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Northwest Trail, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Dee Havig speaks at the Bridger Hall memorial dedication ceremony on May 4, 2007. Bridger Hall was burned down in a fire on March 30, 2004. There was no loss of life or serious injury due to the fire.

Ten years pass since Bridger Hall fire By Matthew Strissel @MBStrissel

After 10 years, the memory of Bridger Hall still remains. On March 30, 2004 a fire broke out on the second floor of Bridger hall due to an accidental failure of an electric device in a student’s room. Fire departments from Powell, Cody, Lovell and Deaver responded to put out the flames and evacuate the students to safety. Three students had to be taken to Powell Valley Hospital for treatment of

smoke inhalation, but no one was seriously injured in the fire. After the tragedy, the community banded together in support of the students who lost everything to the fire. More than $66,000 was raised to help support the former Bridger Hall residents. Food, beds, blankets and hygiene supplies were donated by members of the community. In an interview with NWC president Stefani Hicswa, she gave her thoughts on the memorial. “From a philosophical standpoint,

it’s important to remember these stories in history, whether good or bad,” Hicswa said. “They are nice reminders of our past.” After a garbage truck backed into the Bridger Hall memorial a few months ago, Hicswa said they are thinking about what to do with the bricks. “Whether it will be building up the same memorial or creating a whole new one we haven’t decided yet,” she said. “It’s still in the early stages of finding out what to do.”

Student-employee relationships policy discussed By Cheyenne Wiley @Cheyenne_Aurora offers 10 steps on “how to date your professor,” but NWC students may not need such advice with the potential for an employee-student relationship policy. The proposition discourages consensual romantic or sexual relationships between students and employees. In reviewing NWC’s sexual harassment policy, the Employment Policy Review Committee created proposed guidelines regarding employee and student relationships. There are currently no rules in place concerning such relationships. NWC President Stefani Hicswa said while she has not yet formed an opinion on this policy, it is important for NWC. “I think it is important for the board to set the vision for the college based on a solid policy structure,” she said. “Employees need to understand what behaviors/actions are acceptable and what is not. Having policies in place that define appropriate professional conduct allows supervisors the ability to implement disciplinary action based on policy rather than emotion or assumptions.” NWC human resources director Jill Anderson, who is also the chairperson of the Employment Policy Review Committee, said that it is important that employees do not engage in consensual or sexual relationships with students. “It could expose the college and the employee to liability for violation of laws against sexual harassment or sex discrimina-

tion,” Anderson said. The policy was provided to College Council for their review on March 27 by College Council President Shaman Quinn. The Employment Policy Review Committee is in the process of reviewing College Council’s input. The President’s Advisory Council, the college attorney and the Board of Trustees must review the proposed policy before any rules are prescribed. Hicswa said this could take a few months. The policy states that employees should not participate in relationships with their students. According to the guidelines, “employees should avoid engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with students over whom they have or might reasonably expect to have direct pedagogical, academic instructional, evaluative, supervisory or advising responsibilities regardless of whether the relationship is consensual.” If an employee finds his/herself in a relationship with a student, the policy states that the employee must report it to an immediate supervisor and do whatever steps necessary to avoid violating terms of the policy. “I feel that supervisors and employees will be able to identify and agree on reasonable steps to avoid a violation of the proposed policy,” Anderson said. “From my three years here at Northwest, I know our employees care about the college and do not want to violate our policies or expose the college to unnecessary legal risk. It’s clear to me that our employees’ focus is on our students’ success.”

Need Chiropractic Care? For students at Northwest College:

With a current student ID you are eligible to receive chiropractic care for $30/visit. Regular appts. $40/visit Dr. Jessica Tobin D.C. 403 E. 2nd St. Powell, WY 82435 (307) 754-3436

23:20 Suspicious Activity Occurred on E 3RD St. Powell. Received reports of someone trying to open the doors on the building, who is acting intoxicated. Officers responded. After a investigation Kenneth Good, 21, Powell was arrested for Public Intoxication, Possession of a controlled substance and was transported to the Park County Detention Center. Case under investigation. April 5 19:52 Theft Occurred on W 3RD St. Powell. Received a theft report of tax papers, a cell phone and cash. Officer spoke to the reporting party and the case is under investigation. Disposition: See Case. 23:48 Traffic Stop Officer initiated activity at N Hamilton St/E 6TH St, Powell. A traffic stop was performed and the driver was issued a warning for passenger side headlight out. Disposition: Warning Issued. April 6 09:33 Disturbance Occurred on N Bent St. Report that a person created a disturbance and would not leave when asked to do so. Criminal trespass notice was signed and served. Disposition: See Case. 16:40 Harassment Occurred on S Ferris St. Officers mediated in a report of harassing text messages about a missing person. Disposition: Completed. April 7 14:48 Liquor Laws - Other Occurred on N Bernard St. Kristine Favero, 23, of Billings, MT was cited for disorderly house, Shawnna Steffs, 20, of Powell was cited for underage drinking, and Adam J. Beck, 20, of Lovell was cited for underage drinking. Disposition: See Case. 19:12 Assault Occurred at W 6TH St. Citizen reported that someone pushed him. Officer determined that the caller was involved in pushing also and both parties could be cited. The caller decided he did not want to pursue the matter and they agreed to leave each other alone. Disposition: Completed.

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