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y g r e n E f O es p y T y n a M By:Irene .Potential and Kinetic Renewable .Hydroelectricity Renewable .Solar Power Renewable . Wind Power Renewable

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Potential and kinetic Potential is something up and doesn't moves Kinetic is something that can move Example There is a balloon and it doesn't move that's potential but when the when the balloon loses air or pops and it blows it's kinetic

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Hydroelectricit y

Hydroe lec renewa tricity is a ble because resource th used up e water is no t i electric n order to ma ity ke

Hydroelectr icity is any electrici ty using the energy contained in water Hydro i s a Gree k word meaning water

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All about s i y g r e n E r a Sol le b a w e ren

Solar Energy

A passive solar home uses less energy Thermal collectors absorb heat from the sun PV panels turn light into electricity Passive solar buildings are designed to capture light and heat from the sun as needed

Wind power s e n i b r u t h d c n u i m W e t ra e p l o a d i t e k li s e n i b r u t

A wind pump is a pump moved by a windmill

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nd i w t s o M et s e r a s e turbin les o p l l a t atop

Conductor and Insulator

Conductor Conductor is that something can go through Example of a conductor: Metal, silver, gold, led and a white board Insulator Insulator is that something can't go through Example of a insulator:Wood, pencil and wood chair Sammy Conductor Sammy Conductor is it can only go through in electronic Example of a Sammy conductor:iPad, computer, iPhone, TV

How to make a circuit Battery Light bulb Alligator clip Wire


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