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The Cathedral Square

redevelopment concept plan . . . . . the ‘kite’

The ‘Kite’ Concept Plan



Historic Cathedral Square Scale Model

Cathedral ‘Rose’ window set into floor

Complex completed in stages:

STAGE ONE First, smaller pyramid built. Scale model of Cathedral Square Pre-earthquake constructed within sunken circular area within pyramid with railing around it for public viewing.


Historical display Pyramid (stage one)

Atrium entrance Pyramid (stage two)

Main Building 4 floors (stage three)

Freeform ‘Veiled’ Glass Front

Larger Atrium Entrance Pyramid built. Initially a stand alone structure, this pyramid will continue on the story of Cathedral Square. History of the Square/City development, interactive presentation of earthquake and it’s effects/ramifications. (Facilitating aspects of tourism but also ‘closure’ for Cantabrians)

Multi Denominational Chapel Pyramid

Solid ‘metal’ clad back


4th Floor - Convention Space 3rd Floor - Art Gallery/Convention Space 2nd Floor - History/Cultural 1st Floor - Tourism

Main structure built. Final, chapel Pyramid built. Multi-use, four story main building facilitating a true cultural/tourism ‘hub’ for CHCH. Entrance Atrium pyramid cleared of interactive display which is moved into first floor of main building Multi-Denominational pyramid chapel at rear (’solid’ construction, not glass) to retain historical continuity of site.

Cathedral Square Redevelopment  

Proposed Cultural Hub development for Cathedral site

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