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Beauty Desired Envisioning soft peddles mocking the touch of my beauty past. A stale body giving birth to a new sensation, but feeling just the way I did before. Desiring the lips of a new beauty, But pretending I'm kissing those I know. A change is what I want; But a change that feels the same. As those peddles hit my skin, a burn is all I feel; The burn feels good… No, not a fabricated love! Simply one that is moulded by recollection of my beauty past I am the dealer now!; Reality is mine to decide! Physically unsurpassable is the beauty new… Foolish feelings! Time gives fangs to all things beautiful; a thought forged by the soul of the lover… Love and kindness should not be seen as weakness; Inability to embrace such things, however… A lesson from the beauty new. Pain, confusion, lust for not… Hardships are a reflex of the soul! As taught by the beauty past. Visions of happiness cloud the mind of the lover lost; A desire unreachable! Acceptance occurs… The Beauty Desired… -Brendan Aaron Cyr

Beauty desired  
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