2022 Brendan Symposium Session 2 - Danielle Feerst - Coaching, a Therapeutic Interaction

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5 Shifts to Your Dream Career as a Neurodiverse Young Adult iElevate Technology & Consulting, LLC DANIELLE A. FEERST, OTR/L

• Land a job without sending off hundreds of job applications. • Crush job interviews. • Increase success with finding a career, even if your child is working at a minimum wage job. In The Next 20 Minutes

• Earn a salary even if you or your loved one is currently unemployed. • Create financial security and steps to independence even if your son or daughter is 100% reliant upon you right now. • Improve overall confidence and wellbeing. In The Next 20 Minutes


Does This Sound Like You? • Do you worry about your son or daughter's happiness in adulthood? • Do you dread that your child will never find a passion or career calling? • Or that the job won’t match their true intellect or potential? • Is your young adult smart and motivated, but directionless? • Is your loved neurodiverse?one

The QuestionBig "Are you secretly terrified that your young adult may never be happy in a career?"

Once You Implement These 5 Steps, your young adult will... • Have increased confidence • Articulate a vision with clarity • Take action in a career path

Once you implement the 5 steps, you will notice: • Improved self-management • Financial independence • Better communication • New or Successful relationships • Reduced anxiety

Who I Am I am an Occupational Therapist and Career Coach for neurodiverse teens and young adults. I advocate for clients and help them self-advocate before, during, and after landing a job. EVERY client has landed a job. DANIELLE A. FEERST, OTR/L iElevate Technology & Consulting, LLC

Discovering the 5 shifts The 5 Shifts that Successful Young Adults Do Differently to land and maintain a job they love.

Operate with Authenticity Own your Differences People who are successful own their differences and turn them into career strengths. Ask Yourself: What are some of my insecurities, and can any of them be turned into career strengths? SHIFT 1 01

Most people who are neurodiverse are incredible ASSETS to employers. Being authentic comes through in interviews and helps the employer connect with YOU as a person. SHIFT 1 01 Operate with Authenticity

Case Studies The following client applied this shift, and I can't wait to show you where they are now....

• Let go from last job. • Rejected from several interviews after making through first and second rounds. • Down trodden and full of self-doubt. • Master's Degree in Communication! • We implemented Shift 1!! • He landed a new job in media (communications). • Fast forward 6 months later.... • Landed his dream job in communications. • Went on a first date in over 1 year!! • Moving across the country on August 1st!

You might be desperate for income. OR You do not know what you want to do with your career. We can tackle both challenges! Focus on 1-2 Job Opportunities ONLY SHIFT 2 02

When you focus, you leverage your time strategically and harness your energy for your career path. SHIFT 2 02 Focus on 1-2 Job Opportunities ONLY

Case Studies Tommy applied this shift, and I can't wait to tell you what happened....

• He came to us with a degree from a prestigious college in a STEM field. • BUT, was unemployed and living at home. • We implemented Shift 2! • Within just a few weeks.... • T. went from working at a local grocery to landing a salaried job with benefits at a nationally recognized company. • Fast forward to 3 months later... • He is now happily employed on a supportive team with a mentor in his field.

HOPE AND PRAY METHODS!! �� Online Ads Indeed NetworkingLinkedInEvents Family/Friend Referral SHIFT 3 03 Use The Secret Weapon: Create a Career Matchmaking System

The NEW WAY Step 1. Create a career matchmaking system. Step 2. Connect with ideal employers who care about you. Step 3. Build a successful high-paying career. SHIFT 3 03 Use The Secret Weapon: Create a Career Matchmaking System

The career matchmaking system is our term for a filter that all career opportunities pass through. SHIFT 3 03 Use The Secret Weapon: Create a Career Matchmaking System

Alignment = Values, Interests, Skills, Mission Employers Seek YOU. SHIFT 3 03 Use The Secret Weapon: Create a Career Matchmaking System

Case Studies All of my clients are actually applying this shift, but look at Bobbie and where he is now...

• History Major • NO future plan for career. • Social Anxiety • Few Friends. We implemented Shift 3!! • Working now in Sports Medicine. • Fast forward to 3 months later.... • He is now pursuing PTA school for graduate studies next year! • Successful relationship over 1 year!

The Glue That Holds It All Together Craft your personal brand. Know what you want, attract employers who want you by crafting a personal brand.. Ask Yourself: How can I become a thought leader in my field of interest? SHIFT 4 04

Case Studies All of my clients are encouraged to implement shift 4, and Henry implemented this shift and it's incredible where he is now....

• Music Major • NO REAL Job Experience • Trapped • Little self-confidence • We implemented shift 4! • Now he is pursuing finance. • Applying for $80,000 + benefits. • Moving OUT of his family's home in under 2 years!

Invest in Mentoring Coaching brings two things: NEW IDEAS and ACCOUNTABILITY. SHIFT 5 05

A Mentor relationship helps you grow through relationship: trust building and character strengthening. SHIFT 5 05 Invest in Mentoring

01 Operate with Authenticity 02 Focus on 1-2 job opportunities 03 Create a career matchmaking system 04 Craft your personal brand 05 Invest in mentoring What we use for success...

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