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Sermon Studies Autumn & Winter 2013

Highlights / Highlights / Highlights / Highlights / Highlights / Highlights Virginia Blanton, Veronica O’Mara, Patricia Stoop (eds.)

Anne-Zoé Rillon-Marne (éd.)

Maximilian Diesenberger, Yitzhak Hen, Marianne Pollheimer (eds.)

Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Hull Dialogue

Homo considera. La pastorale lyrique de Philippe le Chancelier Une étude des conduits monodiques

Sermo doctorum Compilers, Preachers, and their Audiences in the Early Medieval West

xxxiv + 370 p., 25 b/w ills., 6 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm, 2013, MWTC 26, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53972-0, € 90


370 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012, SA 34, PB, ISBN 978-2-503-54466-3, € 60

approx. x + 400 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, SERMO 9, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53515-9, € 120


Publication scheduled for Winter 2013

This is the first concentrated study to examine the literacy of nuns in a comparative fashion and at the same time pays close attention to the individual textual and cultural complexities.

L’analyse d’une sélection de conduits monodiques moraux attribués à Philippe le Chancelier révèle les qualités oratoires et rhétoriques de cette production tant par le texte que par la musique.

This collection of essays focuses on a wide range of topics related to the composition, transmission, and dissemination of sermons and homiliaries in the early medieval West.

Franco Morenzoni (ed.)

Martha Driver, Veronica O’Mara (eds.)

Marco Mostert

Preaching and Political Society From Late Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages / Depuis l’Antiquité tardive jusqu’à la fin du Moyen Âge

Preaching the Word in Manuscript and Print in Late Medieval England Essays in Honour of Susan Powell

A Bibliography of  Works on Medieval Communication

approx. vi + 320 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, SERMO 10, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54423-6, € 80

Publication scheduled for Winter 2013 This collection looks into the complex connections between preaching and political life, revealing the intrinsic relationship between religious life, political thought and the formation of a public opinion in medieval society. The international cast of contributors provides a broad perspective on the subject, through six articles in French, and six in English.

xvi + 394 p., 24 b/w ills., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, SERMO 11, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54185-3, € 100 Available

xiv + 658 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012, USML 2, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54477-9, € 115 Available

This volume explores the richness of Middle English and Latin material in prose and verse, concerning the preaching of the word of God in late medieval England.

This bibliography of works on medieval communication offers a survey of work in a field of study which, from the 1960s onwards, has seen an ever-increasing number of monographs, collections of miscellanies and articles in learned journals being published every year.

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Selected Titles on Sermon Studies / Selected Titles on Sermon Studies Veronica O’Mara, Suzanne Paul

Roger Andersson (ed.)

Jane Beal

A Repertorium of  Middle English Prose Sermons

Constructing the Medieval Sermon

John Trevisa and the English Polychronicon

4 vols., cxvi + 2896 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2007, SERMO 1, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-51990-6, € 800 Available

xiv + 338 p., 5 b/w ills., 4 b/w tables, 160 x 240 mm, 2008, SERMO 6, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52589-1, € 70 Available

“Aiming to present the genre in its widest range, O’Mara and Paul reviewed an impressive number of texts collected from mainly British libraries and a few North American ones, to present an amply indexed tool which no doubt will become indispensable to all students of Middle English preaching material. In other words, a dream come true.” (L. Iseppi, in: The Medieval Review, 09.03.19)

“This is a rich study of the diversity of what constitutes the varied method of medieval sermon composition. [...] For the expert this is a goldmine in the explication of the complexities of sermon construction in the Middle Ages.”

Walter Pohl, Gerda Heydemann (eds.)

Kenneth Rooney

John Flood, James R. Ginther, Joseph W. Goering (eds.)

