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YOU Te Horo Residents Meeting Time: 7 pm Date: Tuesday 2nd August 2011 Location: Te Horo Hall, School Road Back in April, we had a few issues at our beach eh? Remember the kafuffle when the council decided they had a bloody clever idea to brighten up our beach and block it all up with logs? A few of us got together back then…80 of us in all …and in a show of pretty much unanimous hands we decided THE LOGS MUST GO! (So much so they almost went on the day!) Well here we are 3 months on. We’ve had council meetings, committee meetings, crikey ALL SORTS of meetings to get to one place: a meeting with the council to sort this out.

Here’s our chance. The council have set a date to come and talk to us. The Residents Association have worked hard to get the mayor here. Now it’s YOUR turn. The council need to hear from you. The average J Bloggs that loves their Te Horo. They need to hear what you think about the logs at the beach. They need to hear how they can improve in consulting us when they have their next cunning plan. There will be plenty of views. Some of you like the logs and don’t think there is an issue. Others most likely could advise the council of a better place to put ‘em. We need all of you to say your piece to make sure our community is heard. We’ve heard too many complain the minority run Te Horo. …

Please don’t waste this chance! See you on the 2nd If you didn’t receive the letter from the council advising of the meeting, please let me know, I can send you a copy or you can find it on our Facebook page listed below.

Brent Jarnell (021 244 5826) Remember if you are on the internet; visit our community Facebook page here and leave your views

Te Horo Residents Notice - July  
Te Horo Residents Notice - July  

Notice to all Te Horo residents to get people along to the residents meeting on the 2nd