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Shopping experience message 7 The guideline makers 8 Be inspired 13 Windows 17 Key priorities for the season 19 Threshold grouping 24 Layouts & priorities 28 Belts 29 Licensing 32 Hats & Scarves 6

2 FEMALE Creative concept female June mannequins June wall bays July mannequins July wall bays Category areas Shoes & Bags Intimates Female denim Product quantities Female recap


3 MALE Creative concept male June mannequins June wall bays July mannequins July wall bays Category areas Shoes & Bags Intimates Male denim Product quantities Male Recap

Hi Everyone, Spring is now well on it’s way and Summer is round the corner and as every May we will be launching a brand new Preview Collection. Amazing new product ranges will be hitting down in your store and as with every new season it is time to remember what a Diesel store should be:


// A Diesel store is a store with OUTSTANDING VISUAL STANDARDS. Engaging windows, great Visual Merchandising on wallbays, tables and focal areas, inspirational styling, attention to detail, folding standards in apparel and denim areas, enticing cabinet displays and commercial and easy to navigate layouts.


// A Diesel store is a store with OUTSTANDING HOUSEKEEPING AND MAINTENANCE. A store that always looks clean, fresh and crisp, furniture that is kept in good condition, walls and surfaces free of dirt and scratch marks, wallbay hardware and lighting are all working and in place and product is always perfectly ironed. // A Diesel store is a store with OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sales associates that are our Best Brand ambassadors, knowledgeable about our product ranges, always ready to help and dressed with the coolest Diesel product. And let’s not forget about 5 pockets. Denim is at the core of everything we do, it is our single most important category and the one we excel on innovation and development of new and exciting products like Jogg jeans or Skinzee. Ensure Denim is visible from the moment we walk into your store and it is not just confined to the Denim areas. Ensure you take pride when displaying our best washes and styles and you create enticing areas full of DNA.

What’s New this Season? // A New Box Layout with different inserts for every Section of the store. Hopefully it will be more easy to use... let’s us know what you think!

// Different wallbay options for different store sizes for Female apparel. We want to make sure that every store can make the most of their product assortment.

// We have included a window section to ensure you have all the information you need to set up your store ready for Preview in just one document.

And please remember there will be plenty of customers out there still looking for summer product. Make sure the Preview collection looks seasonal and the SS13 collectiont still looks fresh and enticing.

// More information on category areas. These areas are mandatory and all stores must represent them. A good part of our male customers are used to buy off category areas and we must strive to have a good balance of lifestyle/by outfit merchandising and category areas.

This is it for now. Good luck with Preview and enjoy the summer!

The Shopping Experience Team


Jordi Allepuz The Boss.

Jayne Murray The one who does the VM Guidelines.

Amaranta Villafranca The one who does windows & creative.

Luca Rossi The one who does the coffee.

Want to say something to the new visuals?

Greatest moment in Diesel?

2 words for the people outside!

Favourite colour?

“Send me your kidneys and livers”

“When they forced me to take the red pill”

“Goat and hydrocarbon”


Alessio campagnaro The one who does the photography.

Eleonora bertin & lucia brotto The ones that do the project managing. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

roberta barolo The one who does the window design.

giulio monti The one who does the denim tools.

Describe one of your crazy adventures

Any questions?


“I lost my keys, once”

“What is this new thing called the internet?”

Sing a song!

“woof woooof wof wooof!”






BE INSPIRED Mo r e a nd more...


how to us e T h e s e visua l guidelines

The visual guidelines contain a lot of information that you need to take in, and act on. New for FW13 Preview: To make it easier for you, this season we have divided the guidelines into 3 easy to pick up tools.


Pick up the section you need to work with at that time, and off you go with it in your back pocket, as oppsoed to having an entire guidelines weighing you down!

