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Book Project This year my English students decided to research and write about sculptures. Some of the students chose classical sculptures such as David of Michelangelo but others chose masterpieces made of different materials like metal, stone, sand and even wax. It’s my pleasure to have Clarissa Uhlendorff among the artists presented here. Her work of art is described by her son Eric Uhlendorff, my student.

Neusa Maria Lopes Martins

Acknowledgements The authors of this book, my dearest English students and myself would like to thank their families and friends and I particularly would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Hilda Bartalotti and her sister Maria Nakayama responsible for the edition of our fourth book I also would like to congratulate all my students for their cooperation, comments and last but not the least a great English teacher and friend, Carolina Saotome, who kindly collaborated with the revision of this book.

Neusa Maria Lopes Martins


Sra. Akiko Kamada Alessandro Mascitti Kitade André Luís Caruso Bueno Breno Castro Caio H. Altman Profa. Cristiane Genioli Eric Uhlendorff Felipe A Millani Felipe Neri Dra. Gladys Assumpção Issa Kamada Itsuki Kamada João Fernando Pedreira Mrs. Junko Hirai Laís Camargo Bartalotti Luca Genioli Marina Martins Hajjar Pedro Donini Rubens Rodrigues Filho



The Eiffel tower is in Paris.


It was made in the 19th century.


The material is iron.


The architect was Stephen Sauvestre.


The name of the engineer was Gustave Eiffel.

Marina Martins Hajjar

Le Penseur

This sculpture was made by Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor, in 1902. It’s made of marble and bronze. Its size is 1.89m high. It’s in Rodin’s museum in Paris.

Pedro Donnini

David Michelangelo

David is a masterpiece and Michelangelo is the sculptor. Michelangelo was born in Italy. David was created between 1501 and 1504. It is 5.17 meters high ant it’s made of Marble. The sculpture is in Florence, Italy. In my opinion David is the most perfect work of art of the world.

Felipe Millani

A beautiful sculpture I am going to describe a sculpture that I have at home and that I bought in Natal in 2012 during our summer vacation. It’s made of wood, its size is 39 cm and it’s very colorful. The colors are blue, green, white, red and black. Lena Lopes is the artist of this piece of art. The sculpture shows a juggler who is juggling with colorful balls.

Breno Castro


The name of this sculpture is Circus. It is made of “papier maché” and black paint. The year was 2010. The artist is Clarissa von Uhlendorff. Who is my mother, a talented artist.

Eric Uhlendorff

Statue of Liberty This is the statue of Liberty. The height is 46 m. It’s made of bronze.

Issa Kamada

"This is the Christ Redeemer "

It is made of concrete and soapstone. The height is 39,6 m and the weight is 637 t.

Itsuki Kamada


Esta Escultura Miroku-Bosatsu foi feita em 6AC – 7AC Não se sabe onde foi feita nem quem fez.

O material é um pinheiro vermelho do Japão o qual não prec

No Japão em alguns templos tem cada um o seu MIROKU-BO

Mas esta escultura que está no templo KORYU tem um sorris

O sorriso é conhecido como “o sorriso arcaico” que está na exp E

mais, MIROKU significa Maitreya que é um tipo de deusa qu

No Budismo, acredita-se que no Futuro esta deusa vai salvar A altura é grandiosa – 123,3 cm

This is “Fontana de Rome,

It was made by Bernini in 1651.

Around the obelisk, we can see four gods from the rivers Donau, Ganges, Nile and Plate When I saw it I was captivated by the vigor and solemnity. I went there twice, day and night. At night with the soft lights on I had the feeling that the statue had movements.

If I go to Rome again!

I want to visit it a

I chose the wax sculpture of Einstein at Madame Tussaud’s museum.

This museum shows celebrities. I chose Einstein because he was very intelligent and he is very important in the scientific area. The sculptor try to make the statues very real. In Einstein’s case the wrinkles seem real.

Luca Genioli


The famous sculpture shows the relation between Sports and Mathematics. The original one was lost but we have lots of copies around the world.

