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Madia is a modern day goddess inspired by the Patron Saint, Madonna della Madia. A fearless mystical force, she is the embodiment of

d i v i n e fe m i n i n e e n e rg y w i t h i n u s a l l She is captivating with her beauty and elegance.

A lover that ignites passion She is courageous yet vulnerable. Provocative yet nurturing. She is a reection of what women want to be and what men desire.


Puglia Puglia, one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy, is suspended among enchanting landscapes, ancient traditions, captivating tastes and mysticism. Italian wine production can be traced back to ancient times and the Puglia region produces more wine than almost any other part of Italy, thus making the region known as the “wine cellar of Europe.� Indigenous to Puglia is the remarkable Primitivo and the rare Bombino Nero grapes. Currently Primitivo is grown on about 11,000 hectares of land. The warm climate, fertile soil and t h e c o o l M e d i te r r a n e a n b re e ze a re i n s t r u m e n t a l i n producing premium grapes with a unique character of their own that sets them apart.

Primitivo Primitivo is one of Southern Italy's leading dark-skinned grapes whose origins in Puglia date back many centuries. A classic Primitivo wine is high in both alcohol and tannins, intensely avored and deeply colored. The Primitivo vine is averagely vigorous and matures early, giving low-medium yields. it's always very pleasantly fruity with hints of cherry. Its cherry-scented bouquet often contains sour and black cherry and sometimes even raspberry. Some types of soil will give it a spiciness containing pepper and liquorice as well as hints of Mediterranean vegetation.

Beyond the main grapes of Negroamaro and Primitivo, a host of other local wines are made as well. In the area around Castel del Monte, Bombino Nero is an indigenous grape of Puglia that produces rosĂŠs and red table wines with fresh, lively fruit. Bombino Nero is the explosive fruit-bomb rosĂŠ of Puglia, high in acidity, low in sugar, and its clusters often contain non-pigmented berries, qualities which make it unsuited for red wine production, but perfect for rosĂŠs, which have a lways b e e n a n e s s e n t i a l c o m p o n e n t of t h e P u g l i a winemaking culture.

Infused with love Infused with love from our family over many generations, MADIA is a labor of love celebrating superior winemaking from the sun-kissed land of Puglia. Winemaking has always been an integral part of our family's history. In the late 1800's Nicola Napoletano was a pioneer in the Puglia winemaking tradition, his great-grandchildren Nicola Colelli and Tina Ippolito joined forces to co-create the MADIA label in his honor. Uncompromised quality, family-tradition and divine feminine energy is the force behind MADIA. We pride ourselves in being one of the best boutique wineries in Southern Italy, specializing solely in the highest quality of small-batch niche wines.

Fémìgghje ~ Family from the ancient language of Puglia Ancient Primitivo grapes quick to ripen with grace, native to sunny Puglia, our Madia family's birthplace. Lush and refined, abundant with flavor, combined with dark fruits, it's unique essence to savor. Meticulously crafted into a wine that is legendary, with a deep-ruby hue hinting of vanilla and black cherry. Optimal serving temperature: 65°F/18°C Tasting notes: Intensely fruity and spicy with notes of ripe red fruit, licorice and vanilla. Robust but extremely well balanced. Excellent with truffle dishes, roasts, stews, robust pasta dishes and aged cheeses. SRP $28.00

Eléghènze ~ Elegance from the ancient language of Puglia Primitivo of extraordinary elegance. Rigorous selection of the finest grapes from ancient vines combined with a meticulous process in the winery, produces our most prestigious Primitivo. Oaked in French barrels resulting in an opulent wine ensured to captivate the senses. Intellectually satisfying, it’s deep ruby-red hue proceeds a fine palate of cherries and prunes with a lush and velvety finish. Optimal serving temperature: 65°F/18°C Tasting notes: Elegant yet powerful, with hints of prunes in syrup and cherries in alcohol and with a light and delicious boisé. Sumptuous, wide and fat. Excellent with truffle dishes, roasts, stews, robust pasta dishes and aged cheeses. SRP $44.00

Delezzjúse ~ Delicious from the ancient language of Puglia A delicious dance of complementing flavors, this luscious blend is a harmonious union of Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Bold and intricate, this young wine whispers seductive notes of blackberries, raspberries and cherries. Optimal serving temperature: 65°F/18°C Tasting notes: Blackberries, raspberries and sour black cherries. Soft and well balanced tannins. Notes of chocolate and coffee. Excellent with red meats, poultry and pasta dishes. SRP $24.00

Émóre ~ Love from the ancient language of Puglia This wine is liquid love. A striking deep-pink rosé created from pure Bombino Nero, an ancient grape native to Puglia. Vibrantly fresh with aromas of red fruit, this irresistible rosé was passionately crafted with a delicate character to satisfy the modern palate. Optimal serving temperature: 55°F/13°C Tasting notes: Soft and flowery, with a strong hint of rennet. Fresh and pleasant. Excellent on its own or with salads, sushi and sashimi, fish, seafood and white meats. SRP $18.00

Flower of life Each MADIA wine bottle is blessed with the essence of Madia and the Flower of Life is imprinted in each cork. The Flower of Life is considered to be the highest symbol of sacred geometry. This pattern of overlapping circles is said to contain ancient secrets and the divine geometric plan of life.

Marketing & Partnerships In addition to various marketing eorts and point of sale material, MADIA is the exclusive wine partner of Women W h o W i n e Ž . This growing community of women professionals and wine lovers empower and bring people together by way of wine events, partnership experiences and online engagement to foster personal and business growth. FOLLOW US ON Madia Group @Madia Wine

FOLLOW US ON Madia Group @Madia Wine

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