulb filament he was able to make the light bulb commercially available thus bringing electricity into the world. Without Edison?s invention, modern technology would not have advanced.

Thomas Edison

Picture of Thomas Edison

?If I find 10,000 ways something won?t work, I haven?t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.? - Thomas Edison

Marshall, Colin. Digital image. Open Culture. N.p., 16 Mar. 2015. Web. 1 Dec. 2016.

Thomas Edison changed the world with his interest and perseverance to improve invention of the light bulb. His invention of the light bulb brought about electricity, something everybody uses everyday.

Edison never let his failures get him down. He kept going and working. Edison seemed very passionate about inventing, and then he persevered with his inventions. Inventing was interesting to him and he stuck with it.

By Bailey Bresee Wenatchee Valley College English 101


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The things Thomas Edison gave us through his grit of discovering electricity.

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Las Vegas skyline

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Life would be very different if Thomas Edison hadn't invented electricity. there would not be a lot of the things we have today, such has lights to to help us have a 24 hour day instead of the day stopping as soon as the sun disappears. if it wasn't for Thomas Edison's hard work, we all would be still using candles to light up our houses. We just flip a switch and then a light turns on with out a second thought. Sometime we don't even think about what life would have been like back then . Electricity can be a beautiful thing. the Las Vegas skyline above is very pretty with all of the electrical lighting. Electricity brightens the world. and it can make it more colorful.


Without Edison?s invention, modern technology would not have advanced. There would be no televisions, computers, or phones. Electricity has come a long way too, from just one light bulb, and now lighting up cities. We use electricity in everything now. People have been trying to develop electric cars thanks to Edison. today there even are some electric cars. Work Cited Editors. ?Thomas Edison Biography.? A&E Television Networks, February 5, 2016. Wed. 21 November 2016. Duckworth, Angela Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. New York City, Simon, and Schuster, 2016. Print. 20 November 2016 The Mark of a Leader. ?Thomas Edison- Changing our World Forever.? N.p. February 12, 2012. Web 20 November 2016.

Thanks to Thomas Edison we are no longer in the dark. Edison made electricity available to every one. Imagine a world with no electricity? What would it look like? What would it be like? that would be interesting to see and know. most likely though there would be no modern technology or advancements. If someone to were to really think about it electricity is in everything we use now a days. Sometimes we don't even think about it like that. Society in general is very dependent on electricity. It would be a terrible thing if anything ever happened to the worlds electrical system. without electricity the world would be a dark, dark place.

Thomas Edison  

A look at how Thomas Edison's interests and perseverance lead to electricity.

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