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Preparing For Your Interview: Professional Fashion

By: Brendan Auman

When walking into an interview, the first thing an

interviewer will see is your appearance. Absorbing everything about you at first glance; how well you are groomed, facial impressions, and most importantly how you are dressed. This first impression could be vital as to whether or not you will land the job. Having a professional look for both genders is easily obtainable and essential for everyone going into an interview. You might not know what the company dress code is when going in for an interview, especially with the blurred lines of the “business casual” concept, having a formal look is always acceptable. For males in terms of job interview fashion, their attire is relatively straightforward. A nice blazer or sports coat with a button down shirt along with a tie and nice pants and shoes is basic for what is to be worn. Wearing neutral colors such as grey and blue is typically what should be worn. Giving your style some pizzazz is also an option for the outfit.

to appear too tall and intimidating. Fashionable pair of flats is also acceptable if that would be more comfortable. Jewelry is apart of every woman’s outfit and is acceptable in limited amounts. Only one pair of earrings should be worn and avoid hooped earring as they can be a distraction during the interview. A necklace can be worn to spice up the outfit just be cautious of one that can cause distraction.

Tiffany, Margret, and Sean exibit appropriate attire in a professional setting.

A mans tie or button down shirt can show some style by using eccentric colors or patterns can give a little extra attention. Just be careful as to not use go overboard and wearing something obnoxious that will give you unwanted looks.

As far as attire goes, hygiene and being groomed is just as important. Men, this means being freshly shaven or at least trimming your beard is important. Wearing cologne or perfume is welcomed; wearing too much of it to the point that it stings the nostrils, is not.

Women’s attire for an interview can be a little more complex. While the standard outfit is a dark twopiece that are typically navy blue, gray, or black, wearing a colorful undershirt can brighten up the look.

Being prepared for the interview is an important so rushing around at the last minute isn’t a possibility. Mommy isn’t always going to be around to pick out and iron clothes for their child’s big day. Getting your outfit together the night before is pivotal to avoid rushing the day of the interview.

A low cut shirt should never be worn to an interview because it gives an unprofessional impression. Another outfit flaw that should be avoided when going into an interview is how high a woman’s heels are. Generally, 3’’ heels should be worn so as not to

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Dressing to impress is the key to success for your interview, and it can take you a long way. The first impression is vital and having a clean professional look is the best way to start.

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From Government to Smartphones: Changing Career Paths

By: Brendan Auman Tom Resau, A Penn State Alumni graduating with a degree in public relations, never thought he would land the job he is in today. Focusing on political science throughout his college career, Resau changed course and headed into a dynamic field that is completely unrelated: cyber security.

access your information, or nothing. PrivateOS allows users to modify how much permission you will allow each app to have and regulate what it can access, such as contacts and email. Making phone calls or even connecting to a Wi-Fi-hotspot is secured using the Blackphone.

After the Snowden whistle blowing releasing confidential information about NSA spying on America’s communications and with information being stolen online which is increasing daily, security and privacy is becoming more desirable. For those that are concerned for their own security, a new revolutionary smartphone known as the Blackphone may be your solution. Geeksphone and Silent Circle, both experts in mobile device technology, have paired up to create the Blackphone with one purpose in mind, security. The phones operating system is a modified version of Android known as PrivateOS. The difference between the two operating systems is that PrivateOS has a special encryption developed by specialists at Silent Circle that gives the user complete control over their security functions. Downloading apps on a regular operating system, its either agree to all of their terms giving them permission to track and

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If style and specs of a phone is important to you as a consumer, no need to worry because the Blackphone has all the important amenities of an average smartphone. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front and rear cameras, and a 4.7’’ display are all included with purchase. The creation of this phone was primarily designed for people in the European region noted Reasu. This targeted audience was focused because there are no dominant phone carriers in that region such as At&t or Verizon which leaves consumers to pick unreliable carriers. The Blackphone enables for customers to be protected from threats that their carriers cannot defend. From a public relations perspective, the Blackphone is a very revolutionary and marketable phone on a global basis. In America, this phone may not compare to some well-branded phones such as Iphones, but can take a decent portion of the market because of its unique and desireable features. In Resau’s case, just because you study one area, doesn’t mean that is where you will end up. Switching from political science to cyber security and getting coverage for a ground breaking smart phone is a big change. This just provides a good example of what can happen for anyone who graduates with one field in mind. Keep your options open and try something new.

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