Felipe Neri

Statue of Liberty

It is a neoclassical sculpture. It is on the island in New York. It was designed by Bartholdi and it was a gift from France. The statue represents the Goddess of Liberty, the height of the statue from the ground to the top is 43 m. It was restored five times. After the attacks on September 11 th the statue was closed for visitors for safety reasons, in 2009 it was re-opened.

AndrĂŠ Luis Caruso Bueno

Sand sculptures

Sand sculptures are not eternal but they are very interesting. This one represents a man crushed by a big hand. The man is very angry. It is very hard to work with sand but this sculptor is very good but it is unknown. The details are very beautiful.

Caio Altman

“The hand”

This sculpture shows five fingers of a right hand on a beach called “Praia Brava” in Punta del Este, Chile. This masterpiece is made of plastic, concrete and steel and its height is three times the size of a man. In 1982 there was an International. Meeting of artists, on open air exhibition. The youngest of the sculptors was the Chilean Mario Irrazobál who made this work of art. Like the name of the beach the sea there is very dangerous and the hand is a piece of advice for the tourists to be careful when swimming. The hand is the postcard of this region.

João Fernando F. Pedreira

“The Kiss”

“The Kiss” is one of most famous sculptures of the world. It was made of marble is 1882 by Auguste Rodin a French sculptor. It is also known by the name of Francesca da Rimine who was a noble woman immortalized in Dante’s Divine Comedy. The sculpture’s height is 181,5 cm.

It’s a wonderful piece of art. The body’s anatomy is perfect. It looks as if they are alive. Besides that, you can see the love between them even though their lips don’t touch.

Dra. GladysAssumpção

Sculpture Carlos Drummond de Andrade Praia de Copacabana

I chose the sculpture of the Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. This work of art is located in Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro. The sculpture shows the poet seated on a bench, with his legs crossed. He’s wearing glasses but unfortunately his glasses are always stolen, It’s a pity that Brazilian people behave like that. Drummond was born in Itabira, Minas Gerais, on October 31, 1902. He had a long and productive life He is considered the most influent poet of 20th century. Most people like to sit near him to take photos.

Cristiane Genioli

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Made by Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum , this American memorial is an impressive sculpture of an average of 20m high and it covers an area of 5.174km² . At that time, there were many other ideas for the personalities carved on the mountain, but the artist decided it should be more national focused, so he chose four presidents of the country. It was carved on the granite face of Mount Rushmore and the main idea of the memorial was to attract tourists, and it worked ; nowadays, the visitors are nearly 3 million a year .

Alessandro Mascitti Kitade

“Victory of Samothrace”

The winged Victory of Samothace, or in French “La Victoire de Samothrace”, was made in the 2nd Century BC and sculpted in marble. It is currently exhibited in the Louvre museum and it represents the Greek Goddess Nike (Victory). Although it is one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world, the author is unknown. It is the greatest masterpiece of the Hellenistic period, created around 200-190 BC. It is 2.44 meters high. It is believed that NIKE’s right hand used to be raised and cupped around her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory. I chose this sculpture because I think it is very beautiful and its history is really interesting.

Laís Bartalotti SCULPTURES In 2011 my wife and I went to Europe. We visited some countries starting to Portugal. We liked Lisbon very much; it’s an adorable town, especially for tourists, with many ancient places and a nice people. When we were walking around Lisbon’s Chiado neighborhood, we found a sculpture of the Portuguese famous writer and poet Fernando Pessoa (18881935). Apart of living some years in South Africa, Fernando Pessoa always lived in Lisbon. Pessoa wrote: The best way to travel is to feel everything in every possible way.

This sculpture, made in 1980 by Lagoa Henriques is very popular and is located on the Famous “Cafe A Brasileira” terrace, where Fernando Pessoa was a regular customer. The sculpture, made in bronze, shows Fernando Pessoa, seated, as a normal person, talking and moving hands while waiting for his coffee. It’s common to see a lot of tourists seated beside him to taking photos.

Rubens Rodrigues Filho

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