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THE following pages represent a cross section of my architectural work done over the last 3 years while working towards my degree at the Arts University College Bournemouth.

contents 1. Music Pavilion (TU Munich) 2. Performance Theatre (AUCB)

Brendan Bosson

3. Hotel/Spa (AUCB) 4. Miscellaneous CG images

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The brief for this project specified a travelling pavilion that could be transported from its Munich location, outside the Pinakothek der Moderne - a modern art museum in central Munich, Germany, to its alternate location - outside the Customs House in Sydney, Australia. It had to be able to fit into a standard 40-foot shipping container and easily assembled on site. The inspiration for the theme of this pavilion came from the deep notes that are played on both the Cello and the Australian didgeridoo. The aim of this pavilion was to be a place where street performers could gather and entertain the public in an acoustic box, with the music emanating outward to the public who would sit on the triangular platforms surrounding the music box. These platforms are movable and can create different spaces as each site requires. The music box takes its form from a basic three-part tensegrity structure which in turn comes from the form of a didgeridoo.

This project was completed in my second year - fourth semester. I spent this time abroad, on exchange at the Technical University in Munich, Germany. It was completed in 2009/2010 by myself and another exchange student, Lara Elsing from Brazil, in her sixth semester. The work was a joint effort.

The brief for this project specified a performance theatre to be built in Weymouth on Kings Street. This design was inspired by Weymouth’s historic role as a port of call - from this came the idea of layering that one sees in cargo shipping. The theatre seats 300 and the building contains a restaurant and office facilities as well as the other important features that are required in a theatre.

THE brief for this project specified a hotel/leisure area to replace the current IMAX building in Bournemouth. My proposed scheme is based on the idea of permeation of light and transparency. A key design feature is the moveable finned facade which is used to control light levels in the hotel. There are 24 rooms, a restaurant, spa and gym. The site is terraced into 3 distinct levels. These levels are accessible by ramps and bridges that run the length of the site. The second or central terrace provides access to the hotel lobby via a declined road which leads from Bath road.

exploded view

Lobby access

cutaway - Bath Road

Section 1



Section 2 Spa/Pool




Clay render, exterior view from the South/Sea

The images of the visitor centre are not my own design. I built the 3D models and did the renders and mixed media images as private work.


Visitor centre rendering

Visitor centre mixed media

Hotel room rendering

Bourne Spa mixed media Visitor centre mixed media

Architecture Portfolio  

A collection of images and projects done over the last 3 years at the AUCB.

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