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FEBRUARY 27, 2009


New Non-Drug Treatment Now Available For Type 2 Diabetics That May Help You Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control… If you are taking two or more diabetes medications and still can’t get your blood sugar under control, pay close attention as you may be in for life changing information that may help you get your sugars down and possibly reduce or eliminate your need for medication Brentwood, CaLocal doctor, Dr. James Martin D. C. known for bringing what he considers breakthrough new procedures and treatments to Brentwood for herniated, bulging and degenerated discs causing severe back pain, sciatica, neck, shoulder and arm pain or numbness and a brain based weight loss program he believes may be more effective than any other weight loss program he has ever seen designed to treat the cause of most Americans weight loss resistance syndrome has brought yet another what he considers “breakthrough” treatment to Brentwood to help his patients and neighbors with a huge problem that just seems to be affecting more and more of his patients, neighbors, family and friends. Dr. Martin watched patient after patient coming into his clinic for treatment for back pain, sciatica, weight problems, and other conditions when he noticed a disturbing pattern. It seemed like every other patient showed a history or present problem with blood sugar and adult onset diabetes. This finding or pattern concerned him and was alarming to him at the same time, as this condition affected his patients he treated for back pain, nerve pain, and difficulty losing weight. Like the other breakthrough treatments Dr. Martin had discovered while searching for answers to conditions his patients suffered with but had no safe and effective treatments for, he began searching for an answer for his patients suffering with type

2 diabetes. His search led him to a diabetes specialist. He found a specialist in the Midwest treating type 2 diabetics with a treatment program so different than anything he had ever seen, he had to investigate further. While investigating this doctor and his methods, he learned that while everyone has been led to believe there is no cure for type 2 diabetes, he saw lab tests results that seemed to be contrary to this popular belief, he had to investigate further. He saw so many of this doctor’s patients blood sugars dropping rapidly back to what is considered normal without drugs or insulin, he was amazed. All of this was seemingly unreal at the time, but Dr. Martin then asked this specialist to take him under his wing and help him learn his diagnostic and treatment methods so he could help his patients, family and friends suffering with this progressive degenerative disease. This specialist agreed and trained Dr. Martin to find what he felt may be the REAL CAUSE of diabetes type 2. Dr. Martin is consistently overbooked with patients traveling large distances to receive treatment in his clinic and has limited time to help patients with this problem and has brought in a specialist at treating patients with natural methods, Dr. Brian Leung N.D. and has just released this new non drug treatment program to help diabetics suffering with adult onset type 2 diabetes get their blood sugar under control when everything else they have tried just isn’t working.

Was YOUR Diabetes Diagnosis Incomplete? If your diagnoses of diabetes was made like most patients, you went to the doctor for a routine physical and they performed regular blood tests to check for any obvious health problems and found your blood sugar levels were too high. Then came the question in your head, “Oh, no. Now what?” Well, that answer was diabetic medication or a pill and you were sent on your way with that as your treatment or your answer. Or maybe you were not feeling well, and during the process of looking for an explanation or cause for your not feeling well, they found it…high blood sugar and your bad new was… You have diabetes and here is your prescription. Or maybe you were a woman who was pregnant at one time and you developed gestational diabetes while pregnant, and the diabetes never went away. And again…your answer was…”here is your prescription”. In any of these, one thing was common. “Here are your drugs. Try this for awhile and if it doesn’t get your sugar under control, we’ll just increase the dosage or give you another medication”. My name is Dr. James Martin D.C. and I’m going to tell you, if you are suffering with type 2 adult onset diabetes and had the situation I just described, you may be in for some potentially great news! There are four organs in the human body that are responsible for regulating your blood sugar NOT just your pancreas… and your testing to determine the real reason


why you have diabetes may not have been complete. To find out if you are a candidate for this new treatment program we are offering for a limited time…

Diabetes Program Qualifying Assessment During your assessment the doctor will review your medical history and list of prescribed medications, and perform suggestability testing, 12 minute treatment response testing to determine if you are a candidate for our proprietary treatment program

Expires 3/6/09 Warning! Not Everyone Is Accepted For This Program. Dr. Martin and Dr. Leung are consistently overbooked and accept only cases that they feel will respond well to the treatment

Call 925-516-5855 Today! Does not apply to federal beneficiaries or acn members. Brian Leung N.D. Diabetes Director

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