Strategies of  Identification Ethnicity and Religion in Early Medieval Europe

Mortality and Imagination The Life of the Dead in Medieval English Literature

Robert Grosseteste and His Intellectual Milieu New Editions and Studies

x + 450 p., 14 b/w ills., 2 b/w line art, 156 x 234 mm, 2013, CELAMA 13, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53384-1, € 90 Available

This book explores different types of sources to understand the ways in which they contributed to making ethnic and religious communities meaningful: historiography and hagiography, biblical exegesis and works of theology, sermons and letters. Thus, it sets out to widen the horizon of current debates on ethnicity and identity.

(Carolyn Muessig, in: Kyrkohistorisk Årsskrift 110, 2010, p. 212)

xvi + 172 p., 152 x 229 mm, 2013, ASMAR 37, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54665-0, € 60 Available

The author examines the rhetorical strategies John Trevisa used to establish his authority and justify his translation of Ranulf Higden’s Latin Polychronicon into English. In addition to shedding new light on Trevisa’s remarkable translation, this book will cause scholars of medieval literature, history, and theology to think differently about the impact of translation on late-medieval culture.

xiii + 304 p., 11 col. ills., 156 x 234 mm, 2012, DISPUT 12, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52431-3, € 100 Available

More than any single volume has so far attempted, Mortality and Imagination is devoted to the history and literary ‘life’ of the dead in medieval writing.

xiv + 430 p., 150 x 230 mm, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2013, PMS 24, HB, ISBN 978-0-88844-824-8, € 75 Available

This volume contains fourteen papers on the works and intellectual context of Robert Grosseteste, bishop, philosopher, and theologian, including new editions and E ­ nglish translations of Grosseteste’s De luce, his Latin translation of John of Damascus, and his ­Sermon 86.

Matthew T. Hussey, John D. Niles (eds.)

Thom Mertens, Maria Sherwood-Smith, Michael Mecklenburg, Hans-Jochen Schiewer (eds.)

Holly Johnson

The Genesis of  Books Studies in the Scribal Culture of Medieval England in Honour of A. N. Doane

The Last Judgement in Medieval Preaching

The Grammar of Good Friday Macaronic Sermons of Late Medieval England

xxi + 338 p., 23 b/w ills., 17 col. ills., 2 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm, 2012, SEM 9, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53473-2, € 115 Available

This volume is about the book itself, as shaped and made by medieval scribes and as conditioned by the cultural understandings that were present in the world where those scribes lived.

Sermon_Studies_Leaflet.indd 5

xxxiv + 185 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, SERMO 3, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-51524-3, € 70 Available

This volume brings together scholars from several European countries with the purpose to present their research on the theme of the Last Judgement in medieval sermons. The scope of scholars is broadened to incorporate not only specialists in sermon studies, but also historians, theologians, and literary historians to encourage research along new, multi-perspectival lines.

xxx + 485 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012, SERMO 8, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53339-1, € 110 Available

This volume offers a study of Good Friday preaching and an edition (with modern translation) of five highly imaginative, rhetorically sophisticated macaronic (mixed Latin and Middle English) Good Friday sermons preached in late medieval England (c. 1350–1450).

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Selected Titles on Sermon Studies / Selected Titles on Sermon Studies Louis-Jacques Bataillon, Nicole Bériou, Gilbert Dahan, Riccardo Quinto (éd.)

Katherine L. Jansen, Miri Rubin (eds.)

Beverly Mayne Kienzle

Étienne Langton, prédicateur, bibliste, théologien Études réunies

Charisma and Religious Authority Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Preaching, 1200-1500

Hildegard of Bingen and her Gospel Homilies Speaking New Mysteries

694 p., 1 ill. n/b, 156 x 234 mm, 2010, BHCMA 9, PB, ISBN 978-2-503-53519-7, € 95 Disponible

xi + 260 p., 5 b/w ills., 156 x 234 mm, 2010, ES 4, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52859-5, € 60 Available

xvi + 338 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2009, MWTC 12, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-51777-3, € 85 Available

“(…) un ouvrage de grande qualité que nous livrent les éditeurs, qui permet en outre au lecteur d’accéder directement à la pensée d’Étienne Langton, grâce aux longues citations de ses textes systématiquement données en notes par les contributeurs.” (François Delmas-Goyon, dans: Le Moyen Âge, 117, 2011, p. 720)

