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University of Puerto Rico at Humacao English Department EDPE 4018 (Practice Teaching)

Case Study Elementary School Luz A. Cruz de Santana Cooperating Teacher: Percychel Torres

Name: Brenda Santiago Cruz Student Number: 442-08-7655 Supervisor: Dr. Aníbal Muñoz Claudio Date: August 24, 2012

Introduction This case study is from the class 6-1 of the Luz A. Cruz de Santana. The reason for the case study is to select a student from the classroom. In this case study, I will inform of the plans and decisions making. The classroom has twenty-one students. While selecting a student, I must have in mind that this group will graduate in 2013. Next year they will be middle school students with greater academic challenge. My goal is to help facilitate their process and to have them prepare to face the challenge of middle school. The cooperating teacher gave me some suggestion and explains the situation of some students with special needs. This information will help me to make my decision. In addition, I will be observing each student behavior in the classroom. There will also be observation on the student decision making, social skills, class discussion, working in a group, oral communication, listiening and debating skills and extra work (if needed). When I select the student, I will also gather background and history information. This will help me to better understand the student personal situation, study habits, and learning method. All this information and research will help me not only to understand this student, but also to make the correct decision, arrangement and planning.

I. Identification The student I selected to do the Practice Teaching Case Study is Kayla Molt. Kayla is eleven years girls who belong to the 6th grade. Her address is Villa Humacao, and she lives with her mother, two sisters, and grandmother. Her mother’s name is Roxana, which has a high school diploma. Her mother worker so the person who picks her up at school is her grandmother. She does not know much about her father. Kaitlyn lived in Pennsylvania. She has learning disabilities. In addition, she receives speech and occupational theory. II. Justification The situation that motivated me to selected Kaitlyn Ruperto Sosa was her fluent English, the way she communicate and her accent which demostrate that she learned the language in the United States. But do to her learning problems, she is not make the grade in the English class. While observing the class, I notice that she tend to answers spontaneously to questions. But I’m sure that if she get a program to study and routine at home from 10- 20 minutes with the subject this will make a different. In addition, her speech problem in the English classroom does not seem that severe. Kaitlyn need to have a little more dedication to help her with this limitation. I observe it is a very mild problem. I can relate to this because my younger daughter had the same situation and all the time I spend with her trying to help with problem, she as outcome it.

III. Hypothetical Account

In the classroom, I observed that Kaitlyn was not paying attetion. She gets distracted very easy. When it came to discussion questions, she will answer what nevers come to mind. All this situation catch my attetion. In the social interaction, she does not have any problems she is accept by the other girls. In the classroom her seat is in the front line and she gets to participate but with very little comprehension of the lesson.

IV. First Work Plan Date


August 14 – 19 , 2012

Making observation to identify the case study

August 31, 2012

September 5, 2012

The Group Profile



Persons Involved

To choose the students as Mrs. Torres the possible candidate for the case study To get information for Students and parents her home, interest, conditions and family Get more information for

From the Student

September 27, 2012

Selecting the student

Focus on the students

Mrs. Torres Myself to make decision

October 10, 2012

Arrange sitting

This will help the student focus at the board

Mrs. Torres

October 15, 2012

Notify the mother about the case study

To explain the reason of Mother / student the case study

October – November

Tutoring the student Handout and exercises

Give student extra work And support


V. Based on the information by the student and all the concern gather from the teacher, staff and special education teacher is can help me understand and analyze the work and responsibility to assist the student. She is pull out of class and this can affect her learning. I decided to give her tutoring to replace the class missed. In addition, if she needs for me to reteach, I do so. I had an interview with the mother, she explains the background, and her information was an excellent help to this case study. She lived in New Jersey and this help her learned to language. but do to her situation this has not been the case. Her situation is complicated but I’m sure that she need a studying habitat to help her achieve good grade in school.

VI. Second Work Plan




Persons Involved

Daily Homework

Help study routine

Monitor Student ’s achievement

Have the student Mrs. Torres understand the mother importants of study




VII. Final Reactions The information gathered during the case study helped to visualize the problems and difficulties my student is facing. This investigation makes me comprehend how much a teacher need to understand and make into consideration the students. The teacher needs to have a basic idea of each of her student academical and personal life.

The student effort to work and understanding the important of obtain a study routine. In addition, the tutoring and extra homework help the student with the grade average. She still gets distract in the classroom but the extra work and tutoring helps her to catch up and understand the skills and class activities.

Case Study  

Luz A. Cruz De Santana Case Study

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