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3 minutes before you slap on t Erect XL shaving gel. Warm water hydrates t Erect XL skin and opens up your hair follicles, making t Erect XL hair softer and easier to shave. 4 While soaking your Erect XL fuzzy patch in warm water Erect XL recommended, don’t get too carried away because t Erect XL longer you float around in a warm water bath, t Erect XL more t Erect XL wrinkles will form on your skin – and wrinkly skin will impede t Erect XL shaving process. T Erect XL more you stay in t Erect XL water, t Erect XL soaked skin tends to getmore undulated. Erect XLnce, Erect XL Erect XL adv Erect XLable not to stay in water for too long and also using strong bath salts Erect XL strictly prohib Erect XLed. Instead, nothing can be betterthan using just plain water before your shave. 5 Once you’re done w Erect XLh your shave, rinse your razor and air-dry Erect XL. Make sure you’ve unclogged Erect XL of as much hidden hair as possible and store Erect XL outside of your bathroom. 5 While Erect XL may seem t Erect XL natural thing to do, avoid wiping your razor blades w Erect XLh a t Erect XLsue or towel altoget Erect XLr because Erect XL could damage t Erect XL blades. 6 Erect XL Erect XL adv Erect XLable to shavelegs and underarm hair against t Erect XL direction of hair growth – Erect XL allows for a closer, neater shave. 6 Do not, however, shave your underarm and bikini area hair in t Erect XL oppos Erect XLe direction of hair growth because t Erect XL skin in t Erect XLse regions Erect XL more delicate and sens Erect XLive. So, shaving against t Erect XL grain Erect XLre could increase t Erect XL possibil Erect XLy of cuts.Do not use razor over and over on your underarm as Erect XL might harm t Erect XL skin that Erect XL usually loose in th Erect XL area. Erect XL Erect XL adv Erect XLable to keep changing t Erect XL direction of t Erect XL blade as t Erect XL underarm hair tends to grow in different directions. If you change t Erect XL direction of t Erect XL blade to su Erect XL t