“It is a valuable contribution to scholarship on medieval and early modern preaching and ­ makes profitable use of Weberian theory. It will be of interest to students and researchers of sermon studies, the history of performance, theatre and rhetoric, and medieval religious cultures.” ( Jonathan Adams, in: Medieval Sermon Studies, Vol. 56, 2012, p. 69)

“Hildegard of Bingen and her Gospel Homilies is an erudite work, but also engaging reading. It brings new knowledge on Hilde­ gard and her works as well as on the conditions of female religious learning in the twelfth century. It is a most welcome addition to the existing literature on Hildegard of Bingen and her time.” (B. Istoft, in: Journal of Religion in Europe, vol. 4, 2011, p. 504-506)

Christopher Kleinhenz, Keith Busby (eds.)

Stephen Morrison (ed.)

Hugh Feiss O.S.B.

Medieval Multilingualism The Francophone World and its Neighbours

The ‘Lucydarye’: A Late Middle English Translation of the French ‘Second Lucidaire’

On Love A Selection of  Works of Hugh, Adam, Achard, Richard, and Godfrey of  St Victor

viii + 323 p., 15 b/w ills., 2 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm, 2011, TCNE 20, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52837-3, € 85 Available

approx. 300 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, TVMA 12, PB, ISBN 978-2-503-54082-5, approx. € 65 Publication date scheduled for Winter 2013

This volume contains essays on various aspects of multilingualism in medieval France, Italy, England, and the Low Countries. The fifteen contributions discuss the use of the different vernaculars and Latin in both literary and non-literary contexts, showing how cultural and social factors determined the choice of language for a particular purpose or type of text.

This book offers the reader a textual comparison of the 14th-century French Second Lucidaire and the late Middle English translation Lucydarye.

María José Muñoz, Patricia Cañizares Ferris, Cristina Martín (eds.)

Gilbert Dahan (éd.)

Pierre le Mangeur ou Pierre de Troyes, maître du XII e siècle Études réunies 364 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2013, BHCMA 12, PB, ISBN 978-2-503-54759-6, € 80 Disponible


m a s w t e a s

Le présent volume examine les différents aspects de l’œuvre de Pierre le Mangeur et situe cet auteur dans l’histoire culturelle de son temps.

Sermon_Studies_Leaflet.indd 6

391 p., 1 col. ill., 152 x 229 mm, 2011, VTT 2, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53459-6, € 60 Available

“[...] this is a most welcome volume with intriguing and powerful texts that shed new light on the broader discourse of love in the twelfth century.” (Albrecht Classen, in: The Medieval Review 12.02.15) “Les lecteurs anglophones disposent d’une sélection judicieuse de quelques-uns des plus beaux textes de l’école de Saint-Victor, traduits et présentés par un des meilleurs spécialistes en la matière.” (D. Poirel, dans: Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique, 106, 2011, p. 669) Amand Berteloot, Geert Claassens, Willem Kuiper (eds.)

Gulden Legende La compilación del saber en la Edad Media approx. 600 p., 165 x 240 mm, FIDEM, 2013, TEMA 69, PB, ISBN 978-2-503-55034-3, approx. € 65 Publication scheduled for Winter 2013

El libro presenta las ponencias y comunicaciones de las Actas del Coloquio anual de la FIDEM 2012. Los autores, especialistas de más de treinta universidades y centros de investigación, ofrecen un completo panorama sobre las investigaciones que se están llevando a cabo en torno a las compilaciones medievales.

De Middelnederlandse vertaling van de ‘Legenda aurea’ door Petrus Naghel, uitgegeven naar handschrift Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 15140. Deel II 621 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012, 978-2-503-54502-8, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54272-0, € 120 Available

This huge hagiographic collection, organised per circulum anni, can be considered as a compendium of the medieval religious worldview: it offers insights into the (deuterocanonic) tradition of the New Testament, the lives and deaths of the most important saints, the history of the church of Rome, and it can be read as a catechism in narrative form. But the Legenda aurea is also a treasure-trove of stories, motifs and themes splendidly reflecting medieval mentality in its entirety.

