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by: Brennan Ng and Francis Dela Cruz H1C

Adjustment Period The first day of my High School life was a drastic change.

Lots of unfamiliar faces, lots of people with some personality changes, and so much more. Of course, the assessments were different from Grade School. I had a bad reputation before, so I kept a low profile in this School Year. It made me feel more comfortable but despite keeping low, I did socialize with my friends. I was able to adjust to High School life and was happy with my friends. Throughout the School Year, I did make some new friends when I find out of our similarities in hobbies or personality.

Francis Dela Cruz

Knowing the HS teachers

by: Brennan Ng

This is the school year where I’ve grown the closest to my teachers, especially my class adviser and class mentors. I can say that in my stay in Xavier School since nursery, this set of teachers have been THE BEST. Their endless support and care for me and the class is truly remarkable. They truly represent what a class adviser and mentor should be in Xavier School.

Since the start of our first year in high school, Mr. Allan “Toshi” Alibudbud, Mr. Jared Uy, Mr. Stanley Yu has guided my class, H1C, into being who we are today. As my class mentor, Mr. Uy has provided some of the best mentoring classes I’ve experienced in Xavier. There was not a single mentoring class that wasn’t fun. He is also a fantastic Filipino teacher who makes sure his students really understand the topic.

Every School Year, there are always projects and tests encountered. Tests in High School were less than what we took in Grade School, but they carry a higher percentage in your final grade. There were more projects in High School than in Grade School. Like the tests, they carry a high percentage so you have to focus on it to get good grades. It seems that the projects being more than the tests is a good thing. One of my classmates did not get honors last year. But this year, in High 1, he was able to get First Honors. There were a large number of projects: essays, brochures, infographics, websites, etc. Your creativity will be unveiled in High School. If you have any problems, just ask your teacher for clarifications. Plus, they seem to be more lenient than the Grade School teachers.

by: Francis Dela Cruz

Projects & Tests

l o o cS h y l l a Pep R

s e i t i v cA ti

by: Bren n

an N

I can humbly say that school year 2012-2013 has been the best for me in terms of school activities. Exciting and joyful activities such as the intrams, pep rally, chinese new year festival, service interaction, school fair, variety show and much more really made this school year the best for me. Reflective activities such as the recollection also internally developed me as a human being and also gave me a chance to have a great bonding experience with the class I love so much, 1C. The pep rally was a new thing for me. I was really surprised by the way it went; you could kind of sense school unity when everyone was chanting the lively cheers of Xavier School. Everyone was contributing into making this activity a great success. The Bilibid service interaction was truly a learning experience. Asides from having to speak Filipino for more than half of the day, my perspective of inmates changed greatly. I was really touched by the story of my inmate and how much he has changed by living in the Bilibid premises.

School Fair

Shift Variety Show


Dealing with more senior students

I never really had any senior students as friends but I would talk to some during club time when needed. Sometimes, I would also get a chance to talk to seniors during the Council of Presidents and YCLC meeting where a senior would speak most of the time. I talked to some seniors too during the COD relief operations. Talking to some seniors really gave me a nice feeling because they would ask me how freshman life is, trying to reminisce their freshman lives. I would tell them it’s the best year of my life. The seniors really give high school life some excitement because they would always be really energetic and cause most of the laughter. Now that they’re leaving, I will definitely miss the different personalities that walk through the corridors of Xavier School everyday.


by: Brennan Ng

on i t a r e p O DO Relief


Q&A What are the main problems that you encountered during your freshman year? As with my batchmates, I also had a problem in assessments. Most of them are take-home but require lots of patience to get done with ease. It just doesn’t take intelligence to get high grades for an assessment. You have to be more practical. This is what High School is teaching us: to be practical. They’re saying that you don’t need to be smart to get decent marks on your paper, use your common sense.

by: Francis Dela Cruz

One more problem I encountered is fitting in. This is because I kept a low profile at the start of the School Year. As the School Year progresses, I gained confidence to meet some of my batchmates and become friends with them because of our similarities.

Meet the Mentors

Mr. Toshi Alibudbud

“I love hanging out with my students years later and seeing how much they’ve grown and matured. 1C always has a place in my heart.”

by: Brennan Ng

Mr. Jared Uy

“Both of the sections that I handle this year are smart. They didn’t give me any problems these fast few quarters. The best part is that they try to enjoy Filipino even if they struggle with it.


Mr. Stanley Yu

“It’s about being connected to the students. No other job in the world offers the same amount of interaction where as the adult you have the opportunity to have an impact in their lives.”

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Freshman life


Freshman life