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Actualmente con diversidad de aparatos electrónicos las cuales necesitan conexión a Internet; así como computadoras de escritorio, tabletas, Smartphone, Smart TV, etc. ¿ Por qué hacer si solo contamos con 1 sola conexión de internet? ¿Se hace imposible tener conexión a la red en todas las máquinas? No, y aquí ¡Te diremos como hacerlo con 2 simples pasos!

1. Redes en PCs de escritorio con Wi-Fi

Reemplazar la tarjeta de interfaz de red con una tarjeta de red inalámbrica en la máquina. La tarjeta de interfaz de red inalámbrica tiene una antena que permite que al PC de escritorio detectar una red Wi-Fi y conectarse con las credenciales de seguridad apropiadas.

2. Administración Wi-Fi Para que una red Wi-Fi esté bien asegurada y optimizada correctamente, la PC debe estar conectado al ruteador WiFi de forma inalámbrica a través de la dirección IP del ruteador en un navegador Web o mediante la conexión al rutedor mediante un cable Ethernet. Para compartir una conexión a Internet, o incluso simplemente conectar varias computadoras, un dispositivo de red como un ruteador o hub debe estar instalado y configurado preferiblemente con una contraseña para evitar que extraños roben ancho de banda, o se entrometan en el tráfico Wi-Fi.

Today there is no longer the idea that women can only pursue on those household chores, now we all realize that women can be anything that they want: mother, wife, friend and professional. We wanted to see the different way of thinking of different admirable women, who in addition to devote to their home is also a successful professional, so we asked to some of they the following:

1- What inspires you to work?  “To break the ideology that just men can have a really good job and success and of course to maintain my family.” Lilian Padilla, Auditor. Interviewed by: Pablo Gómez 2- What is that you enjoy the most about what you do (job)?  “Something that I really enjoy is that my job gives me the opportunity to help people by given them job, also it is important to me that people have motivation in the activities that they do”. Shirley Gudiel, Boss of Human Resources in Economics. Interviewed by: Sharon Oliva. 3- How has your life been since you began working? “Be responsible and fulfill my duties, because I love the work that I do. But especially, the attention and support that I can give to the retirees, widows or users of benefit plan”.

Mayra Perez, Secretary Interviewed by: Analucia Perez

4- Have you had any kind of difficulty for finding a job because of being a woman? “Yes, because the machismo existent in Guatemala consider that the women can’t develop certain exhausting jobs like doing nocturnal shifts, also the businessman feel fear to loose labor hour by risk that the woman become pregnant and give to her rest Pre and post childbirth and after the child´s lactation hour”. Maritza España, Doctor. Interviewed by: Jorge Oliva 5- Are there any differences between men and woman where you work? “No, because there exists jobs created with a defined salary for each job, so it doesn't matter if it's applied for men or women, they receive the same salary”. Amalia de Mota, Coordinator of the Gender Unit. Interviewed by: Carla Mota 6- What do you think about women that succeeded when they were not allowed to do the same things men? “I think they were very brave to publicize their ideas, make their projects possible, regardless of the male chauvinist society of that time, breaking the stigma that women can not be entrepreneurial and successful in the area of their choice”. Miriam Mejia, Counter. Interviewed by: Brenda Ocaña

As you can see, all these smart, beautiful and successful women have more to teach us about how wonderful women are.

Entretenimiento Encuentra las siguientes palabras en el crucigrama.

Answer the folowing sentences in the spaces.

Ollantay: Una historia de amor que nos muestra un poco más de la cultura Inca Si te gusta el teatro, te compartimos esta página, donde puede observar el drama de Ollantay : m/watch?v=8bL5uswnlj Q&

Ollantay es un drama escrito originalmente en quechua colonial, considerado por unos como de origen incaico. Resumen: El general Ollantay es un guerrero que está a la órdenes de Pachacutec, se enamora de Cusi Coyllur, hija del Inca. Pachacútec rechaza a la realeza y encierra a Cusi Coyllur en el Acllahuasi, la casa de las vírgenes del sol. Cusy Coyllur queda embrazada y tiene una hija llamada Ima Súmac. Ella es el producto del amor secreto de los amantes. Ollanta la busca sin encontrarla, por lo cual se rebela contra el Inca y se instala en la fortaleza de Ollantaytambo , junto con su fiel sirviente Piqui Chaqui. El ejército del Inca, comandado por Rumiñahui, asedia la fortaleza durante varios años. Rumiñahui por medio de artimañas se introduce en Ollantaytambo. Después apresa Ollantay y lo conduce como prisionero al Cuzco. Ollantay es llevado ante Túpac Yupanqui , hijo y sucesor de Pachacútec. El Inca lo perdona. Ima Súmac descubre la prisión donde está su madre encerrada e inmediatamente habla con el Inca para que libere a su madre. Túpac Yupanqui deja en libertad a Cusi Coyllur y acepta a Ollantay. Los cuales se unen nuevamente.

Dogs helping to us The dog has been recognized since always like “The best friend” of the man. These relationships evolve reaching new ways of man-dog interaction giving a lot of benefits for the society. Traditionally the dog helped the man in works such as hunt, surveillance and helping in the cattle pasturage. However, while the society has changed from little farm community to metropolitan area, the dog´s role has been changing.

A pal for blind Julia enjoys play with Joana because they are close friends. Julia helps a lot to Joana (Julia is a guide dog, and Julia is blind). Julia likes to walk and Joana, too. So they usually go to the park to walk, and in the park Julia is always taking a look around, because she knows that she is responsible of Joana. She also enjoys being in the train and in the bus, and she take advantage of her right that permit to her in this public transportation, because the guide dog are obligated to escort to Joana

Keeping the house safe Phil is a funny dog, he is always running, and playing with his owner, Marty, but instead he is playfully, he is a rough dog, he is a guardian dog. When Marty leaves his house, you will see Phil playing with his toys, if you are away from him. But if you get closer to him it´s probably the he start to bark you. And when Marty came back at home, you will see the funny Phil.

Protecting the city Will is an old police officer and he is with his partner Duncan. Duncan is one of the bravest dogs in the K9 unit of the police. He is always alert about what would happen, and he is always walking around the city with Will to keep peace and order to it. Instead he is so alert and courage, when he return to his house, he is a normal partner. Duncan is always ready to launch to the action because he knows the he is a hero.

The dogs are ready to accomplish their job when they have to because they know that their partners count with them, but when they are ready to have fun they can keep in calm and enjoy their free time.

Reading Comprehension: How much you learn? Vocabulary: Join the word in the left column with it meaning.

a. b. c. d. e.

Brave Rough Pasturage Accomplish Escort

Unscramble the words:

  

Nlbid Gporetcitn Sfea iekgepn

Answer the following:

What’s the main idea of the second paragraph? a. Their walks in the park b. The escort of the dog for Joana c. The helpful pet of Joana

What can you infer that dogs are “The best friend” of men? a. That they can advise you. b. That they are always loyal. c. That they tell you jokes and make you laugh.

According to the passage, dogs can be useful for… except: a. b. c. d.

Blind people Keeping a safe house Protecting the city Taking care of kids

a. Accompanying b. Achieve or complete successfully c. Showing courage d. Not gentle e. Grazing animals


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