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Winter Warmth Helping vulnerable people with fuel bills Round 2 Background In November 2008, the Tricycle Theatre appealed for donations to set up a Winter Warmth fund aimed at helping vulnerable Brent CAB clients with winter fuel bills. This is the second year running for the Fund. Last year the bureau was able to allocate just over £2,000 to a total 11 beneficiaries. Round 2 This year Brent CAB made 14 awards, totalling £2.800. The money was allocated to the following priority groups: • People on benefits • Elderly people • People with disabilities • Families with children Gratitude Brent CAB and The Tricycle Theatre would like to thank everyone who kindly donated to our Fund. We are proud that every penny we receive is passed on to people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in harrowing circumstances. We exist to extend a helping hand; you, with your generosity, make it possible. Jacqueline Carr Brent Director


Client on Income Support (IS) with two children aged 8 and 5 years old. Her home was burned down in October 2009. Family had to move to a B&B whilst repairs were undertaken.

Case 2

Client with six young children and a wife suffering from spina bifida. He is in receipt of Income Support and caring for a disabled person. Client has gas and electricity arrears both totalling £927.02.

Case 3

Client is a single parent with a dependent child age 4. She is receiving treatment for cancer. The arrears occurred because her electricity meter was faulty.

Case 4

Client is a single parent with two children aged 1 and 3 years old. She is in receipt of IS and she has no other income or savings. Client is with NPOWER - the amount owed is £485.98.

Case 5

Client is a single parent with three children aged 8, 7, and 5. She has electricity arrears of £649.47 with EDF energy. Client fell into utility arrears after fleeing her marriage due to domestic violence.

Case 6

Client is married with two dependent children. He was made redundant a month ago and he is now claiming Jobseekers Allowance. Client is in arrears of £971.75 for his gas bill due to the fact that British Gas failed to send client bills for two years.

Case 7

Client is a single parent with four children aged 16, 13 (twins) and 10 years old. She works part-time under 16hrs as a dinner lady at a local primary school. Family in real financial difficulty, as their only income is about £300 from her work.

Case 8

Client has a family with 6 children (4, 7, 12, 13, 14 and 19). Client and his wife are unemployed, in receipt of Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit (part), Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit.

Case 9

Client has gas arrears of £982.20 with E-On. She accrued most of arrears during the period she was experiencing problem with her boiler. Client is a 77 year old single person and her sources of income are Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance.

Case 10

Client is in receipt of Employment Support Allowance. Client’s wife is disabled and they have three young children. Client had to give up work to take care of her as she was causing herself harm and endangering the children. The client has accumulated gas and electricity arrears of £425.18.

Case 11

Client is a single parent with one child aged 1 year 10m months. She is in receipt of Income Support and she has gas arrears of £925.45 and electric arrears £219.78. Client has received a Disconnection Notice from British Gas.

Case 12

Client is a single parent with twin 14 year old sons. One of her sons is disabled, suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Her current arrears with British Gas stand at £1,841.66 and disconnection has been threatened.

Case 13

Client is a single parent with eight dependent children - the eldest is aged 16 and youngest is 3. She has been suspended from Income Support on the grounds DWP suspects husband is living back with family. Client lives on CTC and CB and has no money to offer her creditors.

Case 14

Client is a single mother with one 4 year old child. Client’s disposable income is £2.76 per month. She moved into unfurnished property ago and had to buy some basic equipment and furniture. British Gas refused help on the grounds they do not accept client has difficulties paying her bills.

Winter Warmth Fund 2010  

Joint fund set up by Brent CAB and The Tricycle Theatre to help people affected by fuel poverty in Brent.