Sculpture 2015 - curated group exhibition

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SCULPTURE PARK 28 January to 14 February 2015

SCULPTURE PARK, Sculpture 2015 28 January to 14 February 2015

First held at Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Brenda May Gallery’s former incarnation, this edition of our annual sculpture exhibition features artworks that are capable of withstanding the elements. As these works are intended for outdoor settings, curatorial attention has been paid to functionality, scale, construction and visual impact. Brenda May Gallery accepts submissions throughout the year, from both Australia and New Zealand, for the Sculpture Series, aiming to present a curated exhibition of interesting and innovative contemporary sculpture that varies aesthetically from year to year. This year includes works from Senden Blackwood, Jim Croke, Ray Haydon, Dion Horstmans, Dan Lorrimer, Patsy Payne, Morgan Shimeld, Peter Tilley, and Jacek Wankowski.

Senden Blackwood, ‘orello’ 2014, black granite - Corten steel base, 120 x 60 x 60cm

Jacek Wankowski, ‘Tsunami’ 2008, Corten steel, galvanised steel, 160 x 320 x 100cm

Dion Horstmans, ‘Hectic Electric 10A’ 2014, zinc and powder coated mild steel tubing, 150 x 360 x 90cm

Ray Haydon, ‘Serenity’ 2014, laminated and stained timber, 80 x 120 x 10cm

Morgan Shimeld, ‘Triplex black’ 2014, bronze - painted MDF base, 2/3, 80 x 55 x 30cm + base (100cm). Also available as bronze on Corten steel base and bronze on bronze base.

Patsy Payne ‘Waterfall’ 2011 Corten steel, 1/3 200 x 60 x 0.3cm

Dan Lorrimer, ‘Point of Contact II’ 2014, polyurethane on stainless steel - concrete base, 180 x 60 x 60cm

Dion Horstmans, ‘Hectic Electric 10B’ and ‘Hectic Electric 10C’ 2014, zinc and powder coated mild steel, dimensions variable

Peter Tilley, ‘A New Horizon’ 2014 cast iron, Corten steel - unique, 153 x 59.5 x 32.5cm

Peter Tilley, ‘A New Horizon (maquette)’ 2014, forton MG, painted timber, 56 x 19.5 x 12cm

Senden Blackwood ‘fio’ 2014 limestone 55 x 32.5 x 24cm

Morgan Shimeld,’ Triplex black maquette’ 2014, bronze, 1/5, 45 x 35 x 10cm

Ray Haydon, ‘Universal’ 2014, laminated and stained timber, 85 x 120 x 12cm

Jim Croke, ‘Vaudeville’ 2012, steel, 31 x 47 x 8cm

Jacek Wankowski, ‘Bandersnatch’ 2015, stainless steel, 11 x 36 x 18cm



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