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Appetizers Guacamole


Empanadas (4 pieces) $89 Dogfish, shrimp or octopus

Marinero’s sampler $189 Guacamole, ceviche, baby squids, chimichangas and shrimp quesadillas

Pescadillas Filled deep fried tortillas (4 pieces) Dogfish or basa fish $69 Shrimp or crab meat $115 Fish fingers


Tostadas (3 pieces) Tostadas combo $79 Crab meat, smocked marlin $79 dogfish or tuna fish Scallops $129 Popcorn shrimp


Squid $89 Garlic sauce, ajillo sauce with mushrooms or deep fried rings Tacos (4 pieces) Tempura fish Tempura shrimp Smoked marlin Gobernador style strew octopus

$105 $119 $119 $119

Cocktails Acapulco style shrimp Octopus Mixed, shrimp & octopus Come back to life Kingston style shrimp

$139 $149 $159 $178 $178

Ceviches & Aguachiles Puerto Vallarta style shrimp aguachile $129 Scallops aguachile $129 Isla Mujeres shrimp ceviche $149 Puerto Progreso style $149 shrimp & octopus ceviche Peruvian shrimp ceviche $149

Ceviche trio


Carpaccios Octopus



Red snapper

$119 $129

Shells Clams $79 Garlic sauce, ajillo sauce, meniere sauce or buttered Mussels $145 Garlic sauce, ajillo sauce, meniere sauce on white wine or florentina style

Salads Chicken cobb salad Fish salad Caprese salad whit mango & shrimp

$75 $109 $109

Taco pita with shrimp


Soups & Creams Shrimp or sea food chilpachole Clam chowder Lobster bisque

$129 $139 $139

Soup trio


Fish & Seafood Smoked marlin burrito


Fish fillet $169 Veracruz, blackened, breaded, garlic sauce or ajillo sauce Shrimps Garlic sauce, breaded, $189 termidor, butter sauce, blackened or ajillo sauce Shrimp rolls Coconut shrimp Rockefeller

$198 $198 $198

Soft shell crab $189 Garlic sauce, al huichol, deep fried, or ajillo sauce

Our Pasta Specialities Fetuccini with creamy cheese sauce


Shrimp raviolis stuffed with octopus in rose sauce


Sea food cannelloni


Salmon lasagna with cream chipotle sauce


Traditional lasagna


Linguini with seafood in Irish sauce


Fish or chicken breast panini


Three of the best cheese mixed with white wine and cream

Octopus In its ink $195 Garlic sauce, ajillo sauce, $189 Veracruz, with white wine or tatemado

Fabulous homemade ravioli topped with a secret sauce

Fresh homemade pasta and bathed in pepper sauce

Made with the original recipe with Mexican gastronomic fusion

Flamed with irish whisky and served with garlic bread

Farfalle with shrimp and peppers $199 With a touch of lobster sauce and almond tequila

Marinero’s Specialities Snapper fish skewer tikin xic style


Baked red snapper fillet


Fresh fish fillet marinated with adobo yucateco accompanied with rice and gucamole

Accompanied with marinera sauce, baby squid and confit potatoes

Whole fish fried according to size

Accompanied with noise potato, baked vegetables, rice and homemade salad

Nest of grouper fillet filled with seafood $235 Accompanied with wild rice and seafood sauce

Oriental fish fillet

Exquisite strip fish fillet with soy sauce and the homemade sauce


Grilled salmon with creamy spinach sauce $229 Accompanied with confit patatoes, mashed cauliflower and baked vegetables Surf and turf with dip crab


Great combination of grilled beef fillet and shrimps accompanied with risotto and steamed vegetables

Grilled mahi mahi with piquillo sauce $189 Served with mashed broccoli and baby spinach

Grilled tuna fish with rose wine sauce $199

Accompanied fresh salad, vegetables puff pastry and mashed potatoes Seafood molcajete


Shrimp fondue molcajete




Grills & Lobster

Seafood grill


Mixed grill


Lobster tail


With meat and seafood Buttered, garlic sauce, ajillo sauce, termidor or meniere

Desserts Tapioca caramel custard


Crème brûlée


Lemon pie




Ice cream

Meat & Chicken Grilled flank steak


Grilled chicken breast


Grilled beef fillet


Flank steak molcajete


Rib eye $390


Marinero's Restaurant menu  

Marinero's Restaurant menu. Cancún, Q. Roo México

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