2022 Brendan Symposium Session 3 - Charlie Arms - The Brendan Approach

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The Brendan Approach Using Sailing to Improve Self-Esteem for Better Outcomes 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

• What Does Brendan Sailing Do? • Why it Works • Motivation and Self-regulation • Managing Learning Diversity & Common Behaviors • Specific Topics and Tactics • Demonstration 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

What Do We Do? • Non-competitive environment • Proven instructional techniques • Individual growth, not objective mastery • Multi-modal techniques • Positive reinforcement • Zero tolerance of bullying • Small group instruction 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Why it Works Staff Understanding • How learning differences manifest • Best Practices Experiential Learning • Discovery method • Students attempt skills PersonalObjective:PrimaryGrowth • Modalities based on student needs • Student’s goals • Supportive culture 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Understanding Learning Differences 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

“ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. -Harper Lee 62022 Brendan Sailing ©

• “Learning Disability” a diagnostic term used to identify conditions encompassing difficulties from reading fluency or comprehension to math problem-solving.

• “Learning Difference” while not a diagnostic term that would usually appear in neuro-psychological/psycho-educational evaluation or on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), we chose it to be inclusive without stigma.

2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Disability or Difference: Words Matter

Common Characteristics of Learning Differences Difficulties with: • Written information • Following directions • Physical coordination • Paying attention • Changing from one activity to another • Social interaction with peers 8 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

CharacteristicsCommon of Learning Differences Also, children with LD’s may display: • Lack of empathy • Lack of confidence and self esteem • High levels of anxiety • Lack of Motivation • Lack of Self-regulation 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Motivation & Self-regulation 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Motivation • Intrinsic motivation• Autonomy • Mastery • Purpose • We build Success • Challenge • Achievement Internal state or condition that activates behavior and gives it direction • Extrinsic motivation • A lot of Positive reinforcement • Sailor of the Day 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Motivation Blockers : Stress & Anxiety 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Motivation Blockers: Stereotype Threat 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Self-regulation From: The Important Role of Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation in ADHD © Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Respect Emotions • Fear/Anxiety • Impulse • Self Esteem • Positive reinforcement • Inform parents 15 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

EmbracingAccommodatingLearning Diversity 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Understanding the Student 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

18 2022 Brendan Sailing© • Difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next • Requires close adherence to routine Managing Common Behaviors Associated with LD • Wandering • Inappropriate selfexpression 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

2022 Brendan Sailing©


Topics and Tactics 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Lesson Topics with Alternate Modalities 1 recoveryCapsize Chalk talk Boat on the shore tipped over Model boat with skipper & crew 2 Aides Navigationto Use a paper chart w/Chalk Talk 3 Points of sail Draw boats on whiteboard on each POS Paint POS Wind on drop cloth, use a noodle as the sail Use a poster & model boats on table top TRADITIONAL TRADITIONALTRADITIONAL hazardsCreate then create a safe channel Make channelwalkinga with 7Up cans and Coke Bottles 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Lesson Topics with Alternate Modalities 4 Sail trim boardonDiagramWhiteWindPoster with model boats Land dancingdrill-tell tale 5 Jibing Describe and draw steps on white board Tethered boat in the shallow water Model boat & box fan 6 Man overboard Describe & diagram whiteboardonTraceMOB Path with finger on sand paper Run pattern using model boats TRADITIONAL TRADITIONALTRADITIONAL 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Find out about each student Minimize Lecture – Show them • Talk to parents in advance of session • Know diagnosis & medications • Ask for tips to help the student be successful • Understand and set realistic expectations • Build Successes • Limit “chalk talk” • Demonstrate then let them show you! • Use props and pictures • Feel the wind! Pulling it all Together Safety First! • Daily Reminders • Practice • Consistent Terms Keep a Lookout • Check for understanding & engagement • Use small groups to maximize learning • Try alternate techniques if something isn’t working • Monitor behaviors and use positive reinforcement 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

24 2022 Brendan Sailing© Demonstration • Manipulatives in Action • Capsize Recovery • Points of Sail 2022 Brendan Sailing ©

Arms Executive Director charlie@brendansailing.org 2022 Brendan Sailing ©


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