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FEBRUARY 27, 2009


Ballesteros from page 1A who had invested more than $123,000 in the theater. Ballesteros has not publicly commented on the case, but in a report taken in July of last year by the Antioch Police Department, Ballesteros said in a taped interview that since 2006 he had been asking families involved in the theater company for loans to cover production costs. He added that he had paid back more than $60,000 of the loans and hoped to be able to pay back the rest once the bankruptcy paperwork was signed. To date, none of the individuals who filed the initial police report with MurphyTeixeira have received any bankruptcy dollars. However, said Murphy-Teixeira – who loaned Ballesteros $3,000 – financial payback was never the intent: “This has never been about the money; it’s always been about making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else and that our kids are protected. “I’m very, very pleased that the D.A. took us seriously as victims and I’m glad that the D.A. took the charges seriously. If this stops him (Ballesteros) from victimizing one more person, or asking one more person for money, then yeah, I’m satisfied. That will be enough.”

Delta from page 1A

“ Hopefully this will bring healing and closure to a part of the community that felt very betrayed. Yes, this is good, but I’m sorry it had to happen. Now we’ll just wait and let the system that is here to protect us do its job.

Iris Obregon For nearly 40 years, Ballesteros has been a fixture in the theater community, earning a reputation as a harsh yet fair taskmaster. He is known for his classic productions of “The Wizard of Oz,” “Cinderella,” and his signature role as the title character in “Scrooged.” Those with additional information regarding the case or who believe they were also victims should contact Antioch Detective Jeff Stanton at 925-779-6884.

element that’s fixed underneath the sand that you can cover and uncover,” said Althoff. Visitors will need to walk the quarter-mile trail from the parking lot to get to the picnic facilities near the water or to launch their own kayak, because parking near the water will be available only for those with disabilities. The Delta map will be a main feature in the plaza area on a stand a little lower than waist-high, showing in relief the source of the water from the Sierra down through various rivers to the Delta. Also planned are low seating walls adorned with murals or inset tiles, providing some artistic elements to the park. Depending on the availability of funding, some of the park’s facilities and amenities might not be built right away, but phased in. Park officials are still working out the details. Also on the district’s drawing board for the park is the Delta Science Center. Planned to be built sometime next year near the existing parking lot, the center is

funded with the recently approved Measure WW bond revenue. “That will be a place for indoor interpretive programming or to orient before going out to the Delta with a walk-and-talk with the interpreter,” said Althoff. “There might be staff offices for preparation of the programs. It’s a little more modest in size than we originally hoped.” The construction depends on when the bonds are sold to raise the construction funds and what priority the park district board gives to the project. “Our hope is that will be a high-priority project for the board,” said Althoff. “That will be resolved in their upcoming workshops.” In other Delta educational/recreational developments, the Discover the Delta Information Center is being planned at the conjunction of highways 12 and 160. And an East County organization called the Delta Science Center has been helping sponsor Delta boat cruises for students and provides educational Delta calendars and puzzles for classrooms.

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