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Corpus Christianorum / Corpus Christianorum / Corpus Christianorum  Maria Berggren (ed.)

Franco Morenzoni (éd.)

Franco Morenzoni (éd.)

Homiletica Vadstenensia Ad religiosos et sacerdotes

Guillelmus Alvernus, Opera homiletica I Sermones de tempore, I-CXXXV

Guillelmus Alvernus, Opera homiletica II Sermones de tempore, CXXXVI-CCCXXIII

lxxxi + 331 p., 2 col. ills., 155 x 245 mm, 2009, CCCM 229, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52808-3, € 200 Available

lxxxviii + 567 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2010, CCCM 230, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53389-6, € 340 Disponible

696 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2011, CCCM 230A, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53390-2, € 340 Disponible

This edition comprises 21 sermons of varying length dating from the late fourteenth to the early sixteenth century, published here for the first time.

Les sermons de Guillaume d’Auvergne, au nombre de 582, dont 25 transmis en deux ou trois versions différentes et plusieurs sous la forme de reportationes, sont ici édités pour la première fois.

Les sermons de Guillaume d’Auvergne, au nombre de 582, dont 25 transmis en deux ou trois versions différentes et plusieurs sous la forme de reportationes, sont ici édités pour la première fois.

“...this edition is very thorough and comprehensive... Now the material for further study is ­ available... a solid foundation for further research...” (I. Hedström-Bolton, in: Medieval Sermon Studies, 55, 2011, p. 88)

“In this important edition, Franco Morenzoni has revisited the attempts of Valois and Schneyer to establish the corpus of the sermons and has removed a number of those they considered authentic.” (G. R. Evans, in The Journal of ­Theological Studies 62/1, April 2011, p. 377)

“Cette édition est d’une excellente qualité et ­permet ainsi une meilleure connaissance de la prédication médièvale.” (Sophie Delmas, dans: Francia-Recensio, vol. 3, 2012)

Franco Morenzoni (éd.)

Franco Morenzoni (éd.)

Charles Munier (éd.)

Guillelmus Alvernus, Opera homiletica III Sermones de sanctis

Guillelmus Alvernus, Opera homiletica IV Sermones de communi sanctorum et de occasionibus

Guibertus Tornacensis, De morte, De septem verbis Domini in cruce

399 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2012, CCCM 230B, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53391-9, € 215 Disponible

620 p., 155 x 240 mm, 2013, CCCM 230C HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53392-6, € 325 Disponible

348 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2011, CCCM 242, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54003-0, € 185 Disponible

Les sermons de Guillaume d’Auvergne, au nombre de 582, dont 25 transmis en deux ou trois versions différentes et plusieurs sous la forme de reportationes, sont ici édités pour la première fois. Après les deux premiers volumes consacrés aux sermons de tempore, les deux autres proposeront l’édition des sermons de sanctis et de communi sanctorum et de occasionibus.

Les sermons de Guillaume d’Auvergne, au nombre de 582, dont 25 transmis en deux ou trois versions différentes et plusieurs sous la forme de reportationes, sont ici édités pour la première fois. Après les deux premiers volumes consacrés aux sermons de tempore, les deux autres proposeront l’édition des sermons de sanctis et de communi ­sanctorum et de occasionibus.

Le frère mineur Guibert de Tournai († 1284) est connu surtout pour ses sermons. Deux de ses traités spirituels étaient restés inédits, jusqu’à maintenant: De morte (huit sermons) et De ­septem uerbis Domini in cruce (onze sermons).

Jean Longère (éd.)

Gaëtan Raciti (éd.)

Paul Verdeyen, Christine Vande Veire (éd.)

