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Hydroelectricity Wind energy

Solar energy Fossil fuels

Kinetic and potential

POTENTIAL AND KINETIC Kinetic and potential energy is renewable

Potential means that something is not moving and the energy is stored inside. Kinetic means that something is moving and the energy is not stored. FACTS Did you know that some energy is potential and some energy is kinetic. Gravity helps kinetic energy.

FOSSIL FULELS Fossil fuels are kinetic.

Fossil fuels are non renewable. FACTS Did you know that fossil fuels are coal, oil, gas and more! Fossil fuels are very bad for the environment.

SOLAR ENERGY Solar energy is kinetic.

Learn more about solar energy! FACTS

Did you know that solar energy is renewable?

This is a house that uses solar panels.

FACTS Did you know that electrical energy is non renewable?

ELECTRICAL ENERGY Electrical energy is kinetic.

Electrical energy powers computers, I Pads and light!

RENEWABLE AND NON RENEWABLE FACTS Did you know that hydroelectricity is kinetic? Renewable is energy that can be used again and again. Non renewable is energy that can not be used over and over again.