MANDATORY: Windows Mannequin looks & styling Category areas Denim destination

SUGGESTED: Structure of wall bay layouts Lifestyle tables Table layouts Rails

WHO YOU ARE: You work in a Diesel store and use these visual guidelines to set up your store/s each season. WHAT WE KNOW: We know that every person holding this has a different store space to work with. Each one of you has a Diesel store that varies in size and in shape. Each of your stores vary in furniture type, metal work and what tools are at your disposal. WHEN YOU USE THIS: At the launch of the season and as a reference point throughout the season. WHY YOU USE THIS: We produce the guidelines to ensure that all DIESEL stores across the world have a consistant message. This exists to aid you in making sure your store looks its best, in true DIESEL DNA STYLE. WHAT YOU MUST STRIVE TO DO: Use the visual guidelines as a guide. Use your creative skills and talent to bring these pages to life in your store! AND FINALLY.. WHEN MERCHANDISING DONT FORGET THE VM WALLBAY RULES:

• • • • • • • • • •

Front facings MUST be updated every 2 weeks All product on the shop floor MUST be steamed. Create a colour balance Create outfitting options Create a good balance of product types Ensure seasonality is maintained. Angle your lighting Ensure you are using the correct hangers Make sure there is no dust Always bring that special VM magic and wow factor to every wall bay and table you create!

win d ows s e t up Va lid for bot h  ma le a nd fema le


POP UPDATE You will receive new elements to change your window. Remove SS13 2nd window panels and propellers and change them with the preview FW13 Elements. Change the back panel, the flooring and the cogs.

PRODUCT COMPOSITION FOR PLINTHS Please respect all the indications and, if the product shown is not available, use similar products to create your displays.

b elt fo cus Male a n d fema le

All stor es mu st en s ur e t hat b elts ar e st rong ly r e p r es en t ed on t h e flo or in t he fol lowi ng ar eas :

5 pockets: All denim areas must have a focal point with belts. ONLY 5 pocket belts are merchandised into the denim area.


APPAREL: Belts must be used in main apparel both as outfit builders and used in small clusters on tables and platforms. Choose the more directional options for apparel areas.


HOW TO VM: Merchandise fragrance in your Licencing department. It should sit close to your cash desk but not on it.

DETAILS: Always have one tester available for each scent.



vm message:


Merchandise Sunglasses and Time frames separately. Position in your Licencing area , usually at the front of your store. Group by family and colour.

A bulls eye effect must be created when merchandising the product. The most iconic items should be placed centrally with the lesser important pieces graduating outwards.

Ensure every item is individually and clearly priced.

VM MESSAGE: Do not over stock the destination. Ideally a maximum of 3 boxes per type of fragrance can be placed out.


s par e parts

So w hen you lose a p a rt, you a lwa ys ha ve a . ..

HOW TO VM: Small acessories. Merchandise together, close to your jewellery and Licencing. They can also be double represneted onto a lifestyle table. Group by family, product type and by colour. DETAILS: Do not create elaborate displays, keep it clean and simple.


JE WE L L E RY HOW TO VM: Jewellery must be dual displayed. Merchandise into a cabinet in your Licening area and into the dedicated case in Female apparel. DETAILS: Display x1CC. Every item must be individually and clearly priced. VM MESSAGE: A bulls eye effect must be created when merchandising the product. The most iconic items should be placed centrally with the lesser important pieces graduating outwards.


HOW TO VM TRAVEL: Merchandise the Travel product ideally close to your Shoes & Bags destination.

HOW TO VM TECHNICAL : Merchandise the in a dedicate area in your licencing department, also in Shoes & Bags, space allowing.

DETAILS: Every item must be individually and clearly priced. Technical items on display removed from packaging.

VM MESSAGE: Group product by type, family and colour..


cas h des k It ’s a ll or n ot h in g, ba be

VM MESSAGE: Your cash desk must be clean , clutter free and look approchable at all times. Only product as per HQ directive should be on display. Follow seasonal directives for this information.


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fw13 diesel guidelines  

fw13 diesel guidelines