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Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MSETM) OSU’s MSETM is a rigorous degree program designed specifically for experienced engineers and scientists who are interested in accelerating their management careers. The curriculum combines academic coursework with the latest business practices and can be tailored to meet an individual student’s needs. Managing today’s global organizations requires a complex set of knowledge and skills. Effective planning, selection, implementation and management of technology, and the teams involved, is essential to the success of any business in today’s time-critical, global markets. OSU-MSETM students learn to apply proven evaluation concepts and implementation strategies to fast moving, technical management decisions that make the difference in both career and business success. The MSETM program specifically addresses the real needs identified by industry leaders.

Our Mission: The OSU Engineering and Technology Management program exists to provide accessible, career-enhancing educational opportunities to practicing engineers, scientists and technical managers.

Curriculum The MSETM curriculum is flexible; permitting you to build a strong degree that directly addresses your needs and prepares you for the future. The degree consists of 32 credit hours. All students will enroll in eight hours of required courses. The required courses include; ETM 5111 Intro to Strategy, Technology and Integration, ETM 5143 Strategic Decision Analysis for Engineering Managers, and the Capstone series, ETM 5511 Capstone Preparation and ETM 5133 Capstone to Strategy, Technology and Integration. The remaining 24 credit hours are selected from a list of electives representing priority areas of the program.


Core Topics

Supplemental Topics


To improve the participant’s ability to:

• Strategy development and implementation

• Benchmarking

• MSETM Course List

• Identify and act on strategic issues

• Systems thinking

• Designed experimentation

• Apply systems thinking to their organization

• Project management

• Innovation

• Integrate key functions and management

• Problem solving and decision making

• Information systems

• Management of people, processes and

• Manufacturing control systems

systems in a business • Manage large scale projects • Communicate clearly and concisely • Prepare for rapid and continual learning

functions •Financial management and cost control

• New product development • Supply chain strategy • Entrepreneurship • Leadership

• Creating a Plan of Study

Delivery The entire MSETM program is available through online learning, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Video lectures along with related course materials are availavble through course websites. Lectures can be dowloaded for viewing later without an internet connection, maximizing portability for frequent travelers. Additional course materials and functions, including interaction with other students and faculty, are available through the course website.

Distance education students have access to all of the same resources that on-campus students use, such as: Math Learning Center Writing Center IT Services Career Services Library Services

Sample Video OSU uses the Bright SpaceÂŽ Learning Management System to deliver courses online.

Student Body

By the numbers...

All MSETM students are working professionals who understand the demands of pursuing a career as well as an education. At last count MSETM students and alumni represented over 150 companies. The backgrounds of our students range from all disciplines of engineering, technology, and physical sciences to information systems and others. Some of our students have already earned an MBA, M.S., or Ph.D. in another discipline.

Since 1998 the MSETM program has produced over 625 graduates. Average time to complete the degree = 3 years

The MSETM program is unique in that it does not accept full-time traditional graduate students. Our

6.2 = Average number of years of work experience for admitted students

coursework integrates experiences from a student’s work environment, so professional employment is necessary for success in the program. In addition, the vast and varied experience of our students enhances learning for their peers.

Average age at admission = 31

Our students represent over 70 companies from a variety of industries.

“Pursuing my master’s degree in OSU’s ETM program was the best waynot to blend my capability to serve my organization in the place it “Without this program I would have the engineering background and my has grown to in the last 3 years. The books, lectures and other resources used during the MSETM professional experience as necessary a leader intools to continue to grow professionally and as an program have provided me the the U.S. military. individual…I learned how to learn during this program!”

FrankCapt. HornMatthew Dougherty, USAF MSETM Graduate, Class of 2013 Director of Engineering, R.L. Hudson MSETM Graduate, Class of 2007

2017 data

Tuition and Fees Tuition and fees are charged based on residency. Students are Oklahoma Residents, Non-Residents, International or Active Duty Military. Students only enrolled in online courses will have some of the University fees waived. 2017-2018 Tuition and Fees per credit hour* Tuition



Oklahoma Resident








Active Duty Military




*may vary slightly per course **includes distance ed fee and waiver of some student fees that only apply to on-campus students.

Active Duty Military and Veteran Benefits Students who are currently serving our country in any branch of the military are eligible to receive the same tuition rate as an Oklahoma resident if they provide proof of their status. OSU has an office dedicated to assisting veterans with processing their educational benefits. •

OSU Veteran Benefit Services

Financial Aid While most MSETM students receive some kind of educational benefits from their employer, some students finance the degree on their own. Students with questions about financial aid should visit with the financial aid office personnel for assistance. •

OSU Office of Financial Aid



Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the MSETM program, contributing faculty bring a wide variety of knowledge and experience to their instruction. MSETM faculty consists of experienced instructors who have cultivated strong industry relationships through regular employment, research or consulting. Many have received major recognition for contributions to their field. In addition to OSU faculty, industry executives and subject matter experts are also called upon to bring their experience to the classroom.

The MSETM program draws upon courses and faculty from the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, the Spears School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University. Each of these three colleges is fully accredited as is customary and appropriate. In addition Oklahoma State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a part of the North Central Association ( The NCAHLC, one of six U.S. regional institutional accrediting associations, offers the highest form of accreditation that is available to universities. IN

Advisory Committee

An Industry Advisory Board consisting of high-level industry executives guides the MSETM program. The MSETM program is housed in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology but draws faculty from the Spears’s School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Their valuable input has contributed to the development of the program and continues to provide direction.

“Without this program I would not have the capability to serve my organization in the place it has grown to in the last 3 years. The books, lectures and other resources used during the MSETM program have provided me the necessary tools to continue to grow professionally and as an individual…I learned how to learn during this program!” Frank Horn Director of Engineering, R.L. Hudson MSETM Graduate, Class of 2007

Admission Successful applicants will posess: • A bachelor’s or higher degree in and field of engineering, technology, or the physical / mathematical sciences with a 3.0 GPA. • Current relevant employment since graduation with a bachelor’s degree. Applicants not quite meeting these standards may be granted provisional admission based upon their overall academic and professional practice history and accomplishments.

Application instructions: Admission to the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Program at Oklahoma State University (OSU) requires that an applicant first be admitted to the Graduate College. After an application satisfies the requirements of the graduate college it is referred to the ETM office for review. Required materials: 1. OSU Graduate School Application for Admission 2. Application Fee - $50 for domestic students (US $75 for International applicants) 3. Official Copy of Transcript(s) - You will be asked to upload a copy during the application process but an official trancript sent directly from the degree granting institution will be required for full admission. 4. A current résumé 5. Statement of Qualifications, Goals, and Objectives Applicants must prepare a one- to two-page, typewritten, double-spaced essay. Please see for more detailed instructions.


MSETM Program Administration

Tim Hardin, Ph. D. Director 405-744-2337

CONTACT US Engineering and Technology Management Program 101 Engineering North Stillwater, OK 74078 Office Hours - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F CST

Brenda Johnson, M.S. Assistant Director 405-744-9219

By phone - 405-744-2337 By email - Visit our website -

Jillian George, M.A. Program Assistant 405-744-2337

OSU Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management  

Management education for professionally employed engineers, technologists and scientists offered 100% online.

OSU Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management  

Management education for professionally employed engineers, technologists and scientists offered 100% online.