Iacobus de Vitriaco, Sermones vulgares uel ad status I

Aelredus Rievallensis, Opera omnia IV Sermones LXXXV-CLXXXII (Collectio Radingensis)

Guillelmus a Sancto Theodorico, Opera omnia VI

Vita prima Sancti Bernardi - Liber primus. Accedunt Libri II-V. Fragmenta Gaufridi

cxiv + 791 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2013, CCCM 255, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-54532-5, € 470 Disponible

xx + 854 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2012, CCCM 2C, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52917-2, € 425 Disponible

342 p., 2 col. ills., 155 x 245 mm, 2011, CCCM 89B, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-53199-1, € 180 Disponible

Jacques de Vitry fut un prédicateur célèbre, et un auteur fécond. La présente édition porte sur la moitié environ du recueil ad status, soit 36 sermons s’adressant essentiellement à un public clérical ou religieux: prélats, prêtres, moines et moniales, chanoines, étudiants, juges et avocats, théologiens, prédicateurs, frères mineurs.

Le travail de rassemblement et de mise en ordre des différentes pièces du corpus homilétique d’Aelred, entrepris par le frère Gaëtan Raciti (Abbaye d’Orval en Belgique), et dont sont issus antérieurement trois volumes des Opera Omnia de l’auteur (CC CM 2A, 2B et 2D), s’achève à présent par l’édition des 98 sermons de la collection de Reading, presque tous inédits et transmis par un unique manuscrit conservé aujourd’hui à Paris, le ms. BnF, nouv. acq. lat. 294.

Cette première vie compte cinq livres qui ont été écrits par trois auteurs différents.

Sermon_Studies_Leaflet.indd 7

“La Vita prima Bernardi est un document essentiel pour toute personne qui s’intéresse à la biographie historique et spirituelle de Bernard de Clairvaux.” (Vincent Desprez, dans: Revue Mabillon, vol. 23 (84), 2012)

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Jo ur na l

Selected Journals / Selected Journals / Selected Journals / Selected Journals

The Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies


he Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies seeks to fill a gap in current journal provision, offering a study of monasticism throughout medieval Europe. An annual publication of international, interdisciplinary, peerreviewed articles on issues related to medieval monastic history, the journal will include scholarly contributions on monastic history, archaeology and architectural history, art history, literature, etc, as well as relevant book reviews and shorter notices. Great emphasis will be on interdisciplinarity and internationality. The twenty members of the editorial board include experts in history, archaeology, art history and theology, covering all of medieval Europe. The language of publication will be English, but abstracts in the original language of individual contributions may be included.

Jo ur na l

ISSN 2034-3515

The Mediaeval Journal


he Mediaeval Journal is a distinctively European-based cross-disciplinary and multinational journal of Mediaeval Studies published in English in both print and online formats. Featuring the work of specialists in all areas of Mediaeval Studies, it offers wide disciplinary coverage in every issue and welcomes submissions from the worldwide community of mediaevalists in traditional disciplines such as Art History, History, Archaeology, Theology, European Languages/Literatures (including English), as well as burgeoning areas such as Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Manuscript Studies, Mediaevalisms, Material Culture, History of Medicine and Science, History of Ideas, Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Musicology, to name a few. Each issue of The Mediaeval Journal also contains timely and expert reviews responding to the variety and energy of scholarship across the world of Mediaeval Studies.

Jo ur na l

ISSN 2033-5385

Revue Bénédictine


a Revue bénédictine est un périodique scientifique d’histoire et de littérature ecclésiastiques publié depuis 1884 par des moines de l’Abbaye de Maredsous. Elle paraît deux fois par an (juin et décembre) et publie des textes inédits et des études originales, surtout dans les domaines de la patristique, de la liturgie et de l’histoire monastique. La revue comprend aussi des comptes rendus et deux bulletins bibliographiques : le Bulletin d’histoire bénédictine (deux fascicules par an, distincts de la revue) et le Bulletin de la Bible latine.

ISSN 0035-0893

Download our “Catalogue Journals 2014” from our website for a complete list of our journals.

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