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Design Gallery Volume 1 2014

We take a lot of pride in that fact right there - Established 1819. That makes us Cincinnati’s oldest continually operating retailer - A feat that’s pretty impressive considering the tumultuous nature of that game. We have weathered a lot of changes and seen a lot come and go around us. We’ve been here a long time, and that must mean we’re doing something right. We believe it’s all about the story. The stories we tell are a part of us - They define us. At Bromwell’s we have been telling the story of quality and uniqueness of design for almost 195 years. We have been standing behind our product and our service for years. We have been telling our stories, and helping our guests tell theirs. We are pleased to begin telling the story of design for the home. We bring the same attention to quality and detial to our home collection that we have been committed to for years. We invite you to visit our design gallery and explore, be inspired and begin a new story with us. 117 WEST FOURTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202 (513) 621-0620


We believe in seeking out the best, and most unique resources for our collections. We partner with an Ohio-based company to produce our custom upholstery designs. Their committment to quality and mirrors our own, and we feel good about keeping small towns alive, and generations of craftspeople alive and thriving.


We love to explore and find unique accessories and accents that complete the

room. It’s the little details that make the difference in all of the spaces we love to be in. We also believe in using classic lines and shapes in new and refreshing ways. We think it makes the story much more interesting.


We draw inspriation from the world around us. We feel that nature is one of

the best muses around. The textures and shapes are interesting and beautiful. We are inspired by our urban setting as well. The history, and the stories of a time past influence our daily design decisions.


We believe in bringing great products with a great story to you. Little things

like candles hand-poured in Georgia are important to us. Original art by local artists is a passion of ours. Witty details amuse us. We feel that design can be so much more than just picking colors and pillows. It’s about telling stories, and we look forward to helping you tell yours.

117 West Fourth Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 513-621-0620 - find us on Facebook and Twitter

Bromwells Design Gallery  

Volume 1, Issue 1 - 2014

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