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WISH The name of the book is wish and it is written by felice Arena. It is a book of 122 pages. This edition of the book was published by Penguin Group in 2005. The same author wrote all of the Specky Mageenovels with Garry Lyon. I didn’t choose this book it was on a book list. The main character of this book is Sebastian he is the main character becausehe is telling a story about a part of his life that is very important to him and Sebastian has Down’s syndrome. There is also Jack he becomesSebastian best friend near the end of the book. Alex is Sebastian’s brother. Sebastian’s mum and she has cancer and if doesn’t find someone with the same bone marrow she will die. There is Tom he works on Sebastian’s mum’s farm. This book is a true story and it was set in outback Australia. The time period this book was set in is the present time. The main character (Sebastian) was trying to get to the city to go to the air port to catch 100 airplanes to make a mega wish becauseAlex told Sebastian that he has to catch 100 airplanes (hold his hands up above his head and make a triangle then line it up with the airplane then clap). He is going to wish that the doctors would find someone with the same bone marrow as his mother it came true becauseJack has the same bone marrow. Sebastian also meet Colleen, Rex, Jackssister and Macka. I think this book was ok becauseit was about a kid in Australia. Again this book alright only becauseit is based in Australia. I would recommend this book to people in grade 5 to grade 9.

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Book: Wish by Felice Arena published by the penguin group

TV is better than books

I am here to inform you on how and why ‘television are better than books’, in a exposition form, the three main points I am writing about are, why TV is better than books, how people have become famous from TV and advertisements on television, and by the end of this I hope that you are convinced that ‘television is better than books’. TV has made and is making people famous such as Altiyan Childs, he is the 2010 winner of X-Factor this is becausehe has been given an opportunity to display his passion and skills and now thanks to TV he is famous for his singing, as well as Altiyan there was Mahogany which is a group of four sisters were also part of the X-Factor and made a career out of singing and they almost won the XFactor, Sally Chatfield has also made a career out of singing and she wants to inspire young people thanks to TV and Luke and Joel have made a career out of song writing and singing. Without TV there would not be any celebrities at all. TV benefits all common households by delivering news and others educational programs that are much easier to listen and or watch rather than reading a book. another great benefit of having television in your home is that some show help parents discussimportant or sensitive issues, TV helps children understand what is currently happening in the outside world and there’s no book that can cover world issuesas they are happening. TV gives entertainment to children and adults by all of the add ons you can get for TV for example; DVD player- a DVD player plays a compact disc that has a movie on, set top box- allows you to have more channels on your to that helps when you’re not sure what to watch, or just when you want to watch a certain show on television. One of the great reasons to own a television is to see what things are available in stores. On television there add or advertisement these ads allow everybody to see what stores have to offer this is a great thing becauseit allows the elderly to not have to travel or do any unnecessary activities by travelling to the shops to what’s in them they can just flick on the TV to see what shops have to offer. Again TV gives entertainment by having accessories like WII- a WII lets you play interactive gamesthat mean s you get to become part of the game you are not sitting down you are being active. So I have just explained how TV is better than books, how it has made people famous and how helpful advertisements are. So by reading this I hope that I have convinced you that TV is better than books. Thanks for reading this exposition This exposition was written by Brent Colby Lambert Date 17 of March 2011


What gives anybody the right to mark, scratch, draw on or label anyone else’s property? Doesthe

person consider how they would feel if this action be performed on their own property, I would think they would not like it, and do they take the time to think about the pain, hard ach and work they create when they perform these actions? Firstly, Graffiti is the name for images or lettering scratched, painted or marked in any way on property. Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to complicated wall paintings and Graffiti has existed since ancient times. Secondly, the Dictionary says graffiti is “unauthorized writing or drawing on a surface in a public place.” It includes paintings you may see on the sides of buildings, houses, and elsewhere. Most of it does not look that good. But some of it is colorful and might look artistic if it was not on other people’s property. You can paint as much as you want on your own property and you can call it art but if you paint on the property of someone else it is a crime of vandalism. It is not art when you put graffiti on property that is not yours. Lastly, Graffiti is an expensive vandalism that costs Australians about $100 million a year. Research has shown that one of the most successful strategies for preventing graffiti is to remove it as soon as possible, and keep removing it. Graffiti on a wall or elsewhere attracts vandalism and more graffiti can happen in other areas. It has also been proven that it is a lot easier to remove graffiti when it is done in the first 24 hours. In conclusion to this I feel that the criminals that are performing these acts of Graffiti, should they be caught in the act be made responsible in some form and be made to remove the Graffiti.

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School Vs School online Firstly it is very easy to accessup to date technology e.g. interactive white boards when children go to school and Students are more engaged when using this technology. Secondly it causesless stress on parents becauseif they were helping their children all day they would not have any time to do what they need to do and young children need a lot of supervision. Lastly children don’t get to go on school excursions or camps. Students also not be able to do some of the subjects if they did school online for example not all parents possessthe required skills to teach nor do they have the appropriate resources. Although students should be encouraged to develop their skills and expertise with the latest technology there is no evidence to suggest this technology should be used to create a culture of home